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  1. That’s a great way to get Lawrence to demand a trade before the third round.
  2. Delusional. He thought this could be a competitive roster. His own words. He should be held accountable like anyone else. Worst Jets team in history. Put together by Joe Douglas.
  3. I've already told you that I know that. Just like I knew it with Mac. It will be fun watching you desperately deny that you were a Douglas fanboy when he's unceremoniously ditched in a few years. But nah, keep praising him for putting together one of the worst rosters in the history of the NFL.
  4. Honestly man I'm just sick of your sh*t. You're reaching Sar levels of garbage. This is the worst team in football and you desperately slurp off the guy who's overseen it. I have literally never said a positive word about Mac. You're talking sh*t. As usual. Douglas has been abysmal. We're the worst team in football and every FA signing has been a debacle relative to the signings other teams made. You waiting for Mims to have a single catch and post about it was nothing short of pathetic. Go f*ck yourself. You're a delusional fanboy bitch.
  5. You can't take away both? Darnold is trash. Douglas is trash. All must go.
  6. Joe Douglas is a f*cking disgrace. How anyone can watch Fant and McGovern out there and defend this piece of sh*t is beyond me. He absolutely had to go. He's as much a part of this debacle as anyone. F*ck those defending him too. Awful.
  7. Is it bad that I miss the days when that was a great, clean hit.
  8. What a pathetic play call. Why the **** are they lining up in the shotgun? Does no one on this coaching staff know what a f*cking QB sneak is?!?!
  9. These political adds are honestly like something from a Black Mirror episode.

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