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  1. Good call. Both Players Will Revert to Practice Squad After Sunday’s Game vs. Browns
  2. According to Westhoff’s book, the punting, kicking decisions always came from him.
  3. He most recently played for three seasons with the Los Angeles Chargers of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football for the University of Alabama at Birmingham and holds records for career field goals as well as the longest field goal in school history. BC Lions Long was signed by the BC Lions on May 24, 2017. He became the starting punter and placekicker, following the release of veteran kicker Swayze Waters. Long converted 39 of 44 field goals (88.6%) in his first season with the Lions. He also averaged 47.9 yards on 116 punts. At the conclusion of the 2018 season Long was named the Lions' nominee for Most Outstanding Player and Most Outstanding Special Teams Player. He was also named a CFL All-Star for the second consecutive season. On January 4, 2019, he was released by the Lions in order to pursue an NFL opportunity (Long's contract would have expired February 12, 2019). Los Angeles Chargers On January 14, 2019, Long signed a reserve/future contract with the Los Angeles Chargers. He was named the Chargers starting punter to start the season. In Week 1, following an injury to kicker Michael Badgley, Long took over kicking duties along with punting. He converted his only field goal attempt and converted all three extra points, while punting twice for 98 yards inside the 20-yard-line. After his NFL debut performance against the Indianapolis Colts, Long was named the Week 1 AFC Special Teams Player of the Week. In Week 4, against the Miami Dolphins, Long converted three extra point attempts and three field goal attempts in the 30–10 victory. Long signed a one-year exclusive-rights free agent tender with the Chargers on March 17, 2021.
  4. According to Westhoff’s book, the punting, kicking decisions always came from him.
  5. Could be to the practice squad? We’ll see
  6. Jets worked out 4 Punters Aaron Wilson @AaronWilson_NFL Jets worked out punters Joseph Charlton, Jake Jullen, Ty Long, Michael Palardy
  7. Aaron Wilson is posting all of today's moves, tryouts. I have yet to see any Jets updates Aaron Wilson @AaronWilson_NFL 49ers are signing former Texans and Colts running back Marlon Mack to their practice squad, per a league source #49ers He visited the team today as they worked out Devonta Freeman, Tevin Coleman, Nate McCrary, La'Mical Perine and Godwin Igwebuike
  8. Aaron Wilson @AaronWilson_NFL Raiders worked out Kelechi Osemele and Vernon Hargreaves today
  9. Didn’t they sign Hermanns to the 53? Maybe I missed it yesterday but I didn’t see the transaction that he reverted back to the PS
  10. Carter dropped a TD. Hall fumble. Z missed a FG. Conklin fumbles after getting a 1st down. Fant gave up 2 sacks. OL was terrible. Post game Flacco admitted he should have checked down more. Plenty of blame to go around.
  11. Three weeks ago Ed Werder @WerderEdESPN If the #Cowboys develop interest in Eric Fisher as potential solution to OT issues with Tyron Smith injury, a source says former No. 1 overall pick wants to play this season but will be selective and has turned down offers from nine teams so far. 1:13 PM · Aug 25, 2022·Twitter for iPhone
  12. Lawson vs 3rd string OT? Anything?
  13. Hidden Yardage’ a Difference-Maker in Close Games Bill Parcells Hall of Fame Head Coach September 7, 2022 Early in my coaching career, I learned a lesson, passed down from Hall of Fame coach Sid Gillman, that yardage differential usually equates to points. I call it “hidden yardage.” My initial understanding of this concept began with a conversation with Dan Henning, who is one of my best friends in life. Henning coached the Atlanta Falcons and the San Diego Chargers, as well as Boston College. For a short time, he quarterbacked the Chargers when Gillman was their head coach. Henning and I coached together at a young age at Florida State, and that was when he talked with me about field position and yardage, which Henning learned from Gillman. The premise is that 100 yards of field position should equate to seven points. The more I thought about it, the more I asked myself, “If this yardage is so important, where is it coming from? Let’s take the entire scope of the yardage and evaluate it.” So, I did. To explain what I found, we’re going to start with the obvious: total offense and total defense. So, let’s say a team has 350 yards of offense in a game. According to that premise, it should have 24 points. Let’s say that same team’s defense gives up 300 total yards. Based on that premise, the opponent should have 21 points. Now, here is how the hidden yardage affects the outcome, especially when you consider half the games are decided by seven points or less, and a quarter are decided by three points or less. People don’t look at the penalty differential or the net-punting differential. People don’t look at the average start of possession either. Those are hidden yards, and they all equate to points. For the sake of this exercise, we’ll say each team has 12 possessions, and Team A has an average start of possession on its own 22-yard line, while Team B has an average start of possession on its own 26. On 12 possessions, that’s a difference of roughly 50 yards. Next, we’ll look at the penalty differential. Let’s say Team A has 40 yards in penalties, while Team B has only 20 yards in penalties. That’s another 20 yards added to Team B’s total, which brings it to 70. Now, we’ll go to net punting. Let’s say Team A has six punts that average 35 yards, and Team B has six punts that average 38. That gives Team B 18 more yards. Back in the day, when I was coaching the Giants, we had a year where we were very poor on net punting, averaging only 31 or 32 yards. Then, we signed a free agent from the Dolphins named Reyna Thompson, who became the best special-teams player I ever had. Largely because of Thompson, our net punting went up almost 7 yards a punt on 70 punts, which comes to 480 yards. Divide that by 16 games, and that’s 30 yards — three first downs — a game. Using the hidden yardage premise, you’re talking about two-and-a-half points just in that one category. We don’t count kickoffs in our calculations because they go into the average start of possession category and because kickoffs are deceiving; the more points you give up, the more yardage you have in kickoff returns. That doesn’t do you any good because you’ve given up points to get those yards. The last category involves the most significant statistic in football — turnovers. It’s the most significant because you don’t get to punt the ball. That can be 40 yards in hidden yardage right there. Let’s assume Team B is plus-1 in turnovers and is plus roughly 50 yards in average start of possession on 12 punts. Because of the penalty differential of 20 yards, that gives them 70. The net punting differential is only 3 yards because there are six punts, and that’s 18. Now, we’re at 88 yards and plus-1 turnover would be another 40, so we’re at 128 yards. That gives Team B a nine-and-a-half point advantage based on the hidden-yardage formula that 100 yards equal seven points. And we didn’t even count the difference in total offense and defense. All the teams I ever coached are familiar with this hidden yardage. I would preach it to the players, and the assistant coaches would also be there to hear it. If you ask Sean Payton, “What’s the hidden yardage?” he’ll know. If you ask Mike Zimmer, he’ll know. Bill Belichick knows too. I used to show examples to the team during the week, saying, “Okay, look what happened to this opponent just on this one play. This one turnover gave them 40 yards of field position. Those 40 yards in field position equates to points and games are often tight. So, all these different aspects that we’re talking about, when you look at them cumulatively, have a significant impact on the outcome.” Any team I ever coached knew when we were pinned back inside our 5-yard line, where you have about a 7% or 8% chance to score, our objective was to make two first downs. So, we were generally between the 25 and the 30-yard line. That way we could punt them back to neutral field position. Some people may not accept the 100-yards-equates-to-seven-points premise. I did. I’d say, “If you move the ball 100 yards, you probably have at least one touchdown. Right?” But, when you can go into that film room on Monday after winning a game by three or six points, it’s not just your field goal kicker that won the game. It’s the field position you had that allowed you to get those extra three points or get that extra touchdown. You must show your team where that came from. You don’t just say, “Look, fellas, they made more yards than we did on offense.” A good coach points out, “We had a big edge in penalty differential. Our net punting was better, and we got two turnovers, and they didn’t get any, so they didn’t get to punt it twice. That’s 80 yards, and that’s almost worth a touchdown.” With games as close as they are in the NFL, I found it very easy to embrace the value of those hidden yards. As told to Vic Carucci https://www.the33rdteam.com/analysis/hidden-yardage-a-difference-maker-in-close-games/
  14. Rich Cimini @RichCimini #Jets Wk 1 lineup last yr: QB: Wilson WR: Davis, Moore, Berrios RB: Coleman TE: Griffin OL: Becton, AVT, McGovern, Van Roten, Fant DL: JFM, Huff, Williams, Fatukasi LB: Mosley, Sherwood, Nasirildeen DB: Hall, Echols, Maye, Joyner Current lineup better at RB, TE, OL, DL, LB, DB
  15. I think that was Anita Marks that said under 5.5 wins. I originally thought Cimini too Over or under 5.5 wins? Under The Jets could potentially have 13 starters who are either rookies or second-year players. Wilson starts the season with a knee injury, and the team begins its schedule with four straight games against AFC North opponents. I wouldn't be surprised if the Jets begin the season 0-9. -- Anita Marks https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/34502379/nfl-team-previews-2022-predictions-fantasy-breakout-players-depth-charts-power-rankings-picks#nyj
  16. NEW YORK JETS WORKOUTS Cunningham, Myron T Moreland, Jimmy CB Murray, James C Smith, Eric T Spencer, Marquiss DE
  17. The closest to Hamler’s time of 4.27 is Diontae Spencer, who ran a 4.34 back in 2014. https://predominantlyorange.com/2021/09/27/denver-broncos-replace-speed-offense/
  18. Could be due diligence by Jets Aaron Wilson @AaronWilson_NFL Jimmy Moreland working out with the Jets today, per a league source. Veteran corner has drawn interest from multiple teams He played college football at James Madison and was drafted by the Washington Redskins in the seventh round of the 2019 NFL Draft. On May 23, 2022, Moreland was claimed off waivers by the Philadelphia Eagles. He was waived/injured on August 16 and placed on injured reserve. He was released on August 24.
  19. Continue to be short sighted. Changing GM will result in a new coaching staff and result in another roster churn like the Vikings are doing and Giants will do once player contracts and their cap allow.
  20. Bingo! So in your opinion, is Douglas making the decision to re-sign McDermott in a vacuum or has got the opinion of the Jets OL coaches? In other words, would he re-sign McDermott if OL coaches voiced that they can’t work with him and don’t want him on the roster?
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