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    A bit of a wanker really
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  1. Minutes of our lives we’ll never have back.
  2. Yes we can and we can give him a fair grade too.
  3. Edoga should really have got a year to sit out and enter a more stable line in time. I liked him a lot as a prospect but he’s getting a rough deal being thrown into fix that mess. Rating is also pretty kind on Q. Certainly wouldn’t give him higher than a C. He was hyped as a dominant force and we’ve seen only occasional glimpses in a position where rookies can generally contribute immediately.
  4. I have given Jamal Adams sh*t but my god he's been brilliant in this game.
  5. LOL I'm gamepassing and wonder wtf these people are wide righting about. Did Dak miss a WR?
  6. Is Q injured? Think @JiF mentioned it earlier and haven't seen him since.
  7. Who was that 2006 Pennington game against? Green Bay or Cincinnati would be my guesses.
  8. Not a fan of these David Beckham field goals. WTF was that?

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