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  1. He’s definitely as good, he’s actually a lot better. He’s their best CB and genuinely is one of the best in football. His gripes with Miami are laughable, they took a risk giving him that contract when they did as he hadn’t sustained that elite level and had seriously struggled with injury. The idea that they’ve not been fair with him is just ridiculous. He’s clearly a guy looking to stir sh*t up and will take it personally any time he’s not the highest paid at his position. He’s not quite Jamal levels of delusional but he’s definitely not coming across well. He is probably bett
  2. Just needs to keep his head down and put in the work. Hopefully Moore’s showing lights a fire under him. Did seem to have a better day today.
  3. Pretty much a dream day. Elijah Moore looks like Steve Smith. Holy sh*t what a steal he’s looking like.
  4. These highlights from Wilson are even more impressive when you see his offensive line is really struggling. They need to pick it up. Defensive line seems to be dominating in the passing game, Lawson especially.
  5. Genuinely an industry of hacks. Just laughable how low the standards are in sports media.
  6. Damn. Wilson has busted spectacularly. Oh well. On to the next.
  7. As good as it seems Lawson is I'd much rather see Becton shut him down. Concerning.
  8. In all seriousness I think he's in a good situation and can do well if the Bears are patient with him. He has talent but is raw and was always going to need to sit for a while.
  9. The issues his detractors called him on will be continue to be a problem. Needs to sit all season. He was never close to ready.
  10. Fields is getting clowned every day by Andy Dalton and you're in here talking sh*t. LMAO.
  11. I genuinely had no idea that we once had Josh Johnson on our roster.
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