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  1. Irish Jet

    Official WORLD CUP 2018

    Love that he saves that sh*t for Spain. Hasn't done anything like that at United for 5 years.
  2. Irish Jet

    Official WORLD CUP 2018

    One of the best ever. To have him and Messi in the same era is just crazy. Impossible players who've broken football. Portugal weren't even good - Just have Ronaldo. A one man band.
  3. Irish Jet

    Hackenberg Is Our Franchise QB

    It was so obvious at the time that I almost feel bad for saying I told you so. I mean not really but still.
  4. Irish Jet

    Darnold will wear Jersey # 14

    Taking Fitz’s jersey out of retirement already? Bold move. In all seriousness hopefully he’s the last #14 we ever have.
  5. Hopefully Hackenberg sticks around for TC. I can laugh now.
  6. Irish Jet

    Perception vs Reality

    Need a hand?
  7. Irish Jet

    Welcome Parry Nickerson

    This really seems like a steal.
  8. Irish Jet

    I give the Jets draft an F-

    Hey Experto - If Buzz Lightyear thought he was a Space Ranger, why did he freeze when Andy came into the room?
  9. Irish Jet

    I give the Jets draft an F-

    Cheers Experto. Will seek your professional opinion and renowned honesty on all matters moving forward.
  10. Irish Jet

    Shaun O’Hara: Jets were losers in draft

    People who make definitive statements about drafts the day of or day after should be thrown out of a moving helicopter. Hackenberg the only exception.
  11. Seems to have played pretty well when healthy, which isn't often. Worth a look with a 7th and he's only 26.
  12. Irish Jet

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    Everyone loved those picks, so that sort of proves his point.
  13. To hit their peak yes, but they're normally quite competent starters. They don't need to be elite right off the bat - Just good enough not to destroy our QB.
  14. Hurting us in the short term may not be an issue so long as Darnold progresses (whether through playing or sitting), may even help with the draft position next season. If Darnold hits then he'll be worth those picks and more - We had to take a chance. I don't think we're that bad a team, we've got a lot of solid players but no one really elite. The Giants have a ton of holes around those players which is why they were picking where they were. They're not much better than us if at all.
  15. Irish Jet

    Josh Rosen was Eli Manning , Darnold is Tony Romo

    Max hates foreigners, so I can't. I once called that the Jets would get blown out by the Patriots and beat them in the playoffs a few weeks later before it happened. You've nothing on me Experto, if that even is your real name. F*ck you.