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  1. Hugely telling stat. Although not surprising for anyone who's watched their tape. Wilson for all the talk about his weak schedule was throwing into much tighter windows - it immediately stands out. His WR's were rarely wide open. If you look at Fields' and even Lawrence's film it's often throwing to guys in 5 yards of space. Wilson is the one guys consistently making NFL throws. He throws and incredibly good ball into covered wideouts. Genuinely perfect for Mims and Davis who aren't the best separators but can go and get it.
  2. That's just beyond cruel. What the f*ck. Not sure how someone copes with that.
  3. I mentioned him in response to the previous replies and because I actually don’t think Milliner was much better. Both were an absolute waste of time.
  4. I remember watching those highlights with all his throws and genuinely felt I was gonna cry.
  5. Hackenberg was just a terrible pick. I don’t even consider him a bust. I’d have more expectations if we drafted a random guy on the street. Genuinely one of the worst moments I’ve had as a Jets fans was hearing his name. Debacle.
  6. The only defensive guy I wouldn’t hate at 23. The thing that would worry me with Phillips is the concerns that exist with his health if he’s even there when we pick. It would mean the NFL teams thinks there’s a serious risk because he’s a top 10 talent. But yeah the idea of Saleh having that front 4 is mouth watering. Yes please.
  7. Broncos or Patriots are where he ends up IMO. The latter would be ideal for him or Lance.
  8. It’s been two years. 100% now may be very different to what 100% was in 2018. It’s a gamble and we just have to hope he’s healthy with the same abilities. The idea of him at his best next to Q is pretty awesome though. Absolute wrecking balls.
  9. Gholston was worse but not by much. Neither belonged in the league. I hated the Milliner pick at the time, from the time we traded Revis for those picks I just didn’t want to go CB. In his defence that whole draft was god awful.
  10. With the way people already feel about Zach Wilson this place is going to be a warzone for the next three years.
  11. No one over here really knows who they are. I’ve let everyone know that it’s not at all as surprise and that I’ve experienced their incompetence first hand. This vaccine could trigger the zombie apocalypse and it still wouldn’t be as disastrous as their Jets ownership.
  12. If the Panthers draft Pitts or Sewell and stay healthy then Sam is in hands down the best situation of any NFL QB. Still Zach.
  13. Different league. You can't compete with trash at QB anymore. It's the first requirement.
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