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  1. Can they? Absolutely. Will They? Doubtful. Everything would have fall right for them and wrong for the Pats. It is possible, but not probable.
  2. I’m ok with that given the effort he puts forth
  3. Guy had 35 tackles as a DT in limited playing time last year and gives it his all on every play. If all you notice is the bad penalties he took I’m not sure what else to say. He does need to ge more disciplined but he’s definitely an asset to the DL.
  4. Think he’s dead wrong on WR not being upgraded with Enunwa coming back abd Pryor addition. Also, DL is better by just getting rid of Wilkerson ... guy was useless last year and not much better in 2016. In addition, they brought in two young hungry talented guys via the draft and Pennel is a beast who should be more comfortable in 2018.
  5. I don't bet on games, but if I did I'd take the Jets +9 - Buffalo has no business being 9 point favorites against anyone
  6. It's also a numbing agent, which is quite beneficial when watching the Jets
  7. Sucks ... he really appeared to be bringing his game to the next level .... at least they have Miles and Martin behind Adams and Maye
  8. There is only one gear for me when it comes to the Jets, and that is full throttle. I wish I could change that as it would alleviate a lot of heartache, and headaches, but then again, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Fully invested every week of every season. I'm hoping that one day these almost forty years of investments finally pays off.
  9. Coz is like Cimini's mini-me with his stupid snarky comments - The Jets beat has degenerated to a bunch of trivial school children. Not that they were ever great, but the current cast of characters covering the team is pure garbage.
  10. about $14 mill under cap after Gilchrist cut
  11. Well, I'm rooting for the guy. I have the same condition. I had my first surgery for it at 27 and just had my second a few years ago at 40. He's my heart brother.
  12. I'd have to say I'd love Fournette in 1st and Jeremy Sprinkle at TE in 5th too ... Fournette and Howard gave me a hard choice to make.
  13. Round 1 Pick 6: TE – O.J. HOWARD – ALABAMA Round 2 Pick 7 (39): S – OBI MELIFONWU – CONNECTICUT Round 3 Pick 6 (70): CB – AHKELLO WITHERSPOON – COLORADO Round 3 Pick 43 (107): DE/OLB – TREY HENDRICKSON – FLORIDA ATLANTIC Round 5 Pick 6 (150): RB – JEREMY MCNICHOLS – BOISE STATE Round 6 Pick 7 (191): CB MARQUEZ WHITE FLORIDA STATE Round 7 Pick 6 (224): ILB – BEN GEDEON – MICHIGAN
  14. I wasn't happy about the Marshall cut either - $7.5 mill for a guy like that is a bargain
  15. I like your picks but just want to point out that I would be concerned if Jets cut Decker. I think it would be a huge mistake. Enunwa would be their only proven veteran receiver and he has bounced around from position to position and does not have an extensive resume. I love the guy and think he can be great, but at this point in time he is not enough as far as vets go in the group. Especially with the prospect of a young QB stepping in, I think it is important that Decker stays for his abilities as well as his knowledge and leadership at least for 2017. Adding a rookie to the mix does not fix that problem, although I am not against them drafting one.
  16. I'd be perfectly fine with Fournette, but if you are looking to drop one of those two backs, it has to be Forte. Powell is much more versatile at this point in his career and has much more left in the tank. The difference in dead money is a moot point when Powell still has more upside and would make a much better combo w Fournette. Ideally I'd like to keep Powell and Forte in that scenario, letting Forte walk next year and deciding on Powell's future at that point as well. Although I think you hold onto Powell for a couple more years no matter what. Depth is important, especially at HB position, and they have no one else on the roster that has proven to be ready to be part of a rotation.
  17. Biggest Bust: Gholston. Worst Draft Pick: not even sure where to begin, there are just so many to choose from that were equally bad, and a lot of them have been mentioned throughout this thread.
  18. There is also the possibility they are doing their homework in case someone slips to them in early second or in case they move back up into late 1st to grab one of those guys.
  19. Not saying that they earned it, but do you remember the mess they inherited? Macc was trying to kickstart things and was forced to spend a lot in FA due to Idzik spending next to nothing. It is not as if those moves didn't pay off at all in 2015. The team finished with a record that would have at least gotten them a WC spot in most years. Then years of inept drafting and the aging of certain vets caught up to them last year. I would not totally give up on these two yet. This will be a telling year for how much Bowles has learned and how well Macc can work the draft. If you change everything every few years you will never get anywhere and most GM's and HC's need a few years to learn from their mistakes and reach their potential. I am not saying these two are definitely the answer but I also do not think we know everything about them yet and unless there is a sure bet available at GM and HC, you can;t just change them again for the sake of change. At least give them a 3rd year to undo what Idzik did with the mess he inherited from Tannenbaum's last two seasons and Rex's last four, that they all passed on to Macc and Bowles.
  20. If they are planning on starting a rebuild, which ideally means that the team will at least be pointed in the right direction this year, and prior to the season they plan on firing the coach who they chose to be responsible for leading the way, this organization is in far worse shape than I could have ever imagined. I would be completely shocked if they didn't believe that Bowles will turn the corner, in only his 3rd year as a HC, and start this team on the proper path moving forward. I am not saying they are right or wrong, but if they didn't believe that they would have made a change after last season ended. I will say that a guy named Belichik was 13-19 at this point in his career and was being talked about as being in over his head. Becoming a good HC takes time and involves growing pains. Some of that can be rather ugly like the team's overall lack of discipline, badly missed assignments, poor time management, uninspiring halftime adjustments, etc. Now is when we will start to see if Bowles can learn from his mistakes and grow as a HC or if he will be the next in a long line to be shown the door before the team reaches its full potential. I can't say that I feel extremely confident that he will, based on the results we have seen recently, but I do think he has the demeanor and attitude to give it a good run. Successful HC's do not develop overnight. My fingers are crossed because I am tired of breaking things up and starting all over every 4 to 5 years. It takes continuity to be a perpetual contender so I am hopeful they can find that with Bowles as well as Maccagnan.
  21. Considering that guys like Charles, Peterson, Blount and D. Williams are still free agents that teams wouldn't even have to give up much to get, I doubt you are getting a team to trade for Forte. And releasing him saves nothing, nor does it improve the team in any way. If you could get something in return I would be all for it. I just don't see it happening.
  22. Thanks for bringing me back to another terribly disappointing experience from my four decades of Jets' fan futility. Man, that was a tough year. I drank the Nagle Kool-Aid right away, like a fool, and crashed hard, real fast. I think they had a 5-0 pre-season that year too.
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