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  1. LDT was a 6th rounder. He’s Canadian He missed most of training camp after breaking his hand
  2. He looked waaaay more comfy because his QB was making quick decisions and taking what the D gave him. That doesn’t mean Zach can’t learn to do the same….
  3. 2 tixs + parking pass for sale. $80.00 total for everything. DM me if interested. Thanks
  4. I hear ya. I could be wrong - god knows I have been the past 50 yrs. I just sense a different feel with Saleh & Wilson. Saleh is very sharp, prepared and so far is easily handling the moron jet beat writers. Wilson seems to be able to move on from the prior play, remain confident and upbeat. Now, if this continues the next 2 months will that remain or will he show signs or discouragement, deer in headlight look?
  5. You’d be bitching to put ZW the first INT whoever the QB the Jets threw out there to start the season
  6. How about we let the season play out. Ive grown to primarily stay in the moment. Why get pissed off or worry at something in the past or future. I guess that’s not something conducive to message boards.
  7. Why relieve him. Let him play and learn until he looks completely lost or discouraged. Let this play out.
  8. So what. It’s 1 freakin game. Game 2 of his NFL career.
  9. Good god people please stop. Who wants that clown show on this team.
  10. So 2 games in you assume we will see the same result?
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