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  1. There is this from last Wednesday. But again, I wouldn’t take much from this. We saw Becton last December doing the same thing but they never took him off IR.
  2. Until a player is activated onto the 53 and actually practicing 11 x 11, I wouldn’t count on any timeline.
  3. Hicks OLB McCloud OLB Walker LB Obviously looking for depth pieces (PS?) with QWilliams out awhile w/high ankle
  4. They basically are. Sorry for my long winded replies.. From a player standpoint they get paid, usually $10-15k a week. So it's better than sitting on his couch all week making $0 From a team standpoint they use the PS for a number of reasons: Obviously for development. Depth for that week's practice. This week is a good example for the Jets. They need OTs just to practice hence the Remmers signing. Teams also may sign a guy to the PS just to mirror a type of player from that week's opponent. Maybe that weeks opponent uses a big, bruising RB. So they'll sign a similar type of player off the street just to have their D practice against him all week. They then can cut that guy the following week.
  5. He had off-season knee surgery. He was on a pitch count during training camp. He wasn’t happy being moved to RT but he did it for the team.
  6. Remmers is on PS so cut a PS player. If Zach is back they could cut Stevers from PS Depending on Fant’s or QWilliams injury timeline one of them (or both) could go on IR and be out 4 games.
  7. I didn’t want to go too far in the weeds. But you’re correct in that a 10 yr vet can be signed to a PS. For example Remmers. I think a team can sign up to 6 vested veterans to their PS.
  8. No. Teams know when another team is interested in signing one of their PS players. I don’t know all the little details like do the Jets call Texans or does the players agent do it. I don’t know. But they know. So if they really don’t want to lose that player they can sign him to their 53. What is your main question? Just why should a team have a guy on their PS if they can lose him for nothing? Maybe this article will help https://www.milehighreport.com/platform/amp/2022/8/31/23330743/nfl-practice-squad-rules-2022 And don’t forget this is basically just a 3 week transaction. In the Jets case if Fant and/or Brown get healthy and the Jets feel they don’t need Ogbuehi they can waive him. If he clears, the Texans, Jets or any other team can then sign him to their PS.
  9. They could sign him to their 53 if they don’t want to lose him. They had that player for practice for x weeks. Guess I’m not understanding what you’re asking. It’s been this way for years…After final Sept cuts, all players had to go through waivers before they could be signed to any teams PS.
  10. So far. Icky is playing LT. Mitchell though has played well. People are always going second guess. If Jets went OT in the 1st, passed on Wilson, all the OTs remained healthy and Davis and Moore went down with injuries. They’d be here today telling everyone “I told you the Jets should have passed on an OT who is now sitting on the bench and picked Wilson”.
  11. Also don’t forgot ‘20 4th rd pick OT Cam Clark. Highly rated smaller school OT. Becton deserves some blame too for not losing the weight & coming in shape June.
  12. Yes. If a team signs them off another teams PS they need to be on that teams 53 man roster for 3 games or get paid the equivalent of 3 games (at least it was this way pre-covid roster rules) There is a cutoff time a team can sign a player off that weeks opponent PS. I think it’s Tuesday. Teams are usually off Tuesdays and that weeks game plan doesn’t get to the players until Wednesdays practice.
  13. Correct. His draft reports mentioned freak athletic traits. 5.0 forty. 7’ wingspan. Just never put it together. Could be a fit for Jets blocking scheme. Just be avg, Ced. https://draftscout.com/dsprofile.php?PlayerId=110963&DraftYear=2015
  14. “I get all the sins of the past years, but this is a new group,” Saleh says. “You’ve got to give them a chance to find their footing and make their mark.”
  15. Aaron Wilson ⁦‪@AaronWilson_NFL‬⁩ Jets worked out OTs Adam Pankey, Sam Schlueter & DB Michael Griffin 9/20/22, 5:10 PM
  16. And Huff needs to be active.
  17. BEREA − The Browns have elevated defensive tackle Roderick Perry II and linebacker Jordan Kunaszyk from the practice squad to the gameday roster for Sunday's home opener against the New York Jets. Perry's elevation may be a signal that rookie Perrion Winfrey will not be available for the game. Coach Kevin Stefanski said Winfrey missed Friday's practice for undisclosed team disciplinary reasons, and declined to answer if he would play Sunday.
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