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  1. Wordle 335 3/6 Still haven’t gone less than three in 5 attempts. I take ages between them though lol.
  2. I’ve lived in Enniskillen for 31 years and only yesterday I found out that Matthew Broderick once killed two people on this very town. He got a £175 fine.
  3. I can't see them being that bad. They may struggle to stop the run but there's no excuse for being anywhere near as bad as they were in 2021 with all of the additions that have been made. If they are then Saleh will have one foot out the door by the bye week. If Zach is good or even decent, with the weapons around him we will definitely win some of those games.
  4. So the masseuse cried at the end. Big deal. Happens all the time I'm sure...
  5. Another troll trying to get us to subscribe to their youtube smh @JetNation Anyways the people filing this lawsuit should be thrown into the sea.
  6. Testifying under oath, Deshaun Watson admits Ashley Solis cried at end of massage - ProFootballTalk https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/05/17/testifying-under-oath-deshaun-watson-admits-ashley-solis-cried-at-end-of-massage/#comments Such a shame we missed on having this as the face of our franchise…
  7. He's a fine prospect for where we picked him. At #10 he would have been a disaster. I think he's a high floor/low ceiling type player.
  8. I sometimes think life as a Jets fan must suck but then I remember there are Jets fans who hated the only good coach and QB we've had in the last 20 years and I feel better.
  9. Elijah feels like he may be the best asset this team has. Seriously special vibes from him. I think if you swap his situation with Ja'Marr Chase I imagine they have very different rookie campaigns. He was getting open a lot. I do think teams will soon be treating him as our #1 regardless of where he lines up. Hopefully Wilson can be just as special.
  10. Browns could be without Watson and the Steelers have either a rookie or Trubisky starting at QB. Winnable games although I'd have been more confident if we swapped the home/away games. None are easy but those are the two I think we can take. I think the Ravens are a bad matchup. That's a game Zach will have to step up in.
  11. I literally laughed out loud reading this. Go do something else my guy. You take the internet too seriously.
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