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  1. From what little I’ve seen I’m not a huge fan. Certainly doesn’t look the stand out WR prospect you take at 11. Jeudy is the only one I’d consider there.
  2. Season 2 put a lot of people off but it's worth it for what comes after. I wasn't a huge fan of the ending but the last season has some of the best episodes of TV I've ever seen. Westworld suffered the seem problem. Season 2 was a train wreck and a lot of people gave up on it. The latest episode was superb though and it looks to be back in form.
  3. Irish Jet


    How did Smizzy die? I hope it was slow.
  4. It’s actually ridiculous. Had no idea how reliant I was on my 5 a side soccer games every week.
  5. Maybe those OT’s going off the board could leave us with an elite defensive tackle prospect?
  6. You’ll get neg’d but it is. Seriously unimpressive if this is our last WR addition. He’s had like 5 good games in 4 years. Benefited from Winston’s balls to the wall style which inflated numbers of everyone. Everyone will be happy to see the back of him in 12 months. Not even a JAG.
  7. Disney on Ice have gone too far.
  8. The quarantine effect. Everyone's losing their minds. Give it a week and this forum will be all of us exchanging dick pics.
  9. Well you can't tease such wisdom and not deliver. PM if you must. I'm desperate to learn from such an economic sage.
  10. He is a narcissistic c*nt who was saying the whole thing was overblown a few weeks ago.
  11. Italy’s deaths have overtaken China’s. Crazy.
  12. Johnson is trash and make Bell's contract look value for money.
  13. For what it’s worth The Daily Mail is as bad as it gets for reliability.
  14. Safer than humans at the minute.
  15. Yes. Before it was built. 24th January - https://www.theguardian.com/science/2020/jan/24/chinese-city-wuhan-plans-to-build-coronavirus-hospital-in-six-days
  16. Eh? China may have understated it but even going by their figures it was obvious this was extremely contagious. Keep in mind a lot of our media outlets were saying their quarantining methods were over the top and authoritarian while these same methods were being employed a few weeks later. The extreme hostility and inability for all sides to act with any solidarity was disgraceful. There are NHS officials over here who knew this was coming months ago while our world leaders were saying to relax. People knew, they just didn't act. Still haven't in some cases.
  17. Even competence at the position is a huge upgrade. I’m not a fan of the Fant signing at all but at least we’re investing in the right area.
  18. Such a f*cking shambles over here. For all the sh*t people give Trump the Tories have been even worse. They have no idea what they're doing. Schools still open because f*ck the teachers. Plan at one point seemed to be pushing for herd immunity but he's walked that back and now we're not doing one thing or the other. Advising people to "stay away from pubs, cinemas, offices etc" - but NOT making them close so they can't be held responsible for the inevitable downturn and provide the compensation needed. I think it's pretty telling of the leadership that in the US and UK it took the cancelling of major sports for people to realise this was serious. The NBA leading the way.

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