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    Traveling to different games, the Monday Night Miracle was very cool
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    The lose in the AFC Championship game against Denver. Fb fumbles the ball and we never got the momentum back. This would have been the year.
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    I like them all
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  1. If we look back on the draft last year and what Nathen Shepard did during the season we would have been willing to move off of him as a player and he was 25 years old. With the limited play so far Shepard has been looking like a different player on the field. Point is that Quinen Williams may just need this year to get himself acclimated. If he shows progress like Sam did during the last 3-4 games last year then we at least have that to look forward to for things to come.
  2. I mean flying the plane over the stadium to fire the head coach while we are playing the other NY team is the ultimate embarrassment you would think. By the way...This has not been talked about but if Leonard Williams has 1 or 2 sacks in this game against the Giants because they found a way to coach him and we couldn't adds to the firing statement.
  3. I would rather Christopher say "We made a mistake" and own it now. This is terrible football. No adjustments. Players not playing for this man.
  4. Leonard Williams will become Reggie White for the Giants. It is just our luck
  5. You don't get recognized as the QB whisperer when your whispering to Payton Manning
  6. Gase is ruining Sam Darnold like he did with Tannehill. Gase is not making adjustments to protect Darnold. This not good football.
  7. I just read an article that stated Gase only gave Luke Faulk First team practice Reps on the last day of practice. That is poor coaching not 100% sure if Sam was going to play.
  8. I chose Trent Williams (LT), I would love to see that addition on our offensive line for a 3rd round pick. If you want to look at a WR, I would take a lower pick chance on LaQuan Treadwell from the Vikings. He could be a need a change of scenery guy who was a former first round pick. Reality is a kind of like the WR corp we currently have with the mix.
  9. Why do we still have a bad pocket. Trent Williams
  10. So very interesting. My friend received his tickets in the mail yesterday. They were not hard tickets (Only the parking) What they ended up doing was sending him a card similar to a credit card and his season tickets are on that. So when he goes through the gate they scan that card. No paper tickets as he expected.
  11. Yes, a friend of mine bought season tickets this year. He is in his 70's and does not use a smart phone well. He asked for hard tickets and they agreed to send them. They should arrive by next week they told him.
  12. One of the guys they will have to introduce in the next show has to be Savage. Really love that signing to the front office.

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