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  1. I didn’t just watch the game and I could have told you that.
  2. He also has incentives included in his contract.
  3. Where did what Dr Chao is doing get compared to going to a Dr?
  4. He’s a 23 yr old 2nd yr QB that needs reps and was competing. He made a split second decision. If he was a 10 yr vet, he’d made a different decision, if he was playing at all. KRL is right. Jets need ZW to play this season to get a better evaluation to see if he is their answer at QB. Now that he’s only out a few games he should still get 14-15 games to do so. Flacco initially playing can assist the new OL to jell faster. Flacco is obviously more experienced and has seen everything. He can adjust the blocking based on what he sees. OL should then be more stable and in more unison once ZW returns. There should be no rush in getting ZW to play week 1.
  5. If you are referring to Dr Chao he is usually correct (high 90%) and he states by video review. He and others do it because there is a demand for it because fans want to know asap. So it’s up to you whether to take the info as gospel.
  6. If true must be the surgery route for Zach Meniscus tears are the most frequently treated knee injuries. Recovery will take about 6 to 8 weeks if your meniscus tear is treated conservatively, without surgery. Meniscus surgery is a common operation to remove or repair a torn meniscus, a piece of cartilage in the knee. The surgery requires a few small incisions and takes about an hour. Recovery and rehabilitation take a few weeks.
  7. Via The Athletic: The injury: What happened — and what’s ahead In Week 1 against the Panthers last season, Becton suffered a kneecap dislocation when a defender barreled into him. He was carted off the field, and it was later discovered he’d also suffered MCL and cartilage damage. Becton had arthroscopic knee surgery in September, and it was believed he’d be out four to eight weeks. Instead, he missed the entire season. “The cartilage under your kneecap is technically the thickest in the body,” said Dr. Jesse Morse, a sports medicine physician based in Miami who has not treated Becton. “There’s a very good chance he chipped off some of that last year because of the sheer force of that kneecap popping off in such an extreme motion that it probably rubbed up against the femur, and when that happened, it took a chunk off that cartilage.” Becton wasn’t ready to practice until Day 1 of training camp. Then on Aug. 5, Becton started wearing a brace in practice on his injured knee, aimed at addressing some discomfort he was feeling, Saleh said at the time. Monday, Becton was spotted limping during individual drills at the start of practice after engaging with a teammate but stayed in practice anyway. Saleh’s explanation: The team had a day off Sunday, and Becton had just played on the MetLife Stadium turf Saturday in the scrimmage, his first time since last season, so “it was going to take a little while for his knee to get going.” On the second play of Monday’s team drills, Becton’s right toe got caught in the turf as defensive lineman John Franklin-Myersengaged with him, and his body went backward. He grabbed his right knee and favored it as he walked off the field and into the facility. Initial tests showed no structural damage, Saleh said — so no ACL or MCL tears — but an MRI revealed the injury was more severe than initially observed. Morse said that confusion is not surprising. “A lot of times (the team will) do the highest-quality MRI that’s commercially available so you can see the nitty-gritty of every little piece of cartilage, meniscus, everything,” Morse said. “Sometimes they’ll even consider a CT scan, which is good for fractures, to determine the size of the bone, the shape of the bone. They’ll do 3D modeling to give you an idea of how it’s currently structured. An ultrasound can help, but it doesn’t penetrate bone well. That’s why, even if they threw on an ultrasound at practice, you probably wouldn’t have been able to see much, because it was underneath the kneecap.” Saleh said as much: “With the MRIs, the deeper we got, the worse it got.” Morse thinks Becton’s previous injury made him more susceptible to this injury. “Anytime he gets locked in an engage position, that cartilage that’s missing is going to cause some pain underneath the kneecap,” Morse said. “So anytime you walk upstairs, down hills — anything changing in incline or decline usually causes pain there. When he was shuffling Monday, trying to get into his position, it looked like his kneecap maybe couldn’t keep up with the rest of the joint … so when that happened, he likely clipped a piece of the kneecap off.” The very best-case scenario, with “ridiculous” luck, Morse said, would be Becton missing only six weeks. But the Jets, by all accounts, have already accepted the worst-case scenario: that Becton is out for the season. He’ll presumably be placed on injured reserve before the start of the season, officially ending it. And Becton has a long road of recovery ahead, especially because of his size. He’s listed at 6-foot-7 and 363 pounds. “The problem is, with a man of that size, there’s so much stress on that knee,” Morse said. “Every additional pound on the abdomen is 4 pounds on the knee. A normal-(sized) guy, it’s not a big deal. But someone who is 360, 370, that’s a massive load. Whenever you squat, the pressure in the joint increases 700 percent. So you’re adding a lot of forces here. … “The way they’re describing it and the history of his knee injury and the size of the guy, put everything together, I’d be really surprised if he played this year.”
  8. He's an OG. They need an OT. That is unless they move AVT to RT then Doc & Herbig can vie for the ROG spot
  9. It'll be one of two things for him now. He either truly commits to dropping serious weight, getting in top shape and come back next season around 330-340 (which is plenty if done right) or he's out of the NFL. It sucks for him now but there is still a chance. Jets obviously can't plan around him for next season. It's a bonus if he commits but they still can't view him other than potential depth. He didn't take losing weight and getting in great shape seriously. That can't be disputed. He came into mini-camp weighing 395+ Yes, he finally started to take it serious for the 6 weeks leading up to TC but 6 weeks isn't enough for someone his size to accomplish all that was needed.
  10. Ian Rapoport @RapSheet #Jets OT Mekhi Becton has suffered an avulsion fracture of the right knee cap, per me and @MikeGarafolo He’s seeing a surgeon tomorrow, but likely is out for the year. Brutal.
  11. Bruce Feldman ⁦‪@BruceFeldmanCFB‬⁩ SOURCE: Toledo LB coach Pat Bastien is leaving the Rockets to join the NY Jets coaching staff. The Florida native has previously coached at WKU, UGA, Marshall, Southern and UCF. 8/4/22, 8:50 PM The Athletic’s Zach Rosenblatt reports Bastien will be an offensive assistant with the Jets. Zack Rosenblatt ⁦‪@ZackBlatt‬⁩ There are a number of examples of coaches that have primarily coached on one side of the ball and then switched to the other — it's a smart move if the goal is to be a head coach one day. Brian Daboll is one example. Started out as a defensive assistant with the Patriots. 8/4/22, 9:10 PM
  12. This won’t quicken the Fant extension talks yikes! Ian Rapoport ⁦‪@RapSheet‬⁩ The #AZCardinals and LT DJ Humphries have agreed to terms on a 3-year extension worth $66.8M total, source said. He gets $34M guaranteed and earns $21M in year 1. 8/2/22, 8:51 PM
  13. New Details On Teven Jenkins Issue Make Drafting Him Look Even Worse https://www.sportsmockery.com/chicago-bears/new-details-on-teven-jenkins-issue-make-drafting-him-look-even-worse/?amp
  14. LOL. Connor the guy who said week 1 of Gase’s 1st TC how it was a joy watching Gase offense and not the HS offense Bates ran… Connor the same guy that kept trashing Fant. He’s terrible and with a bigger ego than Keyshawn. Thank god he’s gone from The Athletic. If/when he appears on SNY it’ll be the perfect time to switch over to CBS pregame, make a beer run or hit the john As for this topic/title. It’s another way to say “I told you ZW was going to bust”.
  15. Neil Stratton ⁦‪@InsideTheLeague‬⁩ Zach Truty, who completed seven seasons w/the #Jets, most recently as Player Personnel Executive, is no longer with the team. Truty has also served w/the #Bears, #Lions& #Jaguars and with ⁦‪@EMUFB‬⁩, ⁦‪@UMichFootball‬⁩ & the ⁦‪@OfficialAFL‬⁩'s ⁦‪@ArizonaRattlers‬⁩. 7/12/22, 5:16 PM Zach Truty enters his seventh season with the Jets and fifth as a player personnel executive, after initially serving as a national scout. Prior to joining the Jets, he spent three seasons with the Chicago Bears as an area scout (2012-14). Before that, he was the recruiting coordinator for Eastern Michigan's football program. Truty began his career in professional football as an intern for the Jacksonville Jaguars (2006) before interning with the Detroit Lions (2008-09) and later serving as the director of player personnel for the Arizona Rattlers (AFL) (2011). As a student at the University of Michigan, he interned in both the recruiting and sports information departments, earning his BA in 2008. https://www.newyorkjets.com/team/front-office-roster/zach-truty
  16. For years all we have heard and read about the Jets is “what is the Jets identity”. Saleh wants the Jets identity to be “All Gas No Brake” And yes, I know in the end it’s all about wins.
  17. Huh? No idea what this means or how you came to this conclusion. Christopher is in the background, off to the side. All he is now is a title. He also hired JD.
  18. JD “you ready to join the family?” “Welcome to the family”.
  19. JD initially misspoke saying he’s our 9th rated then looked down (probably to their list) and corrected himself to actually our 8th.
  20. Really? Yeah let me stage my excitement getting one of our top 8 players, after I thought we were done for the night, who happens to be a major position of need for what I’m responsible for.
  21. Didn’t see any clip of JD needing Woodys approval to trade up to pick Hall.
  22. Was he in the war room prior to the Gardner pick? He was after they were on the clock. LaFleur was in the war room after they were on the clock for GWilson. Does it really matter? All the coaches, scouts went over all the players in their pre draft meetings.
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