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  1. Gase also did not know that Gore was out of the game either and Josh Adams was getting his first carry. When that explanation came up in the interview he again seemed bewildered. I mean cmon.
  2. Well this shows it. You let the former GM be a part of the hiring process. The same guy who could not draft players. Cmon...
  3. Where is Bryce Huff, Hall, and Cager. Let these guys bring some energy
  4. They don’t play hard for him. Even Rex and Bowels had the team playing hard Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  5. Bart Scott said it well the other day. There is just no identity to this offense. Are we a ground and pound or pass happy West coast. There is not plan and that confuses players. That is on Gase.
  6. This team is really not prepared to play Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  7. Yes! This should be the new norm for the NFL that allows you to continue to develop young QB talent on your roster. Ever since NFL Europe went away, teams used to designate players to that league representing the NFL franchise, giving players valuable on field experience. This new rule should become a mainstay.
  8. I had to come back to this. I am truly surprised that the NFL did not allow teams to keep extra players this year or allow extra players on practice squad. Specifically with no preseason games, how do you really get to evaluate our college free agents that we signed when not in a game situation. We would all love to see Cager, Huff, and Jackson get a chance on this team. Guys like Chrebet and Victor Green showed up in games and became successful players. With a year like this, evaluation is much more difficult.
  9. He looks like Johnnie from Karate Kid! Cobra Kai, Sweep the leg
  10. If Cashman turns into a Chad Cascadan kind of player who brings energy, fits a role and plays special teams then Im good with that. If he or Patrick from the Ravens takes over the spot next to Mosley even better. Either way I feel comfortable with our depth at that MLB spot with our two starters coming back from injury. I will wait and judge Edoga when I see him. My expectation is that as a second year player you take advantage of the strength and conditioning program that the team puts you through. Unfortunately Covid, took in house training from them. I want to see if he found a place to train. This includes our top pick from last year as well.
  11. Collin Coward said it well. Jamal Adams set the precedent at the Safety position. Look, I get the negativity that happens when it is played over and over again on Social media. When you draft a guy in the first round, you hope as a franchise he becomes a good player. Adams has become an All Pro player that could eventually wear a Gold Jacket Mohammed Wilkerson gone, Sheldon Richardson gone, Leonard Williams gone, the Louisville slugger Pryor gone. Jets finally drafted a player worthy of a contract because he is the top at his position. When you look back on players who were top at their position, Revis, Keyshawn, John Abraham how many people say we should have never gotten rid of that guy. Adams is that guy. Trading him away from the Jets to any other team sets an even worse precedent.
  12. I compare Adams success to that of Ed Reeds with the Baltimore Ravens. Reed also wanted a new contract with the Ravens after playing out his rookie contract: They eventually gave him one but it was after his 4th year. Joe Douglas was a part of that experience with Baltimore. Adams needs to remain a Jet. I will stand by that. I'm not moving Star players for Adam Gase who has not proven anything. https://www.espn.com/nfl/news/story?id=2502163
  13. The article that came out that Cager played in High School All Star games with Darnold is exciting news. He knows the coaches, he played with Herndon and Berrios and he likes working with Darnold and when he had an opportunity to sign as an undrafted freed agent he chose the the Jets because of that familiarity. Cager will have every opportunity with many players on 1 year contracts and injury to Enunwa should give him confidence to take that role.
  14. I believe the guy we are going to worry about the most on offense coming out of Buffalo is Zach Moss the rookie RB from Utah. I believe Buffalo got a steal with him in the draft. He is the player that will make Allen better.

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