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  1. He’s absolutely nothing like Zach. Zach’s tape and 2020 production is what got him drafted #2 above anything else. We were locked into him before any of his workouts and teams would have lined up to take him had we not.
  2. We’ll give up a 1st. He’ll show further signs of decline. We finish 8-9 and he retires. Jets football.
  3. Would love him back. An ideal backup. The idea of being an injury away from Zachball is beyond depressing.
  4. Quite obviously someone with issues who's grifting for a discrimination lawsuit.
  5. Sports journalism as a job is probably the lowest bar there is for talent/work requirements. Just an industry filled with hacks.
  6. A million times this. I actually long for the days of Pennington where we knew we weren't winning it all but god damn we were actually worth watching every week. Football is entertainment - I want a reason to watch games and I want to enjoy some wins. A superbowl would be amazing but the losses that come after will still suck. We're unlikely to win a Superbowl with any of these guys - Give me a consistently competitive team over blind faith that Aaron Rodgers may push us over the top for a year or two.
  7. I think he’s by far the most sensible option. I think he’ll have us competing for a playoff spot for 4-5 years assuming we can keep most of this young talent. He’s a good QB and I think we’re instantly the best situation he’s been in, aside from maybe one year of his career. Rodgers has the higher short term ceiling but even that’s not guaranteed given his drop off last year. The cost of picks is what really puts me off - The idea of losing another AVT or Garrett Wilson for maybe 2 years of good to great QB play is tough to swallow.
  8. LOL this is a man who walked into a team whose fanbase were hating on him just for existing when Brett Favre unretired. If he can still play he can handle the media. if not then it doesn’t really matter.
  9. I don’t want Rodgers but there’s really only one example of a QB of his level showing decline who got traded in recent years and it went pretty well. People can say Brady is the exception but Rodgers has been as exceptionally good as he ever was. In fact there was probably more signs of decline with Brady in that last year in NE. Rodgers is the high ceiling short term play. I don’t think he’s worth what is being asked but he’s unquestionably the most likely of the touted options to turn this into a 12-13 win team instantly.
  10. Morgan Moses. We let him walk to give Becton an uncontested spot. Douglas reaslised this mistake even before Becton went down as Brown was visiting the facility prior to his injury. We paid Brown more than double what Moses was paid in Baltimore and he wasn’t even half as good. PFF wrote recently that Moses has one of the best value contracts in the league. Self sabotage.
  11. Mangold should be a certainty but not sure he gained the notoriety he really deserved. No chance for Brick. He’s underrated by a lot of our fans though and there was a period where he was the best pass blocker in football.
  12. His crotch was a bit old for his taste.
  13. Ozzy Osbourne once ate a bat.
  14. No one was outraged when Michael Jackson grabbed his crotch 20 years ago. And they probably should have been outraged. Just not for that.
  15. He genuinely wouldn't have made the roster in year two. Guy is a broken mess.
  16. What a garbage call. Refs rule all in this league.
  17. I bet on Smith to get a TD. F*ck you Hurts. @T0mShane was right.
  18. Eagles have bottled it. Disastrous to only have a 10 point lead at the half when they dominated every area.
  19. Way too easy. That offensive line is a joke.
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