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  1. The Steelers performance reminds me of our AFC title game in 2011.
  2. The feeling of inevitability is so depressing.
  3. This. He's had the bad injuries, the concussions. He's got the SB ring and the HOF career. He's displayed time and again that his career is all about getting as much money as he possibly can. There's not a lot wrong with that so long as he doesn't mind fans not remembering him very fondly. The joke is on the Chiefs and the Jets for signing/persisting with a player who mentally checked out a long time ago.
  4. I think we all endorse it. God speed SAR. You will not be missed.
  5. another qb, andy dalton?

    If you win with a ginger, do you really win?
  6. Prepare yourselves for Alex Smith

    It’s a possibility but a second is too much for a short term fix. He is a big upgrade on what we have and a good fit but nothing that will offer up hope of a Superbowl challenge. I’d rather we make a serious push in the draft .
  7. Petty looks absolutely awful.
  8. This is getting ridiculous

    Doesn't a football move establish possession? After which breaking the line should be a TD. What is stretching out for the goaline if not a football move? Trash. Burn the league to the ground. It's done.
  9. Goodell earning that $50 Mil

    How can anyone still watch this league?
  10. Bengals/Marvin Lewis to part ways

    It is utterly bizarre that he's lasted as long as he has. Since I started watching the NFL only him and Belichick have lasted at the one team. Never rated him but I get the feeling he'll walk into another job.
  11. The Difference In Coaching Staffs.

    Herm was too animated. Mangini was too subdued. Rex was too animated. Bowles is too subdued. I guess our next coach is gonna be a character if nothing else.
  12. Bryce Petty really stinks

    I hope for the last game they put Hackenberg out there. The entertainment value will be worth it.
  13. Washington Redhawks

    Nothing wrong with sucking balls you homphobe. Ban plz.
  14. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    To say I am not optimistic is an understatement. His NFL prospects are better than Hackenberg to be fair. But I'm pretty sure I could say that about half the posters on this forum.
  15. Hats off to McCown

    Whatever people agreed with him starting or not you can't but respect the man himself. He took a team being built up as one of the worst the NFL had seen in a while - Mainstream outlets were touting 0-16 as very realistic and he's outperformed all expectations while playing behind one of the worst O-lines in the league - it's actually amazing the injury took this long. I'm sort of torn with where to go from here. I'd love him back as a backup/mentor to a 1st round pick/Free Agent but like Fitz I can see his good statistical season bringing unrealistic demands. Unlike Fitz he doesn't have the wins and hopefully we don't see him tarnish his legacy in the same way. As of now he's done nothing but impress me.