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  1. Irish Jet

    Barr Stays with Vikings

    Sometimes you eat the Barr. Sometimes the Barr eats you.
  2. I am completely against overspending on any RB. So obviously Paradis. That said if we do sign Bell I’ll be watching his highlight reels until my dick is red raw.
  3. Irish Jet

    MLB CJ Mosely To the Jets

    That is actually an obscene amount of money. Not sure what to make of it. On the one hand we're a lot better. On the other Mac has clearly gotten ridiculously aggressive knowing his job is probably on the line - Maybe too aggressive.
  4. Irish Jet

    Debate - Bell vs Coleman

    Do not spend on running backs.
  5. Irish Jet

    PFF’s Top 101 Players from 2018

    I thought I’d actually miss T0mShane’s Adams’ trolling when he died last year and true enough he delivers every time.
  6. Irish Jet

    Wes Welker? Seriously?

    I feel old.
  7. The most recent episode of True Detective was just incredible. Some of the best acting I’ve seen in a while.
  8. If even 1% of NFL athletes had never used PED’s I’d be surprised. To quote Nate Diaz everybody’s on steroids.
  9. Irish Jet


    I have turned this game on/off like 5 times and literally all I’ve seen are completions to Edelman. I’m going to bed. F*ck this sh*t.
  10. Irish Jet

    Le'veon Bell

    I’d bet my last batch of cocaine that he wrote it.
  11. Irish Jet

    Some Eagle teammates: Carson Wentz is selfish

    F*cking anonymous Jet again!
  12. Irish Jet

    NFL = WWE?

    Whole thing is scripted. You have the commenator reading every play yet a defensive coordinator can’t see it.
  13. Irish Jet

    Peter King Called It

    Pats fan predicts they’ll make Superbowl shocker.
  14. Irish Jet

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    F*cker will miss.

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