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  1. Couldn't agree more.

    We have an AWESOME Cover 2 with Revis and Dyson, Rhodes and Coleman/Smith

    Ellis and D-Rob in the middle, Coleman and Thomas on the ends

    Vilma at the position he was born to kick a$$ in the old UM 4-3 cover 2, the Vilma that shut down the Nebraska option,the ALL PRO VILMA!!!!!!

    Hobson on one End, Barton on the other, and when I see Harris I'll decide. But right now.......

    WE HAVE A MONSTER COVER 2 USE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AMEN AMEN I CAN'T TAKE WATCHING THIS ANYMORE

    Ellis at DT???


  2. The ip is clean, but this has to be BoomBoomGlennFoleyEvanderHolyfieldEvanstonJet. The odds of two different people at this university ip posting & starting threads with the same mindless garbage is remote at best.

    All you BoomBoom fans get in your hello's & goodbye's to your buddy while you have the chance. This opportunity will not last.


    May I ask who these people(BoomBoomGlenFoley etc.) were and what they did??

  3. I guess I'm the only one ... but I think Robertson has been playing very well as the 3-4 NT. He makes a few plays per game behind the line of scrimmage and he disrupts some plays that end up making big gains because (I think) the defense has directed him one way and scooted around him the other way (thus, the criticism) but also because the LBs arent coming in to fill the lanes and close the gaps. I also think he still has plenty of untapped upside as a 3-4 NT.

    I think Hobson and Thomas have not made the plays that they were making last year, especially Thomas. He was schooled on the TD pass to McGahee. Also, I thought Ellis was too invisible last year and I dont see that its changed this year. Finally, I think they need a more consistent 'in the box' safety, which Eric Smith may eventually be for the Jets - but the jury is still out (also, he gets hurt alot - and he reminds me too much of McGraw, another supposed big hitter who was hurt alot).

    He doesnt get double teamed. ALL 3-4 Nt's have to demand double teams or the whole D wont work.

  4. D-Rob needs to go or else we get another good DT and switch to 4-3.

    I was watching NFL playbook their recently and it did this peice with Casey Hampton. (NT- Pittsburgh Steelers) He went over what a 3-4 NT has to do and its really everything taht D-Rob dosnt do.

    He said that he has to demand double teams on running plays allowing the LB's to get through unblocked and make a play. When he isnt double teamed he has to make the play and on passing plays he must collapse the pocket or at least disrupt the QB.

    Im sorry but D-Rob just doesnt have the size to do these things.

    Casey hampton is one of the best if not the best NT tackle in the league, if the Jets had him, we would have an amazing Defence.

  5. Vilma is still good if not great in coverage (for a LB). His run stopping in the 3-4 leave a lot to be desired but I still dont see how we can bench him. For those who said in 2005, that all his tackles were 7-8 yards past the line of scrimmage, thats a load of BS. He lead the team in tackles for loss that year too. He has great speed for a MLB and is great at going from sideline to sideline. he just lacks the size to be a force vs a power running game.

    Harris will be a starter soon, but I doubt it will be Vilma who will make way(not this season). IMO he will be traded and we can still get a lot in return, dont think for 1 second that a 4-3 team wouldn't be willing to give up a lot of value for JV.

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