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  1. Thank you. Exactly my thought that AR12 most likely isn’t open to learn a new system. I can’t blame him at this point of his career.
  2. Leaked? Are you referring to what Peter King wrote a couple of weeks ago? That was Peter King guessing that GB would want two 1sts. No “sources”. It was his opinion/guess. Everyone in the media/Twitter ran it as that’s the price. Everyone was too lazy to actually read all of what Peter wrote. Not calling you out just trying to clarify this whole two 1sts is the price (it could still end of being that but just want to clarify where it all started).
  3. Just a thought on this. I know offensive schemes nowadays are pretty much blended together. However, does McDaniels run a WCO based scheme? If not, would McDaniels change his O to accommodate AR12? Would AR12 be open to running McDaniels O? At this stage of his career I can’t see AR12 wanting to learn and run an O different than what he’s been basically running for the past 15+ yrs. @football guy thoughts?
  4. SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- For more than five years -- through injuries, trade attempts and much more -- the San Francisco 49ers and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo have always found their way back to each other. But as San Francisco heads into yet another offseason filled with quarterback uncertainty, coach Kyle Shanahan made it clear Wednesday that Garoppolo and the Niners are finally going to go their separate ways. Asked whether there was any scenario in which he could see Garoppolo returning to San Francisco in 2023, Shanahan did not mince words. "No, I don't see any scenario of that," Shanahan said. Unlike last year, when Garoppolo was still under contract and the Niners attempted to trade him, they have no such agency this time around. Garoppolo is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent in March, and the 49ers cannot use a tag to retain his rights. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/35572390/jimmy-garoppolo-offseason-split-likely-49ers-kyle-shanahan-says
  5. Mike Garafolo @MikeGarafolo 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan says the most encouraging thing he’s heard on Brock Purdy is if surgery is done, he’ll build up his arm strength from 3-6 months. By 6 months he’ll be “the same dude and ready to go.”
  6. Ari Meirov @MySportsUpdate #49ers HC Kyle Shanahan said today that Jimmy Garoppolo won’t be back next season and he will leave San Francisco when he becomes a free agent this offseason:
  7. C Mart

    2023 Centers

    Sirius Kirwan & Rick Neuheisel were impressed with Schmitz leadership yesterday. He was the OL leader. Lead them running sprints and when he was easily in the lead, turned, waited and waved the rest of the OL to catch up. Schmitz was a good interview.
  8. Matt Rhule files $5M complaint against Panthers, source confirms CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Former Carolina Panthers coach Matt Rhule has filed an arbitration suit against the team seeking about $5 million in offset severance compensation, according to a source with knowledge of the suit. Rhule, now the head coach at Nebraska, is seeking money he believes the Panthers still owe him after he was fired Oct. 10, the source said. Rhule was hired as Nebraska coach in late November. Rhule hired New York City employment attorney John Singer of Singer Deutsch LLP to file the complaint with the NFL, which likely will decide how the arbitration is handled. Jay Morakis of M Group Strategic Communications, which works with the legal team, declined to comment. A Panthers spokesperson also declined to comment. CBS Sports first reported on the lawsuit, which was filed last week. Rhule was fired five weeks into the 2022 season with an 11-27 overall record in two-plus seasons after signing a seven-year, $62 million deal in January 2020. After the introduction of Frank Reich as the Panthers' new coach Tuesday, team owner David Tepper said he made a mistake in hiring a "CEO-type head coach'' in Rhule. Rhule was owed roughly $34 million by the Panthers after his dismissal. He received a reported eight-year, $72 million deal with Nebraska that offset most of that. The suit, according to the source, doesn't specifically mention the exact amount of money being disputed by the team. But the source said the approximate amount is $5 million based on the contract terms. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/35570005/matt-rhule-sues-panthers-pay-firing-source-confirms
  9. They'll probably use one of those 3s and take a QB...Let that QB & Trey battle it out.
  10. Ari Meirov @MySportsUpdate #49ers QB Brock Purdy has not made a decision on whether he'll undergo a repair or reconstruction (Tommy John) for the elbow injury he suffered in the NFC Championship Game. Purdy told reporters he's awaiting second opinions and will weigh all his options before deciding. 11:16 AM · Feb 1, 2023
  11. Think about the whole process of the trade. What do you think?
  12. C Mart

    2023 Centers

    Regarding Patterson. I read Patterson was a better option at OG than anyone else ND had and ND had a capable C behind Patterson.
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