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  1. That pick was popular on here IIRC when I looked back at the thread. Which is even more bizarre.
  2. Yeah I was definitely more pissed with Herm than anyone. Pennington was clearly shot. He could actually throw a pretty good deep ball that year, even injured, but the velocity was laughable. Pittsburgh were too good for that. Scapegoating the kicker was just unbelievably stupid. And arrogant. Got exactly what we deserved for that.
  3. Literally far better than the trash that has came sense. Careful what you wish for. Pennyboy was the last good Jets QB.
  4. You don’t think Houston would be somewhat concerned as to why Arizona would be willing to move on?
  5. Franchise QB’s are worth more. They just are. But that’s irrelevant - Kenneth Murray and Tee Higgins done far more than anyone not named Becton. Far better draft classes. No non Jets fan would argue otherwise. Getting starters isn’t reflective of the quality of the draft class so much as it is the quality of team. Bryce Hall probably doesn’t start for any other team in the league.
  6. I'm a lot less worried about Brady winning after watching KC. Jesus they look impossibly good. You just can't cover so many guys and Mahomes is going to be the best there is. Next week could his next step in chasing down Brady's GOAT status.
  7. Tampa, comfortably. Wirfs and Winfield are two of the best in the league already. San Diego, Cincy, Washington, KC, Minnesota, Pittsburgh all with multiple starters playing at a very high level. Creative higher than Mims. Mac seems to have obliterated expectations on this place because it is ridiculous how overrated this draft class is. Just seeing guys on the field seems to be enough for some people. Becton was by a mile the best player which you’d expect for #11 and if you were going tackle that you couldn’t miss with Wirfs available anyways.
  8. Gotta go for that. Can’t do that with Mahomes on the other side.
  9. No. That’s not even what he’s hinting at, he’s hinting that he may leave Green Bay. He’s still pissed about the Love pick and rightfully so. He’ll stay though. 2021 could be his final year there.
  10. Offensive line is everything folks. The Tampa edge rushers won them the game. Happy for McLendon though. Great dude.
  11. The Glazers getting the first team to host Superbowl in that stadium they stole from the Tampa taxpayers sort of shows there is no god. Human trash.
  12. It was a blatant penalty to be fair. But so were so many others.
  13. TYLER JOHNSON MY GUY **** YOU DOUGLAS King is ******* trash Of course the games end on a penalty. **** this sport.
  14. You kick it early and go for it late. They done the opposite.

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