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  1. This kid showed more promise than our last two playcallers. Sign this beast.
  2. I just want Zach to not suck. I think this Sunday could get pretty ugly. The crowd will be rocking, they’ll he aware of how the Pats confused him. Unless the adjustments are made and Zach improves it will be more of the same. I’ll be happy with anything better than bad this week. As for the rest of the team - I don’t really care too much about the record, the season is already done in that respect. I want the young guys to show out, there was some promise from them last week and hopefully they start showing some cohesion as a group. My expectations are a lot lower than they were
  3. Haha. Imagine seeing what this pathetic excuse of a franchise has done over the last 10 years and still stick your nose up at an AFC title game. The Jets rarely have a competitive game these days let alone get to the playoffs. The league figured out nothing. He had a top 10 defence in all but one his seasons here. He had a top 5 in three of them. Buffalo was the single worst job he could have taken and by the point the league was moving away from the physicality. Downplay him all you want. Rex was an outstanding defensive coach when he was here. He elevated a mediocre group to
  4. The garbage time padding helped him out. When it mattered it was the worst.
  5. Mangini was licking Brett's boot the entire time he was here. Even named his kid after him. No wonder he let Brett protect his precious streak when his shoulder was falling off. A coward through and through - plays tough with the younger guys and let's old man Favre do what he wants. Two plagues on this organisation. One we should have been rid of sooner and the other shouldn't have been considered.
  6. The league legislated his defence out of the game. Trash sport.
  7. They'll win by double. This is going to be a massacre.
  8. lol Rex wins the division two years in a row with Pennington. Quite comfortably. If he could stay healthy that is. Favre didn't retire to get away from the Jets but to get to Minnesota to carry on his pathetic revenge tour. A stain on this franchise to this day. History has shown you up so badly and you know it. The insecurity is all too apparent. We'll be longing for those Rex years for a long while yet.
  9. I see people are still parroting the nonsense of Rex winning with Mangini's players when there were more Herm era starters on Rex's defence than there were from Mangini. That miserable piece of sh*t getting credit for Rex's work is the most shameless nonsense I see our fans come out with and I can't even grasp why. There was nothing about Mangini to like. He was a complete waste of space. Rex was box office and could coach the hell out of a defence. By far my best days of being a Jets fan. Rex wasn't appreciated enough at the time and isn't to this day. The fanbase didn't deserve h
  10. By this logic we should have kept Mac and Gase. Incompetence has to be held accountable. Those winning teams have continuity because they win, not the other way round.
  11. Yes. Because figurative sexual assault and real sexual assault are the same thing.
  12. Would rather suck with a JAG with a conscience than win with a serial rapist.
  13. Was 35 points ahead of my FF opponent heading into this and the only player he had left was Aaron Jones. I hate this sport.
  14. Watching The North Waters at the minute. Incredible show. Dark and beautiful. I’ve always liked Colin Farrell but I think this is easily his standout performance. His character is haunting.
  15. Ah yes because the NFL was famously pass friendly throughout Brady’s first 10 years in the league.
  16. Damn. He was always a treat to hear from. Great sense of humour with a lot of knowledge to go with it. Rest in power. The ladies of heaven await!
  17. Who is saying it’s an excuse for Wilson? Both can be at fault.
  18. The Cowboys-Chargers game genuinely felt corrupt. They completely decided the game on awful calls.
  19. Forcing it to Corey Davis right away when everyone and their dog knew Belichick would be all over it was unbelievable.
  20. Sacks Allowed Hits Allowed Hurries Allowed Greg Van Roten 2 0 6 Alijah Vera-Tucker 0 0 3 George Fant 0 1 2 Connor McGovern 1 0 1 Morgan Moses 0 0 2 He really was abysmal. Another Douglas special. Becton wasn't really missed at all tbh.
  21. Love Harbaugh letting Jackson make the call. Great coach. Hate all the scoring now but it is what it is.
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