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  1. Anyone who ever rates a running back needs to watch the Browns. Chubb and Hunt are probably the two most overrated players in football simply because they get to play behind that interior. Both out and they barely miss a beat. Three guys over 6 ypc. Ridiculous. Worthless position.
  2. Much as I loved Rex his biggest blind spot was his love for hard hitting, old school players. It's why the NFL has pretty much passed him by. He was building a team for the early 90's as the game moved more towards passing. Rhodes was a brilliant coverage safety and our defence was worse without him. Even what he calls a subpar season really wasn't, we lead the league in pass defence but fans had it in for him because he missed a few tackles. He was a perfect player for the modern NFL, basically the anti-Jamal.
  3. Can already hear Chris Collinsworth in awe of how Watson fought through adversity to get back to the top.
  4. Allen and Watson in the same division for a decade is just a nightmare. Wilson has to be great.
  5. Yeah sure. He was so confident that Brady was an all time great in the 6th round that he took Antwan Harris 12 picks before. Listen to yourself.
  6. I mean Bill Belichick once blew a 21-3 lead over the Colts at the same stage if you want to play that game. With Tom Brady no less. It's the NFL - momentum is a bitch, especially with a second year QB who was all but out of the league 5 years later. And there's zero chance we're even in the title game without Rex. He overseen the group that was forced to carry that team due to having a poor QB. Put Brady on that roster and they don't even go to Pittsburgh - They would have had home field all the way through to the Superbowl. Mark Sanchez would have been the worst QB to win a Superbo
  7. Less than 30 seconds left against the Colts down 2 on the road. Jets are in FG range. They could do what Herm did and play keep ball but instead they took a shot to Braylon to make it a chip shot - So Rex has been in that position and responded with the W. That's with Mark Sanchez playing badly so lord knows what we would have done with Tom Brady. Probably don't even get to that point - would likely have playing at home and would have steamrolled them. Perception is irrelevant. Brady's greatness is what it is whether it was known or not. You can't just accredit his success to Belichick b
  8. No one said that. Strawmanning. You made your point with an individual game plan in a playoff game when there are multiple examples of Rex having effective game plans in playoff games, including one against Belichick and Brady. Whether Brady becomes what he was without Belichick is pure speculation - It's no more obvious he'd fail without BB than it is than Mark Sanchez would succeed somewhere else. I doubt he becomes anything less than great even without him. He clearly doesn't need him anymore whereas Belichick looks pretty lost without his all time great. If one was carrying the
  9. I don't see why OP is being ridiculed for this. It was f*cking ludicrous that we came away with only one WR from that draft class. I wasn't even a DPJ guy but there was a ton of a high ceiling players dropping down into the mid/late rounds. Meanwhile we drafted nothing but genuine trash in the 4th rounds, players who had little to no chance of being high impact players and who are all but out of the league already. Perine especially was a laughable pick - A back with literally no exceptional abilities at all - You get a guy like that from the FA scrap heap any week of the season. Th
  10. Pretty weird point to make when Rex used a 1st/2nd year Mark Sanchez very effectively in the playoffs. If we're talking about effective game plans then you have to give credit to a guy who won against Rivers, Manning and Brady on the road. But yeah Rex is definitely more of a pure defensive guy anyways - I think the relevant hypothetical is combining a Rex defence with Tom Brady's offensive efficiency. That would be pretty scary. Whether Brady was unknown or not is pretty irrelevant - he was still Tom f*cking Brady.
  11. If Adam Gase was in Joe Douglas’ long term plans after the 2019 season then that in itself is pretty damning.
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