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  1. where did you watch the last 2? dont break the pattern
  2. why couldnt florio keep his mouth shut
  3. I get that "lost the razor" bit daily, I havnt shaved since week 17 ended
  4. that would be expected, Francesa loves to cut off people who dont see it his way
  5. yup I cant stand him anymore I just switched the station over to ESPN Radio
  6. I havnt shaved since week 17. This beard is starting to itch lol Also gameday I wear my Jets Hoodie
  7. i realise that we have been snake bitten in the past but for god sakes man think positive
  8. I am sure Deon Butler from Penn State will be a fine addition
  9. jetsman

    3rd Round

    Marques Douglass and Gholston can handle that spot
  10. jetsman

    3rd Round

    i would be happy with either Deon Butler or Derrick Williams
  11. I dont even know if I should bother. I hear the Patriots are looking for fans maybe you should switch if you dont like it.
  12. I agree its a win win, so now everyone who doesnt like it suck it up and root for your team. I agree 100% the front office has been very good the last few seasons and built a great foundation, adding Sanchez now helps alot.
  13. please Mr.T bring Deon Butler to the Jets
  14. I would never understand some people, if we stayed at our same positon and waited and took a TE Brandon Pettigrew everyone would have jumped down Tanny's throat and shout same old jets...but they did something that I have not witnessed in close to 20 years which is trade up for a franchise QB. and its considered what?? a normal bonehead move. Wrap your head around the fact that we traded 3 backups Ratliff (who had potential but is no franchise QB ) , Elam (would not have seen the field since the acquisition of Leonhard) , Coleman (a total waste of space on the line) and a 2nd round pick this year for Sanchez. You guys are getting on like he traded away a 1st in next years draft in the deal. Our draft is in tact for next season, we made a solid trade for a solid QB something that 1. we havnt had in ages 2. we were in desperate need of we still have draft picks for today which I am sure Mr.T and Rex will find a blocking TE a WR that we need and a backup DE. For god sakes you guys relax and enjoy the moment that some of us who love the Green and White have been craving for ages.
  15. jetsman

    Al Davis

    actually Denver springs to mind. and we were not a joke
  16. jetsman

    Al Davis

    he should have thought about that before running his fastest 40 at the combine
  17. In my Honest opinion, you can please some people some of the time, but you cant please all of the people all of the time. no matter what we would have done there would have been a faction of fans wanting to lynch the front office. I dont believe that we were set back. Kenyon Coleman was nothing on the DL this move would allow gholston to slide back to his drafted position of DE from time to time and split with former Raven Marques Douglas. ratliff had potential but he is no franchise QB, and Abram Elam would not have seen the field this year because of the Leonhard addition. we cleared a ton of cap space and gave up a 2nd round pick ALONE for a franchise QB. thats a hell of a deal in my book.
  18. actually i like what they have done, the alex mack pick is great for them
  19. the link is good replace the * with capital C rest common case and the link is there.
  20. you forgot Doug Briens 2 kicks that went wide that could have sent us to the AFC Championship game
  21. i agree but i really hope to see that front page soon though
  22. Actually he was re-signed to a contract earlier this month.
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