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  1. Was thinking the same thing after tonight’s episode. He’s been great! Just like how he plays QB - smooth, few errors. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, as he’s one of the all-time great QBs, but it’s pretty impressive that he studied game film of Alex to prepare. Aaron Rodgers studied game tape of Alex Trebek to prep for hosting 'Jeopardy! “I wrote down all the different ways he would take it to break,” he said. “I wrote down the stuff that he said coming out of break. Literally, I studied for this like no other. I wanted to absolutely crush it.”
  2. I’d add C/OG. In todays NFL with teams trying to get pressure up the middle, IOL should not be overlooked especially w/a rookie/young QB. A case can be made RTs can be found mid-draft.
  3. Chile’s Sammis Reyes: Former D1 hoopster’s NFL Pro Day was a slam dunk Antonio Gates, Anthony Gonzales, Jimmy Graham, and others were all certified college basketball players competing with their teams for spots in March Madness before blossoming into some of the best tight ends in the NFL. Others such as Moe-Ali Cox, Julius Thomas, and Rico Gathers have followed their footsteps as the copycat NFL continues to search for the elite physical traits that make up a professional tight end. The NFL may have found their next basketball player turned red zone threat in Chilean athlete Sammis
  4. At that time Lynch had already signed a 6 yr contract to go to the 49ers. So JDs agent had that in his back pocket
  5. And he’s a 10+ yr vet. He’ll fill the mentor role ie McCown, Brunell. He knows that will be his role and will accept it
  6. He wanted to trade down and get a haul of picks.
  7. Considering the $$ the NFL gets from networks to broadcast the draft they’d probably take the #2 pick away from the Jets for announcing the pick now
  8. In the offseason. I believe it was reported Palmer had some notes for Gase/Loggains for things for them to work with Sam but they ignored them
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