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  1. Yes we need a NT but POUHA is emerging. If Chad is traded, there will be multiple first round picks and a great QB is always nice to have ala Brady in NE. You might have heard of him. This is a contact game, in case you did not know it and the more QBs a team has that are winners, the better off it will be- That is elementary WATSON! Football 101! I would love Faneca but he is getting on in age. IMO drafting a roadgrader would do us well instead. Faneca will be very expensive and when we finally make our SB run, he will be selling car insurance in San Jose! IMO it would be stupid to sign him for big bucks.

    So what we give up on BOTH Clemens and Pennington??

    That is ridiculous. I am happy with either of those 2 starting next season and Clemens being the long term guy. Why would you want a great starter and a great backup.You say the more great QB's a team has the better. WTF?? you are aware you cant play 2 QB's at once, what you want is a great starter and a pretty good backup. Anything more would just be stupid.

    Our Defence is one great NT away from being sorted and I am serious about that.

  2. maybe it's the ummmmmm 4-3!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You seriously need to let this go. Mangini does play a number of 4-3 fronts and they are no more effective than a 4-3.

    Truth be told we dont have the personel to run either D properly yet. We havent been able to run a 4-3 properly since Ferguson left and we cant run a 3-4 due to our only decent DT being incredibly undersized.

    We will be a very good 3-4 D in a few years IMO if we can just sort out the NT position.

  3. How can you say that???? We have a Great cover 2 basic NFL defense.

    So, according to your logic Irish Jet, we just HAVE to suck, because a 350 Ted washington isn't falling out of the sky.

    D-Rob isn't mutating.

    Only One thing can be changed. Not the players. The scheme. Every 12 year old on a pop warner team can play a basic cover 2. It's like the 2-3 zone in basketball.

    Stop pretending we're the Patriots,ERIC! Stop pretending we're the '91 Giants!!!! Or the '05 Steelers. We'r the 07 Jets, with a great offense. The best WR tandem I could remember and i go back to Walker/Lam.I tear up when I think who our #3 could've been(idiots)

    The best 1st and 2nd string since O'Brien/Ryan(lol) and should be the most complete running attack with a N-S guy, a "scat-back" whatever TF that is, and a Bull Dozer FB, I've only seen the Dozer part so far.

    O-Line suffered The Kendall disaster, but that can be fixed eventually(idiots).

    But the "D" could be this friggin simple:

    " Huddle up guys, Look, We've decided we're going base 4-3 the rest of the way!

    (:60 of straight yelling, high-fiving,jumping around)

    Ok,OK settle down, I know everyone knows the basics, but meet in the film room in 20, we're gonna go over some things, then as soon as we start scrimmaging, line up."

    Defense on three 1,2,3, "Defense!"

    That simple, Irish Jet, that simple.

    I played a cover 2, for McLean Heights in Yonkers, I was 11.

    IT IS THT F--kING EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, Irish,in the interest of disclosure, when did you say you became a jet fan?, how about an American football fan?

    I'm seriously curious, I have no quarrel with you,Good Sir Knight.

    Im sorry but if it was "that simple" Im pretty sure mangini would do it. The guys not an idiot ya know.

  4. We're going to have a hell of a time with both if the run D doesn't improve. Those are two teams that will probably run the ball down our throats.

    Id be a heck of a lot more worried about Pittsburgh's running game.Their O-line will blow up our defence.

    Im pretty sure our D can find a way past taht guy, whats his name?? .....

    ....Pete Kendall. :blowup:

  5. Our main problem in the 3-4 is not Jonathan Vilma, If he had casey hampton or Jamal Williams in front of him, he would be as good as ever.

    The main problem is D-Rob, he doesnt demand double teams and gets pushed around far far too easy.

    We need a new NT, one who can play to this system. That will open up holes for the LB's to work with.

    Changing the scheme wont help now.

  6. I tend to think Greens sucess was because of Dick Vermiel. Both Green and Warner had great success under him, but were so-so under other head coaches.

    Yes, the stats don't lie and with Pennyboy in there the Jets are more likely to win, but god I hope Miami pulls it out:)

    You guys honestly would be a lot better with Cleo lemon in there. That kid can play.

  7. Really?

    Who has 1494 yards over a 46 game career for a whooping 32.5 yards per game average? Jerricho Cotchery.

    You are right he sucks.

    Welker (37.4) > Cotchery (32.5).

    If you are going to make an argument at least think it through. Pulling some extraneous number out of your ass is stupid.

    Those stats are due to Herm Edwards being a total Moron.he's even admitted since joining KC that not playing Cotchery while in NY was a mistake.

    Cotch was 4th string reciever in the first 2 years of his career, care to maention how he's done since he's started.

    Look, I like Welker, I respect him as he's a damn good player. But JC is in another league.

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