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  1. Been going that way for a while. Just been allowed to rot away because the people at the top were focused on enriching themselves instead of developing the game in the country. Obviously the English clubs moving away from British/Irish players hasn't helped as they're just not getting the development they used. Although seems the big six in England are trying to put the final nail in the coffin of football as it is. I've long become disinterested with top level football and how it's become all about maximising profits, even over the success of the team or the actual football itself. The
  2. Yeah. Their on field performance is completely irrelevant.
  3. I actually like Dyami Brown. Think he’ll be a stud.
  4. You misinterpret what I’m saying. I’m not saying he’s inaccurate. Just that his velocity isn’t always as consistent. To be fair this was a knock on Deshaun Watson too and that turned out to he nonsense but just judging by the tape Wilson definitely is more consistent with how quickly the ball gets there.
  5. Irish Jet

    Mel Kipper

    Kipper’s mock draft would probably more accurate than Kiper’s tbh.
  6. Fields obviously, but it seems unlikely anyway. I don't think Rashod Bateman is all he's been hyped up as. I don't want any defensive player at 23 but I'm particularly wary of Gregory Gregory Rousseau. I think his stats make him look better than he is. So many of his sacks came from non-existent blocking. I don't really want a running back early but I especially don't want Najee Harris. Not sure his game translates to the NFL at all, as a runner at least.
  7. Fields' arm may be stronger than Wilson's but the consistent velocity isn't even close. A lot of balls sail on Fields because his mechanics are pretty awful, his release is very strained when he has to load up whereas for Wilson it's just effortless. I'm sure if they both threw it as far as they could Fields may have him beat but in terms of who can fit it into tight windows consistently Wilson is absolutely league's ahead.
  8. What was galling about Orlovsky's criticism is that it flew in the face of everything that had been said about Fields for years. It just so happens they were negative stereotypes that have in the past been associated with black quarterbacks - Physically great, low work ethic- Which was clearly nonsense. And I've been as big a critic of Fields as anyone but that is the opposite of who he is. It shows how much of a hack Orlovsky is that despite the access he has he slanders a player's character despite years of evidence to the contrary. He deserved all the sh*t he got and more. A total hack.
  9. Simms had him #5. Wilson, Lawrence, Jones and Mond ahead of him respectively.
  10. What separates Wilson are just the amount of NFL type throws he consistently makes. He gets it into tight windows time and again. Because of that I don't think he's going to be holding it and waiting for the perfect look, he can throw guys open. His accuracy stands out even on his incompletions. Rarely does he miss wildly, he gives his guys a chance. His instincts in the pocket seem good too albeit under limited pressure. He will need to learn to give up on some plays and throw it away. His line being as good as it was and the competition being awful is a concern but that's why the type o
  11. Wilson and it isn’t close. Would probably take Jones over Fields and Lance too. I just wouldn’t trust either at 2. My thoughts on Fields are that he has some fatal flaws that need to be fixed before he can play. He should be praying that he goes to New England because that’s his best chance to succeed. He has all the physical ability but I don’t think he’s even close to ready for NFL defences. Lance may have the highest ceiling in the draft but with his inexperience it’s just impossible to take the chance. Another guy who needs to sit.
  12. You don't reach that level of the sport by worrying about what's around you. Those players generally back themselves to produce regardless.
  13. I am also doomed to root for the Jets regardless.
  14. A good fit for everyone seemingly. Clowney is one of those guys who went from overrated to underrated in a hurry. He wasn’t what he was hyped to be but he’s an outstanding second guy to have on the edge. If him and Garrett stay healthy then that’s a terrifying front for anyone to play against. Relieved we don’t play them tbh. I didn’t want him last year and didn’t want him this year. If we’re going for a 1 year rental on a veteran then Richard Sherman makes so much more sense.
  15. We still have cap space to get a few on board which I suspect we will. The draft will probably tell us how aggressively we'll go after one.
  16. Hugely telling stat. Although not surprising for anyone who's watched their tape. Wilson for all the talk about his weak schedule was throwing into much tighter windows - it immediately stands out. His WR's were rarely wide open. If you look at Fields' and even Lawrence's film it's often throwing to guys in 5 yards of space. Wilson is the one guys consistently making NFL throws. He throws and incredibly good ball into covered wideouts. Genuinely perfect for Mims and Davis who aren't the best separators but can go and get it.
  17. That's just beyond cruel. What the f*ck. Not sure how someone copes with that.
  18. I mentioned him in response to the previous replies and because I actually don’t think Milliner was much better. Both were an absolute waste of time.
  19. I remember watching those highlights with all his throws and genuinely felt I was gonna cry.
  20. Hackenberg was just a terrible pick. I don’t even consider him a bust. I’d have more expectations if we drafted a random guy on the street. Genuinely one of the worst moments I’ve had as a Jets fans was hearing his name. Debacle.
  21. The only defensive guy I wouldn’t hate at 23. The thing that would worry me with Phillips is the concerns that exist with his health if he’s even there when we pick. It would mean the NFL teams thinks there’s a serious risk because he’s a top 10 talent. But yeah the idea of Saleh having that front 4 is mouth watering. Yes please.
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