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  1. BS. I'm not even trying to kiss up to Chad. The fact is that right now the jets are a TERRIBLE TEAM in every phase and who the QB is doesn't really matter at all. I just like that all the chad haters are seeing that Chad had NOTHING to do with why this is a horrible team right now.

    Like I said, This team is holding Chad down.

    You laughed at me when I said that earlier 124 (It think it was you)

    This game is proof, plain and simple.

  2. The Jets' Offensive Line has been pathetic in pass protection. The Jets are putting very little pressure on Boller and when they do, their linebackers and safeties actually come in contact with a Offensive Lineman first, not just a clean shot at Kellen like the Raven defenders have.

    If this was Chad in, I'd be expecting you crying over the Offensive Line.

    Madmike, you make ecurb look like a non Chad fan.

    124, just quit while your ahead.

    When Clemens has someone near him he's panicking.

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