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  1. Carolina bottled that game. They played to Atlanta’s strengths the entire game. Bridgewater wasn’t playing badly yet they wouldn’t open it up. Doesn’t bode well for them.
  2. I can never fully a coach whose success came hand in hand with legit all time great QBs.
  3. Michael Thomas has legit all time great WR production he wants to sustain. He's playing for the HOF and is by all accounts an egotistical maniac. He's not going to sit in silence while Jamison Crowder gets all the production. Not how these guys think.
  4. Offence QB - None that matter HB - Perrine WR - Mims, Crowder, Berrios TE - LOL LT - Becton, Lewis, Clark, Edoga, McGovern (stuck with) Defence DL - QW, Fatukasi, Franklin-Myers OLB - Huff, Basham ILB - Mosley (Stuck with) CB - Austin, Poole S - Maye, Davis ------------------------------------------- There's the players you build around, either through choice or necessity - A sorry list to be sure. No one else on the roster worth thinking about other than the punter. I'd probably pick one of Maye/Poole to pay rather than keeping them both. Would be happy with either tbh. Basically leave that defensive group to rot. Let Mosley be the big name addition he was supposed to be two years ago and invest everything significant around the new QB.
  5. Thomas would help you lose Lawrence as much as he'd help you build around him. He's also a psycho. Save the pick. Use it on another offensive area and pay Allen Robinson in free agency.
  6. Perriman has all but played his way off the team already. There were concerns about his ability to stay on the field and that's been the case. And he's not looked all that impressive in the limited time he's had. It may be a case where we're just desperately lacking other options but we absolutely can't afford to cheap again at the position - If he is to be resigned it should be for less and alongside someone better. Get the best WR on the market - Get Allen Robinson. Draft another with one the top 35 picks. Stack the position.
  7. 2022: BREAKING: Trevor Lawrence has decided to enlist in the US Marines Corps, saying he'd rather be captured by the Taliban than drafted by the Jets.
  8. No idea why one would look at the Patriots and Jets differently. There's not been a lot between them historically.
  9. The cannibalism is being offset by them playing the NFC East lol.
  10. The third playoff spot means they can still finish last and qualify for the playoffs. They're ahead of both Detroit and Carolina who'll not be winning their divisions either. They're coming off two big wins with their starting QB finally looking healthy. Definitely not to be written off.
  11. Given how Tristan Wirfs is playing - He pretty much couldn't miss. Gettleman ensured we were getting a good player.
  12. So f*cking inevitable that this will be the year we finally sweep these c*nts and it does nothing but it cost us Lawrence.
  13. The 49ers behind the Panthers and Lions? Wat?
  14. Game looks so easy for him to the point that even his mistakes look like they'll be aberrations. Just a matter of this kid staying focused and he's going to be an all-pro. To be doing this a rookie is just astonishing. Thank you so much Gettleman for taking the human turnstile that is Andrew Thomas.
  15. The reaction, or lack thereof from the Cowboys players is disgraceful. That's you're f*cking QB. Compare them to these: Meanwhile Dalton is murdered and these pricks are just like "Oh well RIP I guess". Incredible. Cowboys are a cancerous team. Those players are as concerned with their own personal celebrity than their NFL career.
  16. Because Douglas decided to be a cheapskate and brought in inferior players for less rather than pushing for premium positions - Ended up overpaying when trash like Fant is a marginal upgrade on Edoga, if even that. Decided to wait until the 4th to add any depth to the interior of the line, even getting the luxury project QB before doing do despite that probably being the most pressing need on the team. Also the organisation having no accountability and leaving the same horrible coaching in place. Pollack at the very least should have been gone after last year's debacle of a line - The same sh*t happening - Missed assignments, doubling up on guys when another comes untouched. Moving on from Bilal Powell for literally no good reason. Just horrible failure from the top down.
  17. That’s a great way to get Lawrence to demand a trade before the third round.
  18. Delusional. He thought this could be a competitive roster. His own words. He should be held accountable like anyone else. Worst Jets team in history. Put together by Joe Douglas.
  19. I've already told you that I know that. Just like I knew it with Mac. It will be fun watching you desperately deny that you were a Douglas fanboy when he's unceremoniously ditched in a few years. But nah, keep praising him for putting together one of the worst rosters in the history of the NFL.
  20. Honestly man I'm just sick of your sh*t. You're reaching Sar levels of garbage. This is the worst team in football and you desperately slurp off the guy who's overseen it. I have literally never said a positive word about Mac. You're talking sh*t. As usual. Douglas has been abysmal. We're the worst team in football and every FA signing has been a debacle relative to the signings other teams made. You waiting for Mims to have a single catch and post about it was nothing short of pathetic. Go f*ck yourself. You're a delusional fanboy bitch.
  21. You can't take away both? Darnold is trash. Douglas is trash. All must go.
  22. Joe Douglas is a f*cking disgrace. How anyone can watch Fant and McGovern out there and defend this piece of sh*t is beyond me. He absolutely had to go. He's as much a part of this debacle as anyone. F*ck those defending him too. Awful.

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