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  1. this is really hard lol I am surrounded by Dolphin fans everywhere so if I wasnt a Jets fan , I guess I would be .........I cant bring myself to say it lol
  2. if they do trade up I really hope its for Branch or Laundry
  3. I honestly think a good pass catching TE is a must, Both chad and Kellen could use a saftey blanket .
  4. I'd rather have Vinny, I miss vinny. V.v.v.vinny and the Jets.... lol
  5. I think we cut Poteat last week. as for grabbing a QB for insurance I think it could be a great idea, Clemens is touted to be the Future of the franchise but as was said earlier he lacks game experience so I think a veteran QB would help should the need arise. Besides I think we brought Marques Tuiasasopo in today , dont know what came out of it.
  6. why is it people do this stupidness, I mean I hear it daily as I am around tons of Dolphin fans , why cant they just GROW UP!! anyways lol
  7. I am so glad we traded for Jones, he will definatly be a great addition to the team
  8. I personally dont think it wouldn't work out for us in trading Vilma, to me he seems worth much more than a 1st rd selection especially when we are giving up our 1st rd choice with the deal also, to me it seems like we would be losing out.
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