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  1. I was at the game last year on christmas ,chad played great ,and he does have the dolfags # but I just think he should rest that ankle just a bit more before returning and maybe hurting it again.

    Im a huge Chad fan but in fairness he did not play great in that game. He had 3 big plays. 1 deep pass to J-Mac, The great TD to Cotchery and the dump off to Leon in which leon got all the yards.Apart from that he was pretty awful.

    I love Chad, he is a very good QB but that was not one of his better performances

  2. What? Mangini spilling the beans on Belichick would never get him fired by Woody, but he'd sure as hell feel the fire if he switched QBs and it didnt work out.

    Mangini is no Shanahan. He doesnt have the track record to stick his neck out on a QB switch, and be allowed a mulligan if it doesnt work out.

    What makes you think this??

    Is it so hard for you to believe that Mangini actually thinks Chad is the better of the 2 QB's??

    He watches the 2 every day in practice Barton, not you. Im pretty sure if he'd seen enough from Clemens he'd have put him in.

    Your just making up stuff saying that he is to 'afraid' to make the change. Why in the name of God do you believe that is the case.

  3. Care to read what I was called by masonjet before that post of mine? I was being polite by calling him a hypocrite, which he is btw.

    And for the record. I dont hate Chad Pennington. I dont hate ecurb. And I dont hate anybody here on this forum, even if they hate me.

    If you dont hate him why wish injuries for him.

    Just hope your boy kellen beats him out for the starting job.

  4. 09/18/2007 1:22 PM ET

    Pennington still the man for the Jets

    Clemens still has a lot to learn as Pennington's understudy

    By Dylan Butler / SNY.tv

    Jets fans may be ready for the Kellen Clemens era, but Chad Pennington has earned his stripes as the starter. (AP)

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    Jets fans, some of you were criticized last week for loudly cheering for Kellen Clemens when he replaced an injured Chad Pennington. And now you're at it again.

    For some reason, there's a movement to anoint Clemens as the starting quarterback now. Can we stop this charade please?

    Clemens has some tools that could make him a good player in this league in time -- he's smart, he has a cannon for an arm and he's Pennington's understudy. By playing behind Pennington, Clemens is able to learn about playing in the NFL under a seasoned pro. That can't happen if he's handed the ball right away.

    "He has a very unique perspective because he has been in there and he had the opportunity to see a lot of things from the sideline on Sunday," Clemens said of Pennington. "We just talked about some of the things that he saw. He was awesome. He is a great teammate to be as supportive of me as he was on Sunday."

    Sorry to disappoint you, Jets fans, but if Pennington recovers from the high ankle sprain that kept him sidelined against the Ravens, he will be behind center against Miami.

    "We'll assess it throughout the week," Jets coach Eric Mangini said. "But if he's able to [play], he will."

    Sure, Clemens matured in front of our very eyes Sunday and should have orchestrated a remarkable come-from-behind win at Baltimore if not for a pair of drops by Justin McCareins in the final two minutes.

    Yes, he was 10-of-19 for 173 yards in the fourth quarter alone, but one quarter does not an NFL career make. Before that he had a pair of delay-of-game penalties, threw an interception on his second attempt and was 9-of-18 for 87 yards through three quarters.

    "I was pleased with the way that he responded to getting hit a few times, being behind and in a place that's extremely loud against a defense that is [difficult]," Mangini said of Clemens. "Most of those [baltimore defenders] are household names and they are for a reason."

    While Jets fans might not want to hear this, even Clemens understands his role.

    "If Chad is able to go, Chad is the starter," Clemens said. "That puts me as the backup. What I will do is prepare the best that I can to be able to play. If it's me who ends up getting the opportunity then I will try to be as ready as I can."

    Apparently some Jets fans are suffering from some combination of amnesia or dementia because they've forgotten about Pennington altogether. Before he limped off the field against the Pats, heck, even after he pulled himself back on the field to somehow lead his team to a touchdown, Pennington was the best player on the field for the Jets. He was 16-for-21 for 167 yards and a pair of touchdowns against the Patriots.

    And last year, after many of you had written him off after back-to-back shoulder surgeries and he had to endure a three-way quarterback competition in training camp, Pennington carried your Jets to the playoffs and a narrow defeat at New England. That was after surgery, with a new offensive coordinator, with two rookies on the offensive line and no real rushing threat.

    It also wasn't too long ago that he brought Gang Green to within a Doug Brien field goal of the AFC Championship game.

    Without Pennington in the lineup, the Jets are now 8-20. Sure, they are better without him.

    "Chad is one of our main leaders on offense," Jerricho Cotchery said. "To have our guys healthy and ready to go for next week would be a big plus."

    Dylan Butler is a regular contributor to SNY.tv


  5. I watch the Jets games too. What is he doing I don't know about? Does he tuck Joe Namath in at night? Does he mow the grass in the stadium or blow up the practice bubble with his lungs?

    WTF does he do besides give you a hard on at night? "Created Jets fans " :confused0058: Who chicks who thinks he's cute and gay dudes? I mean what the **** has he done on the football field to bring Jets fans in?

    I started supporting the Jets after watching Chad rip apart The Colts in 2002.

    One of the first NFL games I ever saw so you could say he is the reason Im a Jet fan. There were 31 other teams I could have chosen, I chose Chad and the Jets.

  6. The only "personal agenda" I have is wanting The JETS to win a superbowl.

    I know Chad cant do that for us, so I want him gone.

    I have made no guarantees about Clemens. I never said he was the answer to all our problems. Only that he potentially may be, so therefore he should get the call - especially after last weeks game where he showed enough to warrant the job.

    Whatever, go fly some kites people. I'm sure all of you will be thrilled at seasons end with ol' noodle arm still at QB. F'n suckers.

    No, You think Chad cant win a SB.

    You know sweet **** all.

  7. I am rooting for the T-E-A-M.

    By getting rid of Pennington, we are better off as a T-E-A-M.

    I hope he lays a f'n egg this sunday and we finally move the hell on from this roadblock POS QB.

    OK clearly you have an agenda and its clear you have for some time.

    Chad was named the starter in the off-season, he has since put in a great performance vs the Pats, were he went perfect (barring coles drop) on a drive where he could hardly walk. That was vs one of the top units in the NFL (see what happened Phillip Rivers) and yet he still moved the ball on them,commited no turnovers and put up 2 TD's.

    Clemens has had one great QUARTER!!

    He was lost until the 4th Quarter and to be honest either our O-line stepped up big time or else the Ravens pass rush fell apart. He was good and showed that he has a lot of potential but he is far far from the complete package yet.

    Chad is the man for now and will be until Clemens proves that he gives this team the better chance to win now.

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