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    Traveling to different games, the Monday Night Miracle was very cool
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    The lose in the AFC Championship game against Denver. Fb fumbles the ball and we never got the momentum back. This would have been the year.
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    I like them all
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  1. It reminds me of the books we used to read as kids that allowed you to select which path you would like to take and each decision lead to a different outcome. 2 years ago the franchise was presented with a choice, sign former first round pick Mo Wilkerson who had a tremendous year but was also coming off of a broken leg or a free agent gem in Damon Snacks Harrison who was a gritty run stuffer and well respected member of of the D-line? Guy's who quit on their team when times get rough lack the character..Very disappointed in Mo. I admit to being one of the fan's who made the wrong choice but at least with the contract signed we can correct part of the bad choice.
  2. I wonder what Mike offered Washington back then before Cousins became what he is today.
  3. Yeah, I was yelling at the tv on draft day for the Jets to take Ethan Pociac out of LSU or Elfien out of Ohio State last years draft.
  4. Darron Lee per PFF

    I think that is the major difference, that they are using his speed to rush the QB and has the sideline speed to catch the RB. He can actually be an effective blitzer that made him a 1st round pick
  5. Petty / Hack Timing

    This is it right here! Bowels sticks with and supports his players through thick and thin. Which is why they are also playing hard for him. But the decision not to make a change with Buster Skrine having a bad game is similar to last year not making a game change with Fitzpatrick at KC. Sometimes a guy needs to sit when he is costing your team the game. Put him back in next week if you need to but but he should have sat him for the 2 QTR's.
  6. Finish this sentence....

    justify giving Todd Bowels a contract extension and put him in the conversation for Coach of the year considering the talent and roster he had.
  7. Williams Released

    I was at the game and Williams made a huge mental mistake walking off the field when he was supposed to cover on a play. Time out was called because the guy was uncovered/wide open. Jamal Adams goes running up to Williams on the sideline and yells at him "What are you doing!" Great to see the Leadership in Adams. I believe this play is what made it an easier decision to release him.
  8. I'm driving out tonight with a few buddies, take in the city and go to the game. Just saw tickets for $9.00 Even closer to the field is pretty inexpensive. Should be a fun NY SPORTS weekend in Cleveland, Let's paint the town green! Go Jets.
  9. Wow! Powerful, nice to see something so positive.
  10. Yes, have to give credit to Dakota who looked like a "Bull" Dozier today stepping in for Brian Winters. Taking on Suh is no easy task but he held up pretty good.
  11. Darron Lee

    Fair Point, I can agree with this. We will be saying the same thing about Sheldon Richardson who was defensive rookie of the year a few years ago and became a square peg in round hole with Bowles.
  12. Darron Lee

    The Jets never learned how to use undersized Jonathan Vilma either when he was here. As Ray Lucas said on SNY, "Lee should be the one covering the running back out of the backfield on passing, not Demario Davis." That's coaching.
  13. Giants look like they're tanking lol

    It really should be of no surprise, any team that adds Brandon Marshall to it's roster does not make the playoffs.
  14. Like a good horror movie that you watch with one hand over your face peeking through your ring finger and pinkie, articles like the ones that will follow just want to leave you with the middle finger as the sole survivor of the horror of Draft Day: We heard the story of Terry Bradway standing on the table telling the Gm to select Russel Wilson: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000092313/article/russell-wilson-coveted-by-one-new-york-jets-executive Now we hear that David Lee told Idzik to draft Derek Carr: http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/news/new-york-jets-derek-carr-oakland-raiders-2014-draft-gm-john-idzik/10ten4loc7qfj1lo0vlk7awygb We heard the story that MacCagnen got nervous when Houston jumped up to select the Martin the center from ND causing him to select Hackenberg. Old school, we heard about our team wanting Farve but waited to long and O'Brien over Marino While I was researching these Articles, Gary Myers wrote about it as well: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/myers-jets-infamous-near-misses-qbs-article-1.2570416 So I'll continue to watch our Jets with one hand over my face as our General Managers play the role of the Evil Villain that keeps coming back no matter how many times you take him out, the mask is always the same.
  15. It gives us someone to root for as well in a Chrebet mold.