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  1. I love Waddle and he stood out to me last year even when I was looking at Jeudy and Ruggs’ highlights. His speed is next level and he has the skills to go with it. Still think it was ridiculous for him to go over Smith who I think was the best WR in the draft but time will tell. If Phillips stays healthy then he’s the best defensive player in the draft. Huge risk but his talent is unquestionable. I really, really hate that they ended up with him. He was the one defensive guy I wouldn’t have minded the Jets taking. Eichenberg was a nice pickup where they got him too, smart to go there
  2. I remember being thinking both he and Treadwell were absolute garbage and all hype. There was nothing to them. Then I ruined it all by absolutely loving Corey Coleman...
  3. I hate the #2 so much it actually hurts. I'm not even sure why.
  4. When the time comes when it’s possible I really want our fanbase to actually come together and get this message across. They’re the worst jersey’s in the NFL and a f*cking embarrassment given there was nothing wrong with the preceding uni. I’ve never buying another unless they change it back.
  5. It’s 0-100 if you’re talking about their scale. I’m not saying it isn’t useful or even that it’s not accurate but it is completely manipulated by the eye test of individuals and unlike DVOA or QBR susceptible to both human error and bias. They mention how of all statistics their early NFL career grades are the greatest predictor of future success, which is probably easy to accomplish when you literally control the grades.
  6. PFF aren’t analytical at all. Their rankings are purely subjective grades based largely on their scoring system which is also subjective. The site can have it’s uses but the amount of people who treat their grades like gospel, who use them to tell you insultingly stupid claims like Perriman > Robby is just ridiculous. They have no idea how the Jets ranked AVT relative to other lineman. They keep talking about the availability of Christian Derrisaw who is not projected to move inside as effectively as AVT, that creep Sam Monson keeps talking about how Wyatt Davis would have been av
  7. How exactly is Sherman stupid? Because he talks trash? He actually comes across as pretty intelligent, especially when it comes to football. Most importantly - he can play.
  8. This is literally everything I heard about Perriman being more valuable than Robby all over again. Every bit of it. If anything our fanbase ridiculously underrates our players - Leonard Williams and Robbie Anderson were both ridiculed here to a ridiculous degree. I hate Adams as much as most of our fans but even he is better than a lot of them let on. Our fans are garbage and among the most reactionary in the league when it comes to judging players. Crowder is a year younger than Cole and has 4,160 yards and 26 TD's to 2,242 yards and 12 TD's. Crowder has been more productive in even wors
  9. I hate the #2 and I'm now sure he's going to bust.
  10. Yes there is. He's far, far better. Crowder is hands down the most underrated player on this team. Not many better slot guys in the entire league. If he leaves I hope he goes to play with Aaron Rodgers and put up 1200 yards.
  11. I'd agree with that but if it is a debacle with little improvement then I don't want to hear people talking about rookies as if that's an excuse. I think we'll be much much better and I think we'll get to about the same. Not quite playoff ready yet but getting close to that level with another big off-season ahead.
  12. Vera-Tucker may be able to play tackle down the line. It wouldn't surprise me if at some point he's moved there.
  13. I thought this too but wasn't aware just how bad their line was. Christensen better be prepared to play right away. Pat Elflein is pencilled in to start, which says a lot.
  14. It's not something that happens very often. We had two of them + f*cking Brian Schottenheimer and got to the AFC title game. John Harbough/Joe Flacco did the same. Mike Smith/Matt Ryan went 11-5 the same year. The rookie play caller isn't a good enough excuse -These guys have been around football long enough to do their job. You expect some growing pains but it's a bit of a cop out to say it's an excuse for failure.
  15. I'd be really disappointed in anything under 7. Especially with that schedule. The team has more than likely upgraded in literally every area. Including the two most important areas - QB and HC. There's not a position where I look and think we're worse. I actually think we're quite underrated in a lot of areas - There's some wildcards like Rankins, Mosley and Joyner who are extremely tough to predict - If even two of them get back to their best then you're looking a very good defence. I love the fits on offence - Everyone is setup to succeed in that system. Zach will love the big bo
  16. Unironically what I'd want. Retired numbers are so f*cking stupid.
  17. The reason why the Packers are currently considered a solid organization while the Bears are not is the Packers have Aaron Rodgers and the Bears do not.
  18. Aaron Rodgers is despised by his own family ffs. A lot of what makes these guys so good is what also makes them unlikeable. See Michael Jordan... If Wilson can play he will be fine even if he's the biggest POS in the locker room. If he can't, he wont.
  19. Wilson 100% starts week one.
  20. I listened to their podcast and despite the A they sh*t all over the trade up for AVT. They do make some good points, there is pressure in AVT to justify giving up what we did but you still have to love the conviction. You have a young QB, go get the sure thing. I think a lot of these draft analysts fall in love with way too many prospects and are way too confident they’ll produce. Like they were talking about Wyatt Davis like he’s a sure thing to produce. If that were the case he’d have gone much earlier than 86.
  21. That Bears grade is going to be endlessly ridiculed in 3 years. Rosen to Arizona all over again.
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