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    Traveling to different games, the Monday Night Miracle was very cool
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    Used to be
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    The lose in the AFC Championship game against Denver. Fb fumbles the ball and we never got the momentum back. This would have been the year.
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    I like them all
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  1. If they were planning on exiting MetLife in 2025, the new location would have to be approved already. I don't know if Woody has the same drive or motivation to get something going again. Sheldon Silver did a number on them back then.
  2. As we look forward to the 2023 Football season and preparation takes place, Im simply going to say we should bring back the Jets Flight Crew cheerleaders. Their presence on the sidelines and half time show at the stadium were missed for those of us that went to the stadium. Kids loved to interact and watch them as well. https://www.newyorkjets.com/photos/the-2021-jets-flight-crew-roster-in-photos
  3. Strong point here. If rumors were true from a few months ago that the Johnsons may wish to sell the team, what helps your value go up more than winning a SB in NY.
  4. Your right. Derek Carr was the toast of the town. With that said the debate that was raised on the Jake Asman show was Derek Carr gets the Jets to the playoffs, Aaron Rogers makes you a SB caliber team. Rogers is a QB that makes the players around him better while Carr needs the pieces around him. I'd be thrilled if we land one of these two but the problem is Carr deal would have to be done or you lose him unless there is a wink wink shake that Rogers agrees to come here.
  5. As stated in one of these threads, Denver thought they were getting Rogers last year before Wilson and by bringing in Hacket. Those of us that remember Paul Hacket as OC have a word associated with it (Disaster) That same word is being used 20 years later with Hacket in Denver. "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me"
  6. I did not realize Kevin Mawae was the Assistant Offensive line coach for the Colts this year and is now going to a top high school to be their Head coach. Good for them. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2023/01/23/kevin-mawae-leaves-colts-to-replace-trent-dilfer-at-nashville-high-school/ Kevin Mawae leaves Colts to replace Trent Dilfer at Nashville high school Posted by Charean Williams on January 23, 2023, 7:00 PM EST Posted by Charean Williams on Colts assistant offensive line coach Kevin Mawae is leaving the team to take over as head coach at Lipscomb Academy in Nashville, Matt Fortuna of TheAthletic.com reports. He replaces Trent Dilfer as the school’s head coach. It appeared former NFL tight end Jason Witten was set to replace Dilfer after the former NFL quarterback accepted the head coaching job at UAB but Witten ended up staying at a high school in Texas. Lipscomb also interviewed former NFL players Jon Kitna and Ty McKenzie. Lipscomb has become a destination for elite prep players. It went 13-0 last season, winning the TSSAA Division II-AA state title for the second year in a row after finishing second in 2020. Mawae, a Pro Football Hall of Fame player, spent two seasons coaching with the Colts.
  7. Greg Olsen is interviewing with the Chargers today for their OC opening. Surprised he has not been brought in for an interview here. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2023/01/23/chargers-to-interview-greg-olson-for-offensive-coordinator/
  8. If we drafted Sewell for RT, Becton on the left, AVT guard, Tomlinson and McGovern whether it was Sam, or Mike White they would have had a clean pocket and running lanes.
  9. NYDreamer


    I would bring in Chad Pennington as the QB coach and let him work with Zach. Let Frank Reich take the OC helm.
  10. I don't think I have seen a thread were we the fan base all mutually agree about how a hire makes so much sense for OC but it is the Jets so I will reserve my excitement until something happens. Also there is just something about a former NFL QB as an oc coach that is attractive to hire including being a back up to help develop bench players.
  11. What's harder is when we ran out of patience with QB's of the past and you see Geno Smith and Sam Darnold have tremendous QB play. Those two guys on our current Jets team would have been what we expected them to be when we drafted them. LB Frankie LuVu had 12 tackles and a sack yesterday as well.
  12. That reminded me of the throw at his pro day that had everyone Gaga over him.
  13. This makes me believe Tom Brady (Free agent) and Gronk join McDaniels in Vegas next year and try to win a SB with their 3rd team. Brady to Adams is in the works.
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