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  1. Screw that sh*t, UNITED are playing tomorrow night, that's all that matters to me right now! S

    1. The Gun Of Bavaria
    2. Irish Jet

      Irish Jet

      Revenge will be sweet my friend. lol

  2. You guys are talking about Hockey which starts after the NFL season?

  3. Anderson Silva...Holy crap!

    1. JoeC36


      that was absolutely ridiculous

  4. The chat room is broken

  5. That's awesome man. Heard you say something about it before, kids got a hell of an eye for talent. The Jets should get in touch. LOL

  6. What the hell is red flagged anyways? They issuing a challege on your account or something? Max couldn't do anything about it, he'd never ban me. Never!

  7. I actually got into your account for a second, but the mods started messing with it before I could do a thing. Maybe we should swap accounts, see if anyone notices. haha

  8. Dude. WTF is going on?

  9. Not for me it's not. My Cash has gone to Hell. Too much betting on sports that I don't follow, it always me in the end. LOL

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