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  1. Anderson Silva...Holy crap!

    1. JoeC36


      that was absolutely ridiculous

  2. Dude. WTF is going on?

  3. I actually got into your account for a second, but the mods started messing with it before I could do a thing. Maybe we should swap accounts, see if anyone notices. haha

  4. Not for me it's not. My Cash has gone to Hell. Too much betting on sports that I don't follow, it always me in the end. LOL

  5. Screw that sh*t, UNITED are playing tomorrow night, that's all that matters to me right now! S

    1. The Gun Of Bavaria
    2. Irish Jet

      Irish Jet

      Revenge will be sweet my friend. lol

  6. That's awesome man. Heard you say something about it before, kids got a hell of an eye for talent. The Jets should get in touch. LOL

  7. The chat room is broken

  8. What the hell is red flagged anyways? They issuing a challege on your account or something? Max couldn't do anything about it, he'd never ban me. Never!

  9. You guys are talking about Hockey which starts after the NFL season?

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