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  1. It’s so hard to throw multiple INT’s in the modern NFL. This is absolutely disgusting.
  2. Just cannot throw the ball. Especially pinned back like that. Could be a long day. He seems to really struggle with underneath coverage.
  3. Outstanding start by Maye. Least the Jets deserved in that drive. Refs the Pats most vital player.
  4. Unwatchable league. Especially when it comes to these two teams.
  5. Get Lawson and Becton on whatever sh*t the Colts are giving their guys.
  6. He’s really just not that good. Never has been.
  7. How open he was when the pass landed, not when Jones threw it. He was also hit as he let it go. Disgraceful from Slayton. Hit both hands. Great throw.
  8. Giants passing on Slater to go down and get Rondale Moore is already looking like a total catastrophe.
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