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  1. well in the unlikely event that he is fired I would say promote OL coach Callahan or QB coach Cavanauh to the OC role
  2. I will give credit where it is due, shotty isnt a complete moron he has some good schemes that have worked in the 2nd half of the games however his game plans leave alot to be desired. Sanchez is getting better and the worst thing that can happen would be to install a new offense just as he is getting comfortable with this one. We dont want him to take a step back.
  3. with all head coach vacancies filled it would have to be a college job, as you cant make a lateral coaching move in the nfl
  4. a pass rusher for sure other than that all depends on who we re-sign, but top of the list is a pass rusher and maybe another DT
  5. well that stings....have to get some kind of pass rusher in the draft next season
  6. just like the last 2 games 1st half #16 Testaverde 2nd half #6 Sanchez why change a winning formula? lol
  7. I wasnt comparing the 2, guess I should have been clearer when typing it up. i'll give props to Marshall Faulk though he was saying earlier than Polamalu was not looking 100%
  8. my point is the jets d was missing key players also.
  9. wont be announced till about an hr till gametime
  10. yea i saw that, one thing that keeps pissing me off is they keep talking that Polamalu was out in wk 15, yet no mention of us missing key players like Eric Smith,Jim Leonhard, etc.
  11. What a douche. that "homeless" comment was low even for a patriot fan.
  12. I guess my favorite thing is the winning attitude that he has instilled in the team, I echo the sentiments that they have played as one and looking out for each other on the field and everything also, but the attitude of the team is completely different from under Eric Mangini (who I actually liked), Herm (who stunk at clock management among other things), it reminds me somewhat of the attitude that was instilled by Parcells, although Rex has the team more outspoken than any team I remember.
  13. I saw a score in my dream just before i woke up 26-20 jets in OT , i really hope we finish it off before OT because i dont think i have enough fingernails to last lol
  14. I am pretty calm compared to last weeks game vs the Pats. Other than hearing from dolphin fans all day long that we will get demolished by Pittsburgh its been pretty uneventful. I actually had a dream last night that we opened the game with a 50 yard interception return by Lowery for a TD. woke up right after that lol
  15. I believe they mixed up most of the crews during the playoffs. so you have a few from Hoculi's crew a few from a few other crews. Hopefully they let them play the game
  16. i am just glad its not carey's crew from the Pit/Bal game last week. they were horrible
  17. it was announced today Referee- Ed Hochuli Umpire- Garth DeFelice (Blakeman) HL- Mark Hittner (Hochuli) LJ- Tom Symonette (Hochuli) SJ- Laird Hayes (Carey) BJ- Dino Paganelli (Steratore) FJ- Bob Waggoner (Steratore) ALT Referee- Ron Winter ALT FJ- Boris Cheek (Cheffers)
  18. yea Emmanuel Sanders did alot of damage in the last game , most of the time ben was hitting him or heath Miller.
  19. cool thanks i guess i'll keep my fingers crossed and we get a decent crew
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