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  1. Outrageous stuff from Baker. What a drive.
  2. Rams burning a timout on that drive is criminal.
  3. I mean I wouldn't say "rightfully so" but it was hilariously stupid of her. I do wonder if there's more to the trade than the public is being made aware of.
  4. No way we're relying on Mitchell/Becton to cover a starting tackle spot - That would be insane. Fant's injury and poor play at the beginning of the year may have reduced his demands somewhat. If not him then try and find another middle of the road veteran in free agency - Worst case scenario you move AVT back out to right tackle where he shined this year and plug someone in at guard. We really botched the tackle situation by not assuring Moses of a starting spot and bringing him back. Should have been Becton who was told to wait for his chance. Moses is killing it in Baltimore at $5m per year - Sickening. QB is still the big need for this team. I like White, I like him more than most but I think his contract situation could get messy regardless of how he plays. He has tremendous value as a backup - That much he's already shown - If he keeps playing the way he is then he'd be stupid not to test free agency and watch some team overpay for him. Brock Osweiler once got $37m guaranteed - I'm pretty sure White can get even one more team to believe him long term whether the Jets do or not. Ideally we'd bring White back on a high end backup/low range starter contract with another veteran to compete for the starting job. Garoppolo is still my preferred option and having him and White both would ease the injury concerns some. Doubt it will happen though. Fully expecting Mike White to leave and Andy f*cking Dalton to compete with Zach.
  5. Mims doesn't exactly help White here either - I swear has the worst understanding of how to use space. A few times in this game he finds himself in acres of space only to run himself back into the coverage. That's a play where you stop and wave your arms at the QB to throw you the ball. He's literally running away from the space and the QB lol.
  6. Is anyone suggesting he shouldn't be a backup? I have no issue with him competing as a backup in camp and hopefully turning it around - I'm just not very optimistic that he will. Similar to Zach it would be insane to go into the season relying on him. I didn't want to rely on him heading into this season.
  7. I think Garrett didn't like Zach because Zach is bad at football.
  8. Nonsense. They were devastated. I was sick to my stomach after the loss. There's a difference between being "happy" and being encouraged by the fight and effort the team showed to come back against a good team on the road. In the grand scheme of things everything we are seeing from this team is promising for the long term. That I certainly am happy with, especially relative to what I felt in August.
  9. And it get's White's running ability and Field's passing skills...
  10. Definitely feels like it would be worth it as brings a lot of eyes to the channel. I'm certainly not complaining, I watch nearly all of them lol.
  11. How does he always get away with posting the highlights? I don't see anything like this for any other team in the league when you want to watch QB's performances. But he does every Jets game lol.
  12. I wouldn't sleep on the Rams signing him - They don't have a 1st round pick to tank for and I think they'd do it if for no other reason than to spite the 49ers.
  13. He just looks completely broken. Showed so much promise as a rookie but whether it's physical or mental issues he's just not the same player. I watched him some with the Panthers and he looked as bad anyone in the league. Who would have believed 18 months ago that Sam would be the better QB at this stage?
  14. Regardless of whether Berrios should have been there or not - Denzel "Zero career TD's" Mims certainly shouldn't have been,
  15. Where are the guys who told me AJ Brown was overrated on draft night?
  16. In most phases of the game we outplayed them. There was ridiculous inconsistency from the officials early on, White was a little off with his location but still gave his guys a chance for the most part, the defence took a while to get going, so many plays were close run things. We absolutely whooped them in the second half. That said I really don't think the Vikings are all that good. I really fancied the Jets heading into it and I still think we're a better team who'd win that game more often than not. I'm proud of the effort and resilience the guys showed but it feels like a huge missed opportunity. Buffalo are rolling again and what could have been a free hit to get ourselves in play for the division and #1 seed now becomes a crucial game that could see us out of the playoff spot. It sucks but it's good to have games that actually matter at this stage in the season.
  17. I think White's 100% getting benched unless he plays very well on Sunday - Even a game like yesterday will see Zach come back imo. Saleh's had every chance to say we're riding with White indefinitely but every time he has indicated that Zach will be back and it's just a break. Could see the fans revolting vs The Lions if he comes back in and plays badly. I think they've underestimated how popular White would be.
  18. The side to side sh*t in the red zone and putting White out of the shotgun at the goal line was just infuriating. OC's always get a rough ride - People generally only remember the bad and there was a lot of plays the players left out there but for the love of god when we got close he really sh*t the bed. I think the QB sneak failing once isn't a reason to abandon it - It has a 80% hit rate on 4th and 1.
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