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  1. IF Jets sign Suh.......

    exactly! edge rushers seem harder to find which is why so few have been hitting the open market in their prime. interior OL (but he's just a guard) are becoming more important because of this.
  2. Josh Allen pro day...today.

    Browns OC is Todd Haley. Allen has a lot of Ben Roeth in him.
  3. IF Jets sign Suh.......

    So now it’s 5-11 gets them fired as opposed to not making the playoffs as you originally posted. Ok.
  4. IF Jets sign Suh.......

    Really? So the Johnsons are going to eat 2 yrs worth of contracts for Bowles and Mcc? If it’s make the playoffs or you’re fired why did they give each a 2 yr extension and not just 1?
  5. IF Jets sign Suh.......

    Now you’re defeating the purpose of signing Suh. Suh is to compliment Leo. Leo is 8-9 yrs younger too. IF signed I’d bet there is an easy out for the Jets after 1 or 2 yrs So no. Bring on April 26.
  6. I thought there was already a thread on this? Rich Cimini (@RichCimini) 3/21/18, 9:36 AM Instead of tossing him aside, the #Jets are supporting Dylan Donahue through rehab and will continue to do so when he's ready to return to the team, they said. espn.com/nfl/story/_/id… "We respect and support Dylan's decision to seek treatment," the team said in a statement to ESPN. "It is important for him to focus on his health right now. The organization has a full support system in place when he is ready to return." The organization took a similar approach with former tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins, who had a DUI arrest in 2016 and sought treatment in January 2017. Seferian-Jenkins, currently with the Jacksonville Jaguars, credited the Jets' support system with helping him achieve sobriety. Donahue sought help after a Feb. 26 incident in which he allegedly drove the wrong way through the Lincoln Tunnel and collided with an oncoming passenger bus.
  7. Dez Bryant available ? 🤔

    Uh NO! And NO! To be clear NO!
  8. Josh Allen pro day...today.

    Andrew Groover‏ @APGroover One note from Wyoming pro day: Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam spent some time with Josh Allen’s parents before the pro day began. Browns are doing their homework.

    They have Leggett & Sterling.

    Josina Anderson (@JosinaAnderson) 3/22/18, 9:56 PM Jets are still expected to meet with Hurns tomorrow.

    Josina Anderson (@JosinaAnderson) 3/22/18, 3:38 PM I'm told, free agent WR Allen Hurns is on the plane now from Texas headed for his scheduled visit with the #Jets, per source.
  12. Allen Hurns Released

    Josina Anderson (@JosinaAnderson) 3/22/18, 3:38 PM I'm told, free agent WR Allen Hurns is on the plane now from Texas headed for his scheduled visit with the #Jets, per source.

    Heimerdinger is w/the tour. My guess would be the decision makers have already gone over who is or may become available and have put yay or nay. And since Wilson coached him already I’m guessing he could just text Mcc and say Gaines is good to go and then get the contract worked out w/Davidson who is in charge of their cap and contracts

    Yes. Good point! Wilson was w/Rams 2012-2016

    DB coach Wilson should be there. Along w/Rodgers and other FO staff.