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  1. 25 minutes ago, Ben said:

    This is probably realistic although I think they are more likely to pin the blame on Gase and try to bring in another coach to fix him before cutting the chord. 

    To me this is a Jameis Winston/Marcus Mariota situation in that the Jets are likely giving this kid the full five year rookie deal to figure it out. 

    Gase will definitely be gone before Sam if we don't perform. Sam will get another year barring complete catastrophe but Gase will be on a short leash. 

    May be somewhat justified too. Gase's gameplans last year vs New England and @ Cincinnati were honestly as bad as it gets. Done nothing to help his QB. 

  2. Definitely needs to show more before we invest the franchise in him completely. Can't have another Sanchez situation. 

    If he doesn't have a much improved season then I think we bring in a competitive 2nd QB for 2021. Doubt we'll draft one high unless we've been so bad that we're in top 3 territory and Lawrence/Fields are on the board. 

    Confident he will improve if he stays healthy. Still worried about the line and Gase.


  3. On 5/21/2020 at 4:39 PM, munchmemory said:


    Yeah I have hard time believing this will be anything but really bad.

    Not hard to beat the abomination that was released but all of a sudden people seem to think Snyder's universe was fantastic. Batman vs Superman was a mess and just made a Justice League sequel even more difficult. Hard to be too excited for Darkseid when you see what they done with Lex Luthor.

    I will still watch out of curiosity and I'm happy for Snyder. Just think a lot of fans are building this up to be a serious disappointment. 

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  4. On 5/17/2020 at 2:07 AM, JustEndTheSuffering said:

    I’ve been playing NFL 2K5 lately. The franchise mode in this game is miles ahead of the current maddens and honestly the gameplay is better too. It’s unbelievable how much stuff there is to do. 

    Even the Madden's of that era had a great franchise mode. The effort put into it was incomparable to the lifeless garbage we have today.

    Online gaming just killed sports games. FIFA and Madden have become nothing but tools for EA to rinse as much money out of ultimate team as possible and so long as that remains the case there's no hope for the game's improving. It's abysmal. They literally introduce new features that had been staples of the games in the early 00's. 

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  5. 12 hours ago, RutgersJetFan said:

    I'm shocked they let him go back out and it's also worth noting refs have way more training when it comes to noticing this stuff. Smith was acting as if he was defending himself and that's fine but there's a fine line between showing something and seeing the guy's life is clearly in danger. I get that the guy went 5 rounds with Bones and he's tough as nails but when his teeth are falling out in the corner it's probably time to call it a night.

    I think the ref was looking to stop it a few times but every time he moved in Teixeira started to grapple, which they'll normally let play out. That said he should still have found a way to stop it. Smith literally told his corner "my teeth are falling out" and they just pressed on as if that meant nothing. Clearly he wanted out but wouldn't say it. 


  6. Anthony Smith's corner-men need to be removed from the sport. Not a first time for them either. Sending him out for the fifth is as disgraceful as I've ever seen. 

    The whole culture of letting fighters go out on their shield is disgusting. Fine enough for the fighter to have that mentality but insane that coaches seem to by into it at the expense of protecting their fighters. 

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  7. 20 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

    There are simply countless articles expressing serious concerns about his pass blocking ability.  Not that he can’t get better but he was very average in college.  

    This is a PFF chart.  Notice he’s in the 58th percentile.  The question you have to ask yourself is are you prepared to put a guy at LT who 42 out of every 100 LT’s in college were better than him at pass blocking.  I certainly wouldn’t.

    I’m not sure why you guys are so upset when I just mention the reality.  I like the kid, have confidence in him becoming our LT of the future but he was always a Risk/reward player that likely needs to lose some weight and has legitimate technique issue, especially in the pass game.   



    If you like PFF’s rankings of OL just see where they had Fant.

    PFF are quite generally trash but they can normally separate the very bad from the very good if nothing else. Especially with an OL where the situation is relatively basic and in the player’s control.

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