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  1. Agreed. Allen would be seen as the biggest risk but ultimately any of the four could be great. I'll be optimistic regardless because who the **** knows. I prefer Mayfield of the group but he could well just suck or be out of the league in a year.
  2. Trade Down

    There's a dark side of me that wants us to draft a TE at #3 for the lolz.
  3. I have a feeling.....

    My prediction if Darnold falls into his lap - We take Mayfield.
  4. There's no hidden conspiracy here, it's quite obvious why it appears we want Mayfield. Darnold and Rosen were projected by a lot to go #1 and #2 when we traded up. It would be logical to think we were trading up with the expectation our guy is on the board, most expected and still expect Mayfield to be there. Hence why it seems he's our guy.
  5. Site Issue Fixed & Guest Traffic

    Теперь мы владеем сайтом благодаря очень приятным
  6. He's my favourite QB in the draft in a good QB draft. I'll be happy with any of the big three but ecstatic with Mayfield. I also liked Sanchez tho...
  7. Gil Brandt’s latest draft predictions

    I think we're taking Mayfield regardless of who's on the board. He's the one you'd bank on being there so I'd imagine one guy had to stand out for us to make the move with the others merely being insurance.
  8. The 2018 Draft and the mental health of Jets fans?

    Actually gonna be happy with this draft regardless. Rosen and Mayfield are both great prospects IMO and either way there'll be a lot to be hopeful for for the first time in a while. Personally prefer Mayfield, think he's the best in the class actually, but I look forward to being interested in the games again.
  9. If he had 2500 concussions I doubt he'd have the capacity to say as much let alone actually remember as much.
  10. You promised you'd never mention that night we had ffs.
  11. Too many pages. Do we want Cousins? I kind of do, is this bad? Is this too much money? Numbers are bad for my head.
  12. Jets to release Mo Wilkerson per SNY

    I was probably pushing for that contract more than anyone here. This f*cker broke my heart and I hope he never plays another down in this league. Went from being a Top 5 DL in the League to playing like a dog the second he got his money. F*ck him.
  13. Haven't seen much of Barkley but you don't touch a RB in the top 6 unless it's a once in a generation style talent. We have far more pressing needs. Do not have luxury of investing in a position which can be easily filled.
  14. Forget Cousins - Trade for Foles

    Would be classic Jets to overpay for a guy now who succeeded in a season/team that was set up perfectly for him when he was available for peanuts in the previous few years. If we sign Foles he will fail spectacularly. Anyone can feel free to quote me on that.
  15. ***The Official Super Bowl Thread***

    Chris Collinsworth seems awfully upset that a clear touchdown was ruled as a touchdown. To be fair watching the Patriots too often can make you forget the rules.