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  1. They all ******* awful. Our previous jerseys had a classic look. Less is more.
  2. He is one of the worst players I've ever seen on Jets. Nearing Adrien Clarke levels. Pretty sure some posters on this forum could get by him.
  3. I would prefer @jetsrule128 to Adam Gase next season.
  4. I don’t agree. He certainly could throw a better pass, albeit it was very tough throw given there wasn't a lot of seperation. He shouldn’t need to which is precisely my point. I was watching the Baltimore-San Fran game almost at the same time Garoppolo gets a deep TD that was underthrown and in double coverage. Deebo Samuel just goes and makes the play that Robby couldn’t – Happy times for Jimmy and nothing but praise. Most deep balls in the NFL aren’t hitting guys in stride – Darnold has to improve generally (there are much worse examples than this) but that play was there to be made and any starting WR should be making it. I’ve defended Robby a lot too but he’s got serious issues with contested passes.
  5. Anderson absolutely has to make that catch. He's coming back for it so it's not like it's going away from - There's no excuse, the ball hit both of his hands. People need to watch more NFL - WR's who aren't wide open don't often get hit in stride on 40+ yard throws. Most of the time the WR has to go and get the f*cking thing.
  6. Not a single offensive lineman had an even average grade vs Cincy. Meanwhile Darnold was the highest rated player on the offence. You cannot excel in that situation. No QB would. None. I wonder how many even watch other NFL games and see what happens even the best pocket QB’s when their protection falls apart. This is nearly every game for Sam, it was every game for Siemian/Falk too. It’s a dumpster fire. A coach literally not even trying to attack the most susceptible area of Cincy’s defence. Receivers dropping balls left and right. A line that gets manhandled on every play. The only regrets about the Sam Darnold pick should be Sam Darnold’s. We’re doing our best to utterly destroy the kid. Suppose PFF are just delusional Darnold fanboys who hate data.
  7. Show some f*cking respect to your vets ffs.
  8. I know most people couldn’t get through the slow paced season 2 but Mr. Robot is shaping up to be a f*cking masterpiece. Season’s 3 & 4 have produced some of the best TV I’ve seen.
  9. Not arguing, only going by some reports and stuff I’ve read which seem to he indicating as much. Don’t watch a lot of CFB.
  10. I was thinking it must have been zero during the game, even the commentators were crying out for us to try it. He has to go. Guy is a f*cking joke.
  11. PFF clearly with a pro Sam Darnold agenda like most us thinking there are more pressing problems.

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