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  1. Irish...what was the final score? Did you also see what the Pat's D was doing??? In other words where was the d concentrating on? And how many times were the receivers covered down field???? Would you like me to continue. Take it easy, I don't hate Penny and was Penny's biggest supporter over the Vinny days, but I think just like then we need to change NOW. Let's see what happens come sunday. In addition, did you see how he played in the playoff game against the Pats too??

    LOL, is this a joke. I have watched the game three times. The Pats had everyone covered deep.

    And what the hell are you bitching about what the final score was, I guess you missed our D giving up something like 4 80+ yard drives.

    Unless Clemens suddenly learned how to play Defence like Lawrence taylor, there is no way he could have done anything about that game. The defence gave chad and the offence NO CHANCE!!

    And yes I did see how he played in the playoff game and before we really fell behind thanks to a freak play he was great.

  2. vs. Miami

    @ Buffalo

    @ New York (N)

    vs. Philly

    @ Cincy

    vs. Buffalo

    vs. Washington

    vs. Pittsburgh

    We can be 7 - 3 by Thanksgiving. Thoughts?

    I agree, this is the time to shine.

    vs. Miami - Win

    @ Buffalo - Win

    @ New York (N) - Win

    vs. Philly - Win

    @ Cincy - Lose

    vs. Buffalo - Win

    vs. Washington - Win

    vs. Pittsburgh - Lose

    My prediction: 6-4

  3. For perhaps the first time in Jets history SINCE Joe Namath was at the helm, I believe its safe to say that every Jets fan should be fairly happy with our QB situation at this point in time, REGARDLESS of which camp you're in.

    Pennington played one of his best games as Jet QB against New England, while Kellen Clemens put the Jets on his back in the 4th quarter against a top 5 defense in the Baltimore Ravens. Who you think should start this week, and for the rest of the season, is irrelevant. That's because, whoever is behind center, can be counted on. When was the last time we've been able to say this with confidence? When have we been able to say that QB is NOT an issue with our team?

    Some may say "So what? We're 0-2!" Granted, this TEAM has several issues that need to be addressed. We have problems on both sides of the ball, especially in the trenches. Without steady improvement, we're in for a long season.

    But looking at the bigger picture, we all know that the most successful franchises are the ones that have productive play out of their quarterbacks. We finally seem to have that, in part due to our offensive system but also because of quality play out of the Pennington and Clemens themselves. What was supposed to be one of our biggest issues (if not THE biggest issue) heading into the regular season has been reduced to, seemingly, a non-issue.

    About half the teams in the NFL cannot say this.

    QB was never an issue. I have said that all along.

    Whether, its Pennington (prefferably) or Clemens we are fine at QB. Simple as.

  4. I originally had the Jets finishing at 11-5!

    After week one, I still felt we had what it takes and even though a change in QB can actually help.

    After week two, I saw a team sleep walking (yet again) for the first 3 quarters and then start up in the 4th.

    Now here we are in week 3, and my heart says Penny will have a "big" game. My head says, Penny will come out and lay an egg. I hope my head is wrong!!!! If my head is right, KC has got to be the starter the following week...end of story.

    Why do you think Penny will 'lay an egg'???

  5. I never said a high draft pick = success or even that I want the Jets to have one. Take last year for example, what did the Jets get from making the playoffs? nothing, we are in worse shape this year because we made the playoffs and got slaughtered in the first round. Now we're gonna go 3-13 because our talent was overestimated because we got killed in the first round of the playoffs.

    Eh what??

    We got a quality RB in Thomas Jones, a CB who I believe is something special in Darrelle Revis and a beast of a LB in David Harris.

    Hardly nothing is it???

    The jets will not go 3-13 this season or anything close. After the next 4 weeks that record will be impossible.

  6. Question:

    If by some miraculous chance the Dolphins beat the Jets, do you pull Pennington?

    penningtonfan82, ecurb and madmike, your answers are not needed as we all already know them.

    OK its obvious your dying for someone just to say yes.

    care to mention how Chad plays??

    If he is bad, and I mean bad. Yeah it has to be seriously considered.

    If he is good and it is again the D/O-lines fault.Then No.Its all irrelevent anyways as chad and the Jets are gonna whup those pieces of :pooh:

  7. and we'll have the 26th pick for no reason and people will be happy going one and done for the next 3-4 years under CP. If ecurb got his way the jets would lose in the wild card game for the next 6 years and every year would be a success.

    Ypu are aware that there are fans of other teams who would kill just to see their teams in the PO's.

    The Lions

    The Crads

    The Texans

    The Browns

    The Bills

    The Raiders

    These teams are living proof that high draft picks do not = success.

    The Jets also have a pretty bad history with high picks.

  8. Call me crazy but I think Chad is going to come out with fire now. This team looks kinda bad now, it's true, but a good QB can motivate the entire team and really change things. Chad's been going through the motions for a few years now, and yeah he's been injured, but I posted this before and I still think it's true: Chad has NOT played with the same intensity he did in 2002 and I think that is the difference. I think he mentioned that he got burned out before, but I don't think that's an excuse. I want the O-linemen headbutting, first down signalling intense badass that I saw years ago. If he doesn't do that now, he will lose his job within 4 weeks. If he does do it? We might be talking about doing some serious damage in the playoffs this year.

    We will win the next 4 games and roll our way into the PO's.


  9. Well out of the 2 Qb's and that Monsoon of rain, Chad played pretty damn good if you ask me . but your kinda right the whole game was ugly.

    Cleo Lemon was maybe even better than Chad in that game. He came in for that sad excuse for a QB Joey Harrington and played pretty well.

    But I do agree they were awful conditions and the Fins D was pretty good.

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