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  1. just curious has the NFL announced the officiating crew for this weeks games yet? I did an online search and came up with nothing.
  2. Will start the game with #16 Testaverde then switch to Sanchez at the half , just like i did last week vs Indy
  3. that looked like a punt return for Lowery there, horrible throw
  4. I am really tired about hearing this we also beat Pittsburgh without Jim Leonhard starting saftey, Kris Jenkins starting DT , Damian Woody starting T.
  5. that name still makes me shudder
  6. well said , schotty needs to go. the past 2 games the offense looked just horrible they seem to lack that killer instinct , if the d didnt show up today this would have gotten uglier than it was.
  7. I agree with either position maybe a guy like Corey Wooten DE will drop to us or a safety like Myron Rolle or Wright
  8. I agree with you on that one , I am actually hoping we land Myron Rolle
  9. I am still trying to figure out why he was back peddeling when wayne fumbled the ball , he should have dove to get the ball not wait for it to land in his hands.
  10. All Saints all the time, I wanna see them put up a 50 burger on Indy!
  11. well that means we can sign a guy from FA to replace him should the CBA not be extended
  12. I just checked we have a 1st/2nd/6th / 7th
  13. ah I forgot the Sheppard deal. my bad
  14. I think we have 5 or 6?? the only pick we dont have is a 3rd that we traded for Braylon. correct me if I am wrong
  15. If the team likes him alot I see us possibly moving down to get him, history shows Tanny isnt afraid to trade down.
  16. I agree we need help at CB and DE I am hoping we draft a guy like Joe Haden (Florida)or Patrick Robinson ( Florida St.) to help the secondary out. Or at DE if we could get a guy like Ricky Sapp (Clemson) or Everson Griffen (USC) we should be pretty good once again on D next season.
  17. Garlic wings , pizza , Johnny Walker Green Label Scotch and Diet Coke. not changing anything
  18. didnt sleep at all last night the anxiety is killing me
  19. i was born in '78, so I have no clue what it feels like to have the Jets hoist the trophy
  20. that has me in a football mood. i wish the game was today
  21. I really enjoyed reading that article.
  22. i cant believe the raiders got 7000 votes lol
  23. lol thats 1 of the many different ones I have. I have sat in the same chair since the colts game in wk 16
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