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  1. 5 hours ago, Patriot Killa said:

    I do not own an ESPN subscription, if anyone here does, it’d be awesome if you could post the entire list for us.

    side note... veeeeryyyy very interesting that Trevor Lawrence is a “generational can’t miss prospect” but he’s #11.

    Almost like there’s a difference between being a great player and a great prospect. Andrew Luck was probably the most sure fire prospect in history and he’s #18.

    Legendary Jet Tim Tebow is top 5.

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  2. 2 hours ago, IndianaJet said:

    I'm not gonna sit here and defend beat writers.

    But if Judon got so pissed off about a story concerning whether or not an offer was actually made.....he would be a DISATEROUS signing for us.  

    Dude would need a ten year supply of Chill Pills to get through one season with our beat writers talking about him.



    May be worth it to see him take Manish hostage. 

  3. 40 minutes ago, LAD_Brooklyn said:
    2021 NFL Mock Draft - Charlie Campbell

    2. NFL Team Logo for Jets New York Jets: Kyle PittsTE, Florida

    After missing out on Trevor Lawrence, the quarterback prospects all have serious flaws, so the Jets could decide to build around Sam Darnold and attempt to move down. Some league sources believe that is the direction the Jets are trending if the Texans are unwilling to trade Deshaun Watson. It still is early in the process, however, and a lot could change during free agency and when the coaches start getting more involved, including doing pre-draft interviews.

    Many teams around the league have Pitts as the second-highest-graded player in the 2021 NFL Draft and believe he is the best receiving weapon. Certainly, Pitts would be a huge upgrade for the Jets, and he'd give Darnold an elite weapon he has never had before.

    Team sources say they think Pitts is a top-10 talent due to his dynamic ability as a receiver, and some scouts feel he is the best receiving weapon in the 2021 NFL Draft. Some think he could play wide receiver and be a poor man's Calvin Johnson. Others think that Pitts should stay at tight end but could be a Travis Kelce- or Tony Gonzalez-caliber weapon. The consensus among team evaluators is that Pitts is a far better tight end prospect than T.J. Hockenson, Ebron, O.J. Howard or Evan Engram.

    Pitts was incredible in 2020, showing speed on long touchdown receptions, size on jump balls, superior route-running to create separation, good hands, and dangerous yards-after-the-catch skills. He was too fast for linebackers and some defensive backs while being too big for safeties or cornerbacks in coverage. Pitts is matchup nightmare and the most dynamic mismatch receiving weapon in the 2021 NFL Draft, including Ja'Marr Chase, DeVonta Smith, and Jaylen Waddle. The 6-foot-6, 239-pound Pitts also is known to be a great kid who loves football, works hard, and is a good teammate.

    Pitts totaled 43 receptions for 770 yards and 12 touchdowns in 2020. He turned into play-maker in 2019, creating mismatches in the passing game while recording 54 receptions for 649 yards and five touchdowns

    23. NFL Team Logo for Jets New York Jets: Jaycee Horn, CB, South Carolina

    Clearly, the Jets need more cornerback talent. Here's a potential starting outside corner with a lot of upside.

    While teammate Israel Mukuamu received more media attention coming into 2020, some team sources shared they preferred Horn as a prospect for the NFL. They felt Horn is a more fluid athlete and faster. Those evaluators liked Horn's ability to run the route and prevent separation.

    Horn looked very good in 2020, holding his own against Florida's dynamic receivers and dominating Auburn. He totaled 16 tackles, two interceptions and six passes defended for his season. Horn opted out of the final three games of the year after head coach Will Muschamp was fired.

    Horn broke into the starting lineup as a true freshman and showed improvement in his sophomore season. He has quality size to him and has shown a nice ability to break up passes. Horn (6-1, 205) helped himself as a junior, showing improved ball skills. Jaycee Horn is the son of former Saints wide receiver Joe Horn.

    34. NFL Team Logo for Jets New York Jets: Travis Etienne, RB, Clemson

    The Jets need a feature running back to help their offense. Here's a running weapon who also will help their passing offense.

    Etienne is not the biggest of backs, but he runs hard for his size and is fast with the ability to rip off long runs on any carry. He also could be an excellent receiving weapon in the NFL because he is a threat to take short check downs for long gains. Etienne totaled 168 carries for 914 yards - 5.4 average - and 14 touchdowns with 48 receptions for 588 yards and two scores in 2020. He also suffered from ball-security issues over the course of the season, fumbling against Boston College, Syracuse and Georgia Tech.

    The 5-foot-10, 200-pounder played well for Clemson in 2019, showing the speed to break off long gains on any carry. He averaged 7.8 yards per carry for 1,614 yards with 18 touchdowns. He also made 37 receptions for 432 yards and four touchdowns. Etienne averaged 8.1 yards per carry in 2018 for 1,658 yards with 24 touchdowns. He also caught 12 passes for 78 yards and two scores.

    66. NFL Team Logo for Jets New York Jets: Jayson Oweh, OLB, Penn State

    New York could use more edge-rush talent.

    Oweh flashed some edge-rush potential for Penn State. In 2019, he totaled five sacks and 21 tackles. Oweh made 38 tackles in 2020, but he didn't notch a sack. The 6-foot-5, 252-pounder could stand to get stronger and become a more well-rounded player in the NFL.

    86. NFL Team Logo for Jets New York Jets: Tylan Wallace, WR, Oklahoma State

    The Jets can always use more weapons at this point.

    Wallace recorded 59 catches for 922 yards and six touchdowns in 2020. He had 53 receptions for 903 yards and eight touchdowns in 2019 before going down with a season-ending injury. As a sophomore, he caught 86 passes for 1,491 yards with 12 touchdowns. Wallace (6-0, 185) might fit best in the NFL as a slot receiver because team sources say Wallace is not as big as his listed numbers. They feel he is similar to Josh Doctson, but Wallace is smaller. They call Wallace a tough receiver who plays big but lacks speed. They state he runs good routes and runs well after the catch, but doesn't have a special dimension of mismatch size or speed.


    I would want Douglas gone immediately.

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  4. 1 hour ago, derp said:

    I do agree that he’s got some mechanical things he has to clean up. Given it’s a form issue, would you think it’s correctable? And would your thoughts on his pro prospects be different if he’s drafted eighth and sits for a year versus second and starts right away - or do you just not like him regardless?

    The farther he slides the better the situation he lands in and the better chance he gets some time to sit and work on mechanics. I don’t think playing for two teams in three years during college - one of which was messy due to a pandemic - did him any favors in that regard. And he’s also clearly very physically talented in a way that those mechanical issues didn’t cause him major issues in college. 

    Yeah I have said that sitting would definitely be best for him, Lance too for other reasons. He's obviously got all the physical ability but he has some habits that I think will translate very badly and he needs to get those corrected. When I say a disaster I think that's what he'd be here, where he'll have to start and lead the team right away in what will almost certainly be a below average situation at best. 

  5. But I must say it’s exceptionally ironic for people to criticise Wilson for having too much time on the one hand while marvelling over Fields vs Clemson on the other.

    Fields didn’t really outplay Lawrence in that game. His line just totally outplayed Clemson’s.

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  6. 1 hour ago, maury77 said:

    Yes, look at Fields "struggle" with the throw at the 8 minute mark:


    It’s not an arm strength issue. He can make the throw, it’s a problem with form and consistency. Way too often balls sail on him, he should have had 5 picks at least vs Bama with all the same type of pass. And I was saying that would happen before the game.

    We shall see but I think he’s going to be eaten alive in the NFL.

  7. This is not how you blackmail someone.

    That said, this line from the report...


    because there's just no way you go after a man's marriage like that if that's not the case.

    Is just f*cking nonsense. Maybe Hensley shouldn't put himself and that position. If anyone is going after the marriage it's him. Unless his wife already knows...

    But @SayNoToDMC is right. Chad Pennington was right. These are the biggest hacks in media who are stealing a living. 

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  8. 9 hours ago, Paradis said:

    And my final thought on this before I over stay my welcome (yea right like I give a sh*t) is what you're hanging a lantern on is in fact a much bigger housewives of america problem. Absolutism has somehow become a daily practiced philosophy in NA....

    Josh Allen was always a good prospect... The problem was, a couple of media folk wearing their best hot take pants, began floating wild things around like... "Josh Allen, QB1.."  ..."He could go #1 overall..."... "Could be the best prospect at QB ever"... which is a fcking stupid thing to say about an yahoo from Wyoming. But they said it... Now I'm not saying it's stupid to suggest JA may eventually wind up as the best of the class, but it's stupid to say right now (march '18) he's QB1. Anyway i digress... Rather than say well that's tall order, Jeremiah - people threw their IQ out the window and said nope he sucks. Bust. etc etc. (again, case-study see @Irish Jet)  ...convinced themselves there there was no possible outcome for Josh Allen other than flaming Zeppelin 

    Everything now is constantly the best or the worst. .... You like Fields? Oh well, let me tell you why Wilson isn't the worst... uh hold on, i never said Wilson was the worst... Yes you did, you said Fields QB1... Now hold one. i didn't say--  ....NOPE! You're an idiot.

    I hate everyone. 

    What are you talking about?

  9. 1 minute ago, Paradis said:

    A less than crazy musing on your part... If someone of Gladwell's ilk invested the time in doing the research, i think they would find that draft/fantasy football fans are some of the most reactionary and whimsical humans alive today... constantly guilty of overcorrecting and imagining talent where it is or isn't. 

    Look at @Irish Jet, he's patient zero with the Fields/Wilson pelican brief we're seeing unfold. 

    The only QB I like in this draft is Lawrence.

    Fields and Lance are almost certain to suck if they play immediately. The latter just due to a laughable lack of playing time. Fields has so many bad habits and his physical tools are overrated. He struggles to push the ball to the sideline time and again. They both need to sit and get coached up for a while.

    Wilson I don’t really know too much about. He clearly has some skills and I think he’s much better at getting the ball out quickly than those two but I don’t think he’s anywhere close to. #2 overall guy. 

  10. I've already made peace with the fact that we're drafting Fields because we are the a terminal dumpster fire.

    It takes like 20 plays to realise how terrible a pro-prospect he is. Just about nothing he does well translates to the NFL and his weaknesses will get him destroyed. 

  11. 7 hours ago, LAD_Brooklyn said:

    Any All-Pro player who hits the market is going to be old and expensive. But if you're into picking Sewell at 2, then you're all for having Sam under center and not using the pick to upgrade the position. So instead of helping Sam get ride of the ball and picking Chase, Pitts, Waddle or Chase with Williams and Becton blocking for him. We'll entertain possible getting Juju or giving up a 2nd rounder for one of the top WR who are going to be tagged and traded with an inexperienced Oline but promising OL. Not so sure how I feel about a lack of experience on the line with an already struggling QB.

    #2 is not the only option for upgrading at QB.

  12. Crazy how many guys we drafted so high who were all but out of the league after their rookie deal.

    I knew something was off with Milliner. He just never seemed the elite prospect he was sold as. Anti-ball skills. 

    What pisses me off more than anything isn’t just the misses it’s the complete f*cking neglect of one side of the ball. Even if every one on that list hit we’d still have been trotting out bottom 5 offenses every year in a league geared towards scoring. I am genuinely convinced that most of this forun could have selected better in the last 10 years or so. It’s astoundingly bad.

    F*ck this franchise. Seriously. 

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