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    A bit of a wanker really
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  1. See you next season lads. I'm taking a long break from this bullsh*t. Sam should never have started.
  2. Game would be over if not for their drops. I mean it's already over but you know what I mean.
  3. Jesus ******* Christ we just stood and watched him fumble. This team hahahahahhaha
  4. The Jets defence. Good until it matters. Never change.
  5. The Jets just keeping it close to keep the viewers. We're playing our part in Mayfield's glorious story.
  6. Cannot leave Darnold in a 3rd and 12 here. Inexcusable.
  7. I feel like we've been running a combination of the same 5 plays.
  8. He's having a bad game dude. His third f*cking game. Relax.
  9. Can't. Any play that develops for more than two seconds is a disaster.

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