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  1. Irish Jet

    BTW...Manish is a huge D-Nozzle! *merged*

    PICS OR BS!!!! plz
  2. Irish Jet


  3. Irish Jet


    You little rascal.
  4. Irish Jet

    Hello from Scotland

  5. Just keep him? He’s been a bust but he was still an asset, especially in coverage.
  6. Irish Jet


    lol ghey
  7. That is a f*cking garbage trade.
  8. Irish Jet

    Mac fired!

    Between Utd and the Jets my teams are a f*cking shambles. I hated Mac but ffs the time to fire him was before the off-season or after next. Not exactly a ringing endorsement to our FA recruitment and draft class going forward. I don't even know where this leaves Gase, whether it puts more pressure on him to perform immediately or less. How much of an input has he had?
  9. This is some really low tier sh*tposting. I remember we could attract a better class of troll.
  10. Irish Jet


    Butthurt. LOL. Glad I have your approval captain.
  11. Irish Jet


    What a stupid argument re. GRRM. Writing is subjective. No one would argue Martin's anything but sloppy. But within the Fantasy genre he's a great and his early ASOIAF are widely considered among the greatest fantasy works of all time. He's not even really comparable to Tolkien stylistically. Tolkien is the better writer, Martin the better world builder. The characters and world he has created in ASOIAF are timeless - Relateable, flawed, complex. He's incredibly adept at bringing across their emotions and internal conflict to the reader and keeps the series grounded in reality despite the fantasy elements - The historical parallels and real life themes hit home hard. Whatever pretentious stance you want to take on reading you can only measure a fictional book's quality by the impact they have on the reader - And there's not a lot of books that tie you up emotionally like ASOIAF does. It hasn't become a global phenomenon for nothing - If any fictional world could be so endearing then you'd see a lot more of them.
  12. Irish Jet


    That’s not what people mean by rushed. They never truly laid the groundwork for Dany going mad. They’d completely white washed her most seasons and then out of nowhere she’s a paranoid wreck and now the ultimate villain – Yes she suffered trauma but she showed almost no insecurity before with her earlier trauma. They’re paying the price for writing her as they have. It made me question how Varys or Tyrion could even slightly think that she might burn down the whole city – She’d done nothing to suggest she would – She was selflessly trying to save the world from death two episodes ago. We know why Catelyn went to KL, we know why Robb called his bannermen, why they came. The time skips aren’t an issue when they’re still bringing you to the next logical step.
  13. Irish Jet


    To be fair some of the plots introduced either translate badly to a TV show or have no obvious direction. I mean I love book Euron precisely because I have no idea what the hell he’s doing, always feared the worst when the show introduced him (but **** sake I didn’t think it would be that bad). The Dorne plot wouldn’t have been easily executed without dragging. Lady Stoneheart could have been really awful. Aegon is the weird omission – Seemed an easy character to introduce and write, would have given Varys something to do. I think he will be the reason Dany burns Kings Landing if she does in the books. Conleth Hill is pissed at what they did with the character but there was nothing to do with him once that story was cut. They should have killed him off in Season 5. Not sure why they didn’t flesh out the North/Riverlands immediately after the Red Wedding – You sort of forget about the Freys in the show until Arya shows up and Arya’s them. That was a waste. The obvious difference will be seeing the motivation of characters, which ASOIAF shows by design. The biggest complaint in recent seasons, beyond the poor dialogue has been the lack of reason for characters doing what they’re doing.

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