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  1. what a douche never liked anything he wrote before anyway, how did the foxsports editor let this garbage out?
  2. I was not expecting or hoping for an Ocho/To/Plax circus, i was hoping for someone who can actually be serviceable as a wr and help the offense, for what i have seen of Jason Hill from his time in SF ,Jax & preseason in Denver other than speed he stinks. but whatever here is to hoping we can get one of these guys to be a decent replacement
  3. per rotoworld Cant believe this is the best WR we could get to replace Holmes
  4. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000052110/article/wayne-hunter-is-jets-first-problem-not-tim-tebow-or-mark-sanchez?module=HP11_hot_topics well worth the read i could not have summed it up better
  5. I am glad there are people that agree with me
  6. I cant understand what some of you are thinking, I am going to quote stats here the jets run game was 22nd in the league in '11 with just over 105 yards a game compared to '10 when we were 4th with just over 148 yards a game, in '09 the run game ranked #1 behind the best oline in the league with 178+ yards a game.The difference was the loss on the offensive line after '09 we cut a declining Fanaca and pushed Slauson into the role, last season we lost Woody to retirement and inserted that waste of space. last season our offensive line allowed 40 sacks , of that 40 count them 13 were credited to Wayne "turnstile" Hunter. thats more than a 1/4 of the sacks were from the right side of the line. True some of you would say Sanchez should throw faster, I ask this question how do you expect a QB to hike the ball, get into the backfield , scan the field and get rid of the ball in under 2 seconds and not make mistakes? Thats the avg time Sanchez had on drop backs thanks to the flood gate on the right side.Need a reminder on what i am talking about? go to youtube and look up wayne hunter vs von miller and u will see Hunter thrown like a rag doll allowing Sanchez to get drilled. Hunter supposedly outweighs Miller and he was pushed aside like nothing. Lets talk running game now. Running the ball last season was a problem. But would it surprise anyone that we ran better on the left side of the line than the right side? We were stopped for a loss on the right side 15 times compared to 9 on the left. Our run game hit an almost alltime low last season with 3.8 yards a carry ranking us #30 in yards per carry. lets face the facts the oline has issues and needs to be addressed, you cant blame the QB because his issues stem from the issues in front of him. Its a cycle when a qb is being rushed to make decisions and is under constant bombardment from the defense he will get jumpy and make mistakes.
  7. protection was perfect? u didnt see the part where Hunter was thrown to the ground like a rag doll i guess.
  8. the only T's on FA that i would try are Kareem McKenzie(nyg), Clifton(gb),Stacy Andrews(phi) & Otah (i know he failed the physical but how bad could he be we are desperate) as for moving Slauson over maybe we could sign Vernon Carey (mia) he is still listed as a FA. as well as Andre Gerode (Bal) , Kemoeatu (as u suggested) there are options out there i hope the front office does something
  9. could not have said it better also we drafted Robert Griffin he plays T as well as G. give them all a shot and see if we have anything better on the roster than that waste of space
  10. agreed however we drafted griffin this year he plays RT, throw him in and see what we have, we know what we have with Hunter. I would rather see if anything else on our roster wants to take the job if given the opportunity
  11. anyone has to be better than hunter, can u imagine hunter facing mario williams twice a year? i cringe at the thought
  12. 1st thing i would do is bring Chad Clifton in for a workout, i know he played the left side but anything is better than hunter at this point, secondly trade Hunter for a somewhat decent punter if no one would bite on that then kick his ass to the curb and eat the $.
  13. you really cant be serious? when you have a Qb who is being bombarded from his right side the entire game he will get jumpy and make quick rash decisions, it doesnt take a brain surgeon to see where the problem stems from, its that waste of space who cant even slow down a defender. Hunter needs to be replaced on that right side there is no question in my mind.
  14. he should be westhoff is gonna grill him all week we have any other punters in camp?
  15. what did he say that wasnt true? that was as politically correct as he could be they need to get 3rd and short, they need to block better
  16. i dont think anyone will be happy sanchez inculded
  17. give vlad the shot, hell give anyone else who wants a roster spot a shot, we know what we have with hunter, lets find out what we have with the rest
  18. I hope sanchez's insurance is paid up he is gonna need it behind this oline. Hunter is just plain awful
  19. Wayne Hunter blows chunks why is he still in he game, put someone else inside....anyone else no one could be this bad
  20. there is a god....please let him get his HC job
  21. Unrestricted: Bryan Thomas Sione Pouha Jim Leonhard LaDainian Tomlinson Robert Turner Kevin O'Connell Mark Brunell Plaxico Burress Nick Folk Brodney Pool Donald Strickland of this group i would want us to keep Pouha , Leonhard , Turner , Folk & Burress the rest are all parts that can be replaced Restricted: Marquice Cole Jamaal Westerman Patrick Turner Aaron Maybin I would keep Westerman & Maybin. and maybe Turner although i think we can get a better option in the draft next season if need be\ Exclusive Rights: Matthew Mulligan Ellis Lankster Martin Tevaseu Tevaseu is the only one i would want back here
  22. I think realistic trade target should be Eddie Royal from Denver, perfect as a slot receiver and he will come very cheap for a late round pick. I highly doubt the Colts would move Mathis or Wayne, Forte isnt going anywhere as the Bears will quicker slap a franchise tag on him next season than trade him. I am not sure what Hillis can do , I say we give Powell a shot I think he can be effective if given a chance.
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