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  1. What i would like to add other than whats already been stated is that the strength of this draft was at offensive line and defensive line starter and depth positions. the team used their first 2 picks to get the BPA at the other positions and then went where the draft was strongest. I am glad that we addressed the offensive line. very solid draft from the looks.
  2. heyward-bey signed with the colts a few weeks ago he isnt a FA
  3. 6 "gurards" but 2 of the rooks also can play right tackle.
  4. poor matt flynn, the guy is gonna lose the starting job in oakland to another rookie named wilson. Deja vu
  5. there are a few guys i hope reach to us in the 5th / 6th Ryan Swope WR Texas A&M is the guy i really want us to get. he has loads of potential to be a solid WR for years to come. Joseph Fauria TE UCLA, nephew to Christian Fauria fromer te of the Pats. he is a good blocker & pass catcher Jonathon Franklin RB UCLA , as was previously said i am shocked he has lasted this long. i doubt he lasts on the board till the 5th Miguel Maysonet RB Stoneybrook , likely a late round flyer but he can be a big surprise. Ace Sanders WR South Carolina , electric returner and could develop into a decent starting wr Chase Thomas OLB Stanford , good playmaking OLB Kasheem Greene OLB Rutgers , good run stuffing OLB
  6. depends on who is there if Dee Millner is sitting at 9, i would get on the phone with minnesota and gauge their interest in moving up for him. Or get the Falcons on the line. but the first call would be to minnesota as those 2 picks in the 20's we can easily land a guy like Carradine (DE/OLB) or DJ Hayden (DB) or Keenan Allen (WR). if i cant trade out and Mingo is on the board i would grab MIngo and hope that Austin drops to 13. if he doesnt then try and move the #13 pick for a later pick + more in the 2nd & 3rd
  7. honestly all would depend on who is there at 9 & 13 but i am hoping for MIngo at 9 or trade down. at 13 take best player available
  8. why draft a corner? Give Kyle WIlson a chance to prove himself. Cro is a decent #1. use those picks on a pass rusher / offensive help. I wont go guard as i think we can get a good one in the 2nd in Kyle Long.
  9. that could net some very good picks. the Minny trade could theoretically net their 2 1st round picks for #9 and a late rounder say a 7th. the SF trade could net something similar to what i posted with the atlanta example
  10. it would be a good bit. depending on who the trade partner would be. if Atlanta for example wanted to jump from 30 to 9 , they would have to give us #30 , #60 , #90 those 3 picks value are around 1060 , the #9 is valued at 1350. So in this example atlanta would have to give us those 3 picks + say a 2nd next season valued around 300 to be equal to the #9. So depending on the trading partner the # of picks you will get will vary http://walterfootball.com/draftchart.php
  11. i have not listened to that moron in a while, good to hear nothing has changed with him
  12. just maybe this could lead to a move for revis also. Saints could certainly use a DB.
  13. i have seen enough to know he reminds me of Donovan McNabb in his Viking years . skipping the ball 3 yards in front of the receiver. Under throwing everything within 20 yards
  14. having watched Freeman most of last season as I watched many of the Bucs games , they are correct he does suck. And I actually think Sanchez could beat Freeman out also lol
  15. i doubt idzik will give him an extension if his feelings are hurt if thats where your heading lol
  16. i think we need to address the offensive line. so i would be hoping for one of the guards to drop to us at 9. in the event that we get another 1st (say Tampa) i would say try and move that for some more draft picks. this draft is deep and will provide good depth in the mid rounds at our positions of need along the offensive line/defensive line and linebackers.
  17. so much for the Jets having no leverage in asking to re-work
  18. i believe the 1st day of the new league year which is like the week or 2 after the super bowl
  19. i was just about to ask the same question.
  20. i would actually prefer Cohen to Angelo, we already know Angelo sucks as a evaulator of talent from his years in chicago
  21. i thought the same thing myself, but just maybe he could be angling himself if he does a good enough job in the 1st 3 years for a nice extension and some more $
  22. good to know but they still have to fulfill the rooney rule right?
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