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  1. So they fired some people or let them walk (Sparano, Pettine, Cavanaugh, Hughan), One guy retired (Westoff), and several guys went to other jobs that were promotions (Smith, Weaver, Sutton, O'Neil). Sure it's a lot right now, but staff coaches are always in flux when a coordinator or coach leaves.
  2. Rex is signed through the 2014 season so it wouldn't be a lame duck year...
  3. the roughing the punter was BS, he barely touched him if he did at all. Even the personal foul was iffy, the receiver was no longer defenseless since he was running up the field.
  4. Guess not, they must have cut that guy too. Maybe Rex read that article on ESPN about the high school team that always goes for it on 4th down and will try that!
  5. Could he be a late add for RT? He would be a band-aid solution this year anyway. We have 7 Mil in cap space so worth a shot risking 2 or so on him. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/8336809/bryant-mckinnie-says-baltimore-ravens-cut-him
  6. I want a golden toilet. Doesn't mean its gonna happen. Hes not a starter so either retire or sign as a role player.
  7. Unless another team claims him on waivers he goes on the Jets IR. What do you want them to do? keep him active every week?
  8. Schefter says its a conditional 7th. A great gamble by Tanny. https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/227538279866712065
  9. If he is going to point out how terrible the first half was against Pittsburgh 2 years ago, he should also point out how our defense shut them out in the second half with repeated big stops to give the team a chance at a comeback.
  10. How did teams not draft off Mel's Best Available list????
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