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  1. If you get the chance, go to the Steakhouse at the Westin Hotel. Its right around the corner from the Stadium. My mouth is still drooling from that meal.
  2. So the guys that Cager is looking to beat out for the #4 TE spot are? Wesco (who plays hybrid TE/FB), Yeboah (who if not on our active roster sticks on our P/S as I like his growth. Im sure Ruckurt would take his #88)
  3. He is building a nice rapport with Tyler Conklin. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  4. He actually did not play in the game itself because what he did during practice was enough to show his talent. Here is his performance during practice. Him against Mitchell is about 27 seconds in:
  5. Whatever technique Jermaine Johnson used on Max Mitchell at the Senior Bowl he needs to work with him daily during training camp so that he can learn from it and that it does not happen again because every other team playing us has that same film footage.
  6. The fumble Keith Byers had in Denver always gets me upset as we were headed to the Super Bowl but momentum took over and we didn't.
  7. Yes without a doubt. Because of the numbers game Yeboah could also fall into that Wesco position. Like you with Ruckert I was excited when we signed Yeboah as a undrafted free agent. In reality this is all a good problem to have.
  8. We should also wait and see what happens with Kenny Yebowa and his #88, Ruckart might want that back as far as Jersey number.
  9. Eric Fishers name has been mentioned as well. Having an experienced swing tackle to come in on a 1 year deal is a smart move. I'd be happy with either one of those guys.
  10. That worked thanks. For some reason that switched to on, I never touched it.
  11. Hey Maxman. I'm still getting notifications at the top from everyone who posts a new topic or reply and not just to content I have mentioned. This glitch has happened for about 3 weeks now. Any suggestions? I never switched anything in my notifications under profile.
  12. Hey Maxman if you could also look into the notifications. within the last 2 weeks I now receive a notification for every post, new content etc. It used to be only when someone replied to what I posted. I did not change anything on my profile so if I need to please let me know if something changed. Thanks
  13. These two guys are my picks! They both played for the coaches at the senior bowl. If we got them to add on to the group we selected already....WOW! One dark horse I like is Quinton Lake the safety from UCLA
  14. I would love for the Jets to have 4 first round picks. Trade 4 to New Orleans for 16 and 19. Trade pick 10 to kc for 29 and 30. Keep our two number 2’s and that is a lot of help for our team Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  15. I would love Dean on our team. Could be defensive player of the year Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  16. I am hoping New Orleans offers picks 16 and 19 for the Number 4 pick But if not I will go with the following: 1st Rnd: Ikey (NC STATE) 1st Rnd: Nkobee Dean (This guy is Ray Lewis) 2nd Rnd: Tyler Linderbaum or Whimfry 2nd Rnd: Alec Pierce (Cinci) WR 3rd Rnd: Jeremy Ruckert (TE Ohio State) 4th Rnd: RB (Either James Cook, Zamir White or Pierce the RB from Florida) 4th Rnd DT from Connecticut 5th Rnd LB Fotocassi (Rutgers) 5th Rnd: Quintin Lake (UCLA Safety) Bloodlines in this one.
  17. This: 4. Kayvon Thibodeaux EDGE Oregon 10. Ahmad Gardner CB Cincinnati 35. Nakobe Dean LB Georgia 38. Tyler Linderbaum OC Iowa 69. Jeremy Ruckert TE Ohio State 111. James Cook RB Georgia 127. Alec Lindstrom OC Boston College 146. Quentin Lake S UCLA 158. Dameon Pierce RB Florida 163. Matt Henningsen DT Wisconsin
  18. Build the trenches with O Line and Defense in the first round and Pickens and Pierce WR in the 2nd would be my choice.
  19. I just wonder how much that new coach from Cincinnati is being asked about all of the defensive players from Cincinnati including Sauce.
  20. Thanks. I was intrigued by the trade back offer from the Saints for their first round picks. They ended up selecting OT Neal at 4. I was very pleased to come away with the players I did in this mock. My favorite player of Lindenbaum in the 2nd was a bonus and considered him with one of the firsts.
  21. 10. Ahmad Gardner CB Cincinnati 16. Trevor Penning OT Northern Iowa 19. Jermaine Johnson EDGE Florida State 35. Tyler Linderbaum OC Iowa 38. Christian Watson WR North Dakota State 69. Daniel Faalele OT Minnesota 111. Channing Tindall LB Georgia 117. Zamir White RB Georgia 146. Haskell Garrett DT Ohio State 163. Charleston Rambo WR Miami-Fl
  22. 4: R1 P4 EDGE Kayvon Thibodeaux - Oregon 10: R1 P10 WR Garrett Wilson - Ohio State 35: R2 P3 C Tyler Linderbaum - Iowa 38: R2 P6 G Zion Johnson - Boston College 69: R3 P5 TE Jeremy Ruckert - Ohio State 111: R4 P6 EDGE David Ojabo - Michigan 117: R4 P12 RB James Cook - Georgia 146: R5 P3 LB Damone Clark - LSU 163: R5 P20 RB Zamir White - Georgia
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