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  1. Cut anyone who can't do the above by the end of camp imo. And sign her plz.
  2. If a player came up to Saleh during practice and spit in his case he would say he'd say in the following presser that he's a great guy just showing some passion.
  3. He literally never said anything resembling this. Why do people get so god damn touchy about any criticism towards this guy - even when it's objectively true? What has he done to earn this reverence? The 2020 draft was a disaster and it's a reminder that we shouldn't be crowning anyone until the team actually does something worthwhile. As for Becton yeah it wouldn't be a career ender for most people but another year on the couch after the difficulty he had coming back from a less serious injury doesn't bode well. Knee problems for a guy that size are a killer. I'd be stunned if he's in the league in three years.
  4. At least the headstone of his career will read "Positive Vibes Only".
  5. People were saying he was never going to play again because every red flag that had been highlighted pre-draft came to be. Normally these things are shocking and whether it's the Jets, Becton or the football gods who are to blame the reality is not one person was surprised to hear what happened. That's where the anger should be directed - Not so much at Becton himself but for the franchise that actually thought they could place their trust in him to start when all the evidence suggested that was unlikely.
  6. Good job we didn't allocate too many more picks to that O-line. Wouldn't want to overdo it. Anyways RIP Zach.
  7. I'm not saying they weren't happy with the picks - But specifically and before the draft there were people acting like avoiding a tackle was a must citing the fact that we had two starters in place. I think anyone who expected Becton to do anything beyond eating well this season was living in a dream world. Tackle should have been one of the primary needs in the draft or free agency.
  8. I think the point was that he obviously should not have been. Becton should have been a non-factor in the plans for this season. Everything Tom, Matt and others highlighted about him was correct. Everyone seen this coming, even those who say they didn't.
  9. Wouldn't read much into it. Seems to be noticeably harsh on the rookies.
  10. Yeah nah it's much better we go with Chuma Edoga. We're not exactly spoiled for choice. We're desperate to find a stop gap because we let go of Moses and failed to prepare for the inevitable Becton collapse. Brown should be signed. Whatever they feel the next best option is should be signed as well.
  11. A lot of people were bizarrely delighted on passing on a tackle high in the draft. I never understood how anyone could have the slightest confidence in Becton, whether it’s his fault or not. It’s been pretty ominous since going down early last year after being roasted in camp. I love Sauce as a player and think he’ll be great but you got to wonder if there isn’t some serious regret about leaving Zach exposed to this guy being pencilled in as a starter. It was going to blow up eventually.
  12. I think the Jets are the joke in this instance for actually relying on this guy. Every negative development about Becton has been so predictable.
  13. Seriously this is just ******* bizarre. Anyways this was always coming when we picked the boom or bust tackle over the boom or boom. What a debacle.
  14. Don’t worry guys. 4-8 weeks and I’m sure he’ll be fine.
  15. Encouraging stuff from Wilson. Could be turning a corner, the tight end help seems huge for him. We need to sign two tackles. Becton is an absolute non-factor until proven otherwise and we need better depth for Brown/Fant.
  16. Anyone relying on this guy is a fool. Genuinely negligent that we’ve hadn’t signed someone else months ago. Get Brown in tonight. All the signs for Becton are horrible.
  17. Didn’t need to specify this franchise tbh. So bad.
  18. Bizarre. Either they think he’s innocent or they think he sexually assaulted 20+ women. It’s either zero games or at least a season.
  19. Yeah the site has gone to sh*t tbh. What a nonsensical thread. The draft was genuinely insufferable and even as someone who liked it overall I got absolutely lambasted on here for any kind of mild criticisms towards things I'd already said I wouldn't like weeks/months earlier. Ironically it was the guy who started this thread who said I was just "being miserable" for criticising the Hall pick in the draft when I'd said as much months before. I've been posting here since I was sixteen. I have stayed up until 4-5am countless times to watch this godforsaken franchise get destroyed and yet I've been called a troll more in the last year than ever before simply for criticising the Jets and the existing regime. The Jets have been objectively terrible for 11 years. Our GM of the decade is 6-27 since he had a full off-season. Zach Wilson may have been the worst starting QB in all of football last season. There are positives for sure and I hope we turn things around but to act like any and all criticism must be in bad faith is just ridiculous.
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