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  1. With Coleman’s injury history they can sign him after week 1 and then his contract would essentially be week to week.
  2. Huff’s not going anywhere. Zuniga is on the bubble. Shepherd & Smart are battling it out for IDL.
  3. I’m not sure these have been officially announced from the Jets? These are most likely coming from the player/agent.
  4. What is the difference between the active roster and the game-day roster? Well, these are designations for the regular season, but this is a good place to explain each. Active (game day) list: If a team has a minimum of eight offensive linemen (primary position being center, offensive guard or offensive tackle) on the active game day roster, the maximum roster size is 48 players. If a team has fewer than eight offensive linemen, the maximum drops to 47. Active/inactive (53-man roster) list: The active/inactive list remains at 53 players for the regular season and playoffs. However, a team can increase its roster to 54 or 55 players by using the standard elevation addendum (click here for the full explanation) to bring one or two practice squad players to the active/inactive list. https://www.nfl.com/_amp/nfl-training-camp-roster-faqs-defining-injured-reserve-pup-list-nfi-and-more
  5. Undrafted Yes, he's long been known as "Dicker the Kicker” but his final year at Texas showed he could be a triple threat: punter, kicker and kickoff specialist. If he can handle holding duties, too, he should beat out veteran Riley Dixon for a roster spot. Keep in mind that three of the last five All-Rookie punters were undrafted https://www.nfl.com/news/projecting-the-2022-defensive-specialist-all-rookie-team-sauce-gardner-aidan-hut
  6. So what is wrong with what I said 1. correct 2. correct 3. correct
  7. 1. For his safety 2. he can see the whole field from the booth 3. it’s f’in preseason
  8. Can we all just let the season play out before this place runs off the QB, GM & HC AGAIN!!
  9. Highly doubt Huff is going anywhere. He consistently generates pressure.
  10. Cap is supposed to greatly increase next season when the new NFL TV contracts go into effect
  11. Where's the demand for some of the players you listed
  12. Zack Rosenblatt @ZackBlatt #Jets practice is over. Joe Flacco today: 14 of 17, 4 TD, sacked twice. One of the offenses best days of training camp.
  13. Dennis Waszak Jr. @DWAZ73 Ashtyn Davis has had a nice practice today. Very active and around the ball. #Jets
  14. K. Alexander has been working with him after practice on his coverage.
  15. Could be tomorrow before we hear about Klecko. He better F'in make it.. Rich Cimini @RichCimini Joe Klecko update: The 12-person senior committee meets via Zoom today to determine the 3 senior selections for the @ProFootballHOF Those 3 need 80% of votes from the full committee (in January), but that’s considered a formality. Final 3 announced tomorrow. #Jets
  16. Might as well get used to wearing it since he is going to have to when he starts practicing this week
  17. It's possible. Just a possibility. Say Brown plays well, remains healthy. IF Fant's contract demands don't align w/Joe's, he could let Fant walk. For '23 he could sign a Vet OT to compete w/Mitchell at RT and draft another LT prospect. Whether Brown starts or the rook depends how the rook looks.
  18. Huff.. Haven't seen enough of Martin yet
  19. Not many... '21 RB Carter '21 TBD but DB Carter, Echols, etc...show potential '20 CB Hall (5th) '18 Fatukasi (6th) '14 Q. Enunwa (6th) '11 Kerley (5th) '06 Leon Washington (4th) '06 Brad Smith (4th)
  20. Point? When he clearly states based on video review. Some here are making it sound like the Jets read Dr Chao tweet and immediately scheduled ZW for ACL surgery. But carry on.
  21. I didn’t just watch the game and I could have told you that.
  22. He also has incentives included in his contract.
  23. Where did what Dr Chao is doing get compared to going to a Dr?
  24. He’s a 23 yr old 2nd yr QB that needs reps and was competing. He made a split second decision. If he was a 10 yr vet, he’d made a different decision, if he was playing at all. KRL is right. Jets need ZW to play this season to get a better evaluation to see if he is their answer at QB. Now that he’s only out a few games he should still get 14-15 games to do so. Flacco initially playing can assist the new OL to jell faster. Flacco is obviously more experienced and has seen everything. He can adjust the blocking based on what he sees. OL should then be more stable and in more unison once ZW returns. There should be no rush in getting ZW to play week 1.
  25. If you are referring to Dr Chao he is usually correct (high 90%) and he states by video review. He and others do it because there is a demand for it because fans want to know asap. So it’s up to you whether to take the info as gospel.
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