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  1. I hear ya. I could be wrong - god knows I have been the past 50 yrs. I just sense a different feel with Saleh & Wilson. Saleh is very sharp, prepared and so far is easily handling the moron jet beat writers. Wilson seems to be able to move on from the prior play, remain confident and upbeat. Now, if this continues the next 2 months will that remain or will he show signs or discouragement, deer in headlight look?
  2. You’d be bitching to put ZW the first INT whoever the QB the Jets threw out there to start the season
  3. How about we let the season play out. Ive grown to primarily stay in the moment. Why get pissed off or worry at something in the past or future. I guess that’s not something conducive to message boards.
  4. Why relieve him. Let him play and learn until he looks completely lost or discouraged. Let this play out.
  5. Good god people please stop. Who wants that clown show on this team.
  6. JC. No sh*t. Oh no a rookie QB sh*t the bed game 2 of his NFL career against a Belichick coached team. Jones is playing for Belichick & McDaniel. He went in the first. I’d be surprised if he didn’t play well. WTH were you people bitching here expecting yesterday? And stop blaming Wilson for the long list of Jets QBs that didn’t work out. This is so typical of this fan base. Be a fanatic of the team but at least have some common sense. Yes, we all want wins but with a new regime including a rookie HC, OC, QB it is going to take time. I get it, it’s been x yrs of thi
  7. 440 of those weeks aren’t on him. 554 weeks aren’t on Saleh and Wilson.
  8. C’mon man you’re better and smarter than this.
  9. So in other words LaFluer gave Wilson open options. Wilson just made the wrong decision.
  10. So if the fans are so knowledgeable why were people expecting anything different today and then cry about it? A rookie QB in his 2nd NFL game going against a Belichick coached team? You really expected different results? I'm just happy Wilson didn’t have the deer in headlights look or look overwhelmed like every other Jets rookie QB playing against Belichick. He just made dumb, rookie QB mistakes.
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