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    Easy going with a passion for physical fitness
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    Traveling to different games, the Monday Night Miracle was very cool
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    Used to be
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    The lose in the AFC Championship game against Denver. Fb fumbles the ball and we never got the momentum back. This would have been the year.
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    I like them all
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  1. And why does he compare that trade to the Kalil Mack trade. Maybe a 5th or 6th rounder
  2. Well this is a good sign and hopefully someone who will help build our line. While we all witnessed a great game against Denver, one big thing stood out with Long at center. His shotgun snaps were off the mark on multiple occasions. If Falah who played with Darnold in college continues to build a rapport perhaps that can be a connection for years to come.
  3. NYDreamer

    Young offensive minded coaches

    If we are just throwing names out there I would like to keep an eye on Chad Pennington as a future coach. Injuries aside this guy has such a high football IQ.
  4. NYDreamer

    Burnett back to PS, Stewart to IR

    I'm glad Burnett is back with the team
  5. my thought is, let the Bucs get Bell and we trade with the Bucs for Ronald Jones to get back with Darnold. EDIT: Did not realize someone else had the same thought in a previous post
  6. Yes, would have liked to have seen Burnett in a game with Darnold. Burnett could have given Darnold that security blanket that has been lacking from Pryor.
  7. Just saw these on a China Site
  8. New JETS hat would be great!
  9. Nope, my buddy and I were at the game as well and were talking about the color of the flag as well as a preview. He also bought his son a new Darnold Jersey and it came in that same color. When he opened the package he originally questioned the color obviously different shade.
  10. NYDreamer

    2018 Jets Prediction

    10-6 it will happen! Beat the Chargers in the first round of the playoffs.
  11. This is such an exciting pick up today for us just thinking about the potential. Then again, I was really excited about the pick up of Dimitri Flowers as well but that did not work out so well.
  12. I guess if Mack goes to Green Bay it would be like they had Farve and Reggie White coming to them. If we all project Mack has that ability to be the dominant Defensive Player that White was and we have the cap space bring him in while we are on the QB Rookie contract. We will have one other contract in house to take care of in Leonard Williams who is also pointing upward
  13. NYDreamer

    Jet specific transactions.

    absolutely, when the coach has a nickname for the guy "Louisville Slugger" before he signs his contract you know that is his pick
  14. ahh, could have been worse if we selected Paxton Lynch.

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