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  1. C Mart

    Gary Meyers yesterday on Jets

    So you KNOW what the game plans are? And you know Darnold hasn't missed open WRs elsewhere? YOU know what Bates has been told and not? You KNOW the lack of offense the past couple of weeks is because of the HC? It's all the result of the HC? I get it. People don't like Bowles. But please stop making stuff up by blaming the big bad HC, while a rookie QB is going through the normal struggles of a QB making his 9th NFL start. And not to mention playing without their top 3 WRs and 1b RB the past two weeks Where has it been reported anywhere Bates has been told to dial it back.. And please don't mention because the Jets want to run the ball and become more balanced...Sure, let's have Sam drop back and throw it every play. Let's see if he would then still be standing by December. Not to mention as an northeast team that plays their home games outside, BTW..JMO but I think Sam has been great so far this season. Better than I thought at this stage. He doesn't appear to be overwhelmed and I've yet to see a deer in headlights look.
  2. C Mart

    Rams acquire Donte Fowler

    NFL Update‏ @MySportsUpdate Dante Fowler missed a full team practice in London while he was still with the #Jaguars, per @PSchrags. At that point, Jacksonville decided to make him available for trade and even notified the #Rams about the missed practice. LA still made the deal and got their pass-rusher.
  3. ? Ian Rapoport‏ @RapSheet This is a surprise: #Dolphins WR Kenny Stills, who was questionable with a groin injury, had a great pre-game test and will be active vs. the #Jets, source said. Helps immensely.
  4. C Mart

    Gary Meyers yesterday on Jets

    Explain how? What has he done to stunt his growth?
  5. C Mart

    Rams acquire Donte Fowler

    NFL Update‏ @MySportsUpdate Before trading Teddy Bridgewater to the #Saints, the #Jets offered Bridgewater to the #Jaguars for DE Dante Fowler, but Jacksonville declined, per @JasonLaCanfora.
  6. It wouldn't surprise me if they play..lol
  7. C Mart

    Gary Meyers yesterday on Jets

    LOL..How has he stunted Darnold's growth?
  8. It wouldn't surprise me if the field is as bad as being reported...Last think you want is a guy w/a foot injury slipping and reinjuring it to be out another 3-4 weeks Adam Schefter‏ @AdamSchefter Dolphins' WR Kenny Stills, listed as questionable for today with a groin injury, will not play vs. Jets, per source.
  9. Maccagnan all but confirmed what we've suspected for some time: The Jets are operating on a three-year rebuilding plan, and next year is when they expect the breakthrough. With a league-high $100 million in cap space, he says he believes they will be in a position to "springboard this thing forward." After two years on a slow build, it should be playoffs-or-bust in 2019 for this regime. Problem is, the Jets are beholden to buying players because their recent drafts haven't produced. Consider some of Maccagnan's picks in Rounds 2 to 4: ArDarius Stewart. Chad Hansen. Christian Hackenberg. Devin Smith. Lorenzo Mauldin. They're all out of the league. Maccagnan says he feels "pretty good" about his drafting record, adding, "I mean, there are definitely picks that haven't worked out, but that's part of this business." In fairness to Maccagnan, he appears to have secured the biggest piece -- a quarterback. Maccagnan, who gushed about Bowles in his 2017 midseason media session, was noticeably less effusive this time. He also seemed uncomfortable when asked if he believes they're joined at the hip, hemming and hawing his way through a non-answer. Interesting. Remember: Maccagnan didn't hire Bowles. They were hired by owner Woody Johnson in an arranged marriage. They report directly to ownership, not each other. Was Maccagnan trying to separate himself from Bowles? I think Maccagnan is safe, no matter what. Bowles has more job security than you think, but, no, I don't believe he's tied to Maccagnan in the eyes of ownership. JMO Mcc gets a pass on Smith, Mauldin due to injuries.
  10. C Mart

    NFL Transactions

    He won't be released until this week and then have to go through waivers.. Jason La Canfora‏ @JasonLaCanfora Would expect Bruce Irvin ends up in New England, always in the market for for pass rush. Or Atlanta under his former DC Dan Quinn. Or back in Seattle, where he was a 1st round pick. Likely clears waivers due to contract. Wants to play for a winner.
  11. Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) 11/4/18, 12:03 AM Jets are optimistic that WRs Robby Anderson (ankle) and Quincy Enunwa (hip), both listed as questionable for Sunday, will play against the Dolphins, per source. Team will test both pregame just to make sure.
  12. C Mart

    NFL Transactions

    3 sacks so far this season. 15 sacks the past two seasons. He’d be aiming for the Jets Ring of Honor if he did that here.
  13. C Mart

    NFL Transactions

    I think around 8 or 9. Of course that can change after tomorrow
  14. C Mart

    NFL Transactions

    Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) 11/3/18, 5:52 PM Raiders told Bruce Irvin they will release him, as ⁦‪@VicTafur‬⁩ reported, but Irvin was not on today’s NFL wire, meaning he now cannot be released until 4 pm Monday. If and when he is, he then will go on waivers.

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