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  1. Washington Redhawks

    Nothing wrong with sucking balls you homphobe. Ban plz.
  2. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    To say I am not optimistic is an understatement. His NFL prospects are better than Hackenberg to be fair. But I'm pretty sure I could say that about half the posters on this forum.
  3. Hats off to McCown

    Whatever people agreed with him starting or not you can't but respect the man himself. He took a team being built up as one of the worst the NFL had seen in a while - Mainstream outlets were touting 0-16 as very realistic and he's outperformed all expectations while playing behind one of the worst O-lines in the league - it's actually amazing the injury took this long. I'm sort of torn with where to go from here. I'd love him back as a backup/mentor to a 1st round pick/Free Agent but like Fitz I can see his good statistical season bringing unrealistic demands. Unlike Fitz he doesn't have the wins and hopefully we don't see him tarnish his legacy in the same way. As of now he's done nothing but impress me.
  4. Totally just expected him to say "No! F*ck that guy." Totally.
  5. Bowles: McCown Starter "Through End of Year"

    Josh McCown genuinely has more potential as a starting QB of this franchise than Petty or Hackenberg. That's not saying much about McCown either. Petty is at best considered a future backup. Hackenberg never belonged in the league.
  6. Eli or josh McCown next yr ?

    Eli is the guy absolutely no one will want until he signs and then it will be all SUPERBOWL CONFIRMED.
  7. I am 100% sure I could eventually post the same video. Unrushed, unsnapped kicks in a pre-recorded video. Whatever the conditions these kicks aren't exactly impossible. If this was put out to make a point it's absolutely horrendous. More likely it was the "The currently unemployed Ross Martin" scavenging for a job.
  8. Maye is all kinds of special.
  9. Flags have genuinely made the sport unbearable.
  10. Good play by Mo. Adams and Maye will be an incredible tandem.
  11. So awful and so unnecessary from Skrine.
  12. The transformation of Wilkerson is simply staggering. I was one of the biggest advocates of getting him a contract. Had he sustained his level I still think he’d have been worth it but he’s just blatantly quit. The man is a total disgrace and not even bothering to look like he’s trying – You’d have thought with the team being competitive after 5 weeks he may step up but it’s more of the same. He should be benched and isolated from the rest of the team. He’s turned out to be exactly the sort of character you want your players avoiding. He got his and he got out. That’s all that’s happened. He’s not providing anything in the short term so why you’d allow him to hurt in the long term is beyond me. Bowles needs to be held accountable if and when this goes t!ts up.
  13. jets viewership down the most

    SAR I has pretty much nailed it - It comes down to the product on the field. The NFL I got into was all about the variety of styles and match-ups - Getting to see the balls to the wall Rams/Colts going up against physically dominant sides like the Steelers/Ravens. Now it's simply about getting a QB, keeping him healthy and you're pretty much assured to be a contender for a decade. The rule changes have been necessary but horrible. I'm not even guilty about how much pleasure I took in the massive hits that were dished out in every game, they were awesome to watch. They took one of the highlights of the sport, removed it and it will only get worse. The high scoring shootouts that followed kept casuals going for a while but it was never sustainable. It's a watered down product and everyone knows it.