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  1. Browns could be without Watson and the Steelers have either a rookie or Trubisky starting at QB. Winnable games although I'd have been more confident if we swapped the home/away games. None are easy but those are the two I think we can take. I think the Ravens are a bad matchup. That's a game Zach will have to step up in.
  2. I literally laughed out loud reading this. Go do something else my guy. You take the internet too seriously.
  3. Even the people who say they wouldn't be pissed would be pissed - Fans are more fickle than they like to think. It's easy to preach patience before the fact. 0-9 would be so bad that everyone in the building would be under pressure. It would have to mean Zach is failing spectacularly. I doubt it will happen. There's some winnable games there and upsets happen. We'll steal one or two and beat some others. We better.
  4. If we start 0-9 this place will make the Chernobyl disaster look like a birthday party.
  5. Whining lol. Stop being so dramatic. People having a less blindly optimistic view of the season to you isn’t whining. The Jets have a tough start to the season. It could be rough viewing and based on everything we’ve seen on the field in the last 10 years there’s not a lot to suggest it wont be.
  6. Yeah it’s really amazing how anyone can doubt the Jets given how dominant they’ve been for the last decade.
  7. Everyone but the Ravens, Dolphins and the Bengals we play in the first 9 games was a top 10 pass decence last season. The Ravens have invested everything into that unit and the Bengals were in the Superbowl. I think more than anything I was looking for Zach to be eased in but that is an absolute gauntlet he has to get through. Obviously a lot changes year to year and hopefully some of those groups drop off. Dolphins is now a must win for sure and hopefully Watson is suspended. That Ravens game may be decided by which rookies come out playing.
  8. May be the most front loaded schedule I’ve ever seen.
  9. Most injured team in the league. 0-4 without Jackson. Will not be so lucky week one. Our defence matches up horribly against them.
  10. Ravens to set the single game rushing record.
  11. That display from them last year against Indy was nothing if not monstrous.
  12. Pennington was a good QB. To say he sucked is laughable - We have seen what sucky QB's look like. Hilarious to think he used to get sh*t because he apparently couldn't win a SB when the Jets currently can't find a QB who can win 8 f*cking games. Imagine sh*tting on the two guys who were involved in 100% of our playoff wins since 1998. Take those days away and there's nothing but dust. God damn Jets fans.
  13. Yup. Our QB's since have really shown him up. This but unironically.
  14. Literally anyone but the Patriots. I want us to have some momentum before playing them early. We're mentally broken against them and it feels like a loss would bring all those SOJ feelings rushing back. Even the Bills would feel like a low pressure free hit whereas New England feel just vulnerable enough that we could beat them which always spells disaster for the Jets. That pig hasn't been ripe for us in 20 years.
  15. God damn ninja beats me to it. Same order too lol.
  16. Smug personified. So smug that when Mr and Mrs Smug had a baby they called him Slats.
  17. Hated him even before he used our franchise as a stepping stone on his petty revenge tour. The way we treated a class act like Pennington to appease this piece of sh*t's ego was unforgivable.
  18. "You're not wrong Peter you're just an assh*le"
  19. Literally the only game I wanted to avoid early. The culture better shift radically this offseason because we’ve been losing this game mentally before we’ve even taken the field more often than not. Beating them would be a huge statement but this has a Jets ripping your heart out reality check feeling if there ever was one.
  20. No idea what people are complaining about tbh.
  21. Links ? https://www.youtube.com/c/LetsTalkJetsRadio
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