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  1. I'd agree, if you can prove they quit. Tough thing to prove.

    Most fan(atic)s want him gone. I have yet to read a beat writer who believes the team quit on him. They have a much better feel of the day to day stuff. If someone could prove they quit , I'd be on board. Otherwise, I think it's the best call to give him a year

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    Watching the team sleepwalk through the last 5 weeks is enough for me.

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  2. What pressure?  What important games has Geno played in? I mean, really important.


    Every game is important, you have 16 games a year every single one has a level of importance. Though I would like you to answer this question honestly.  When you have the game on the line and the ball is in Geno's hands do you cringe when he steps back to throw? I know I do

  3. Ruskil and Graves were completely incompetent at their last jobs.


    I wont say they were completely incompetent. In Graves defense the Cards were decent in his tenure as GM. with the exception of locating a QB when Warner retired.  They found decent players who contributed all over the team.


    Ruskell i dont know much about other than his ties to Seattle. He seems to be more of a scouting guy than anything. He was also on the short list for the GM job in Chicago when Jerry Angelo got fired last season. 

  4. How many games have the Jets won the last 2 years?  How many Division Titles, Conference Championships and Lombardi 

    Trophies????  He's paid to be the HC and get wins, not be a glorified DC who racks up statistics, but his team can't win when the chips are down.


    I think Rex is probably THE most overrated coach in the NFL.


    Norv Turner and Jason Garrett beg to differ. 

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