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  1. With all due respect, Randy Moss has always been a 1 trick pony. He runs deep and gets under a floater. That's it. He's never been a great route runner, and he certainly isn't one to go over the middle for the tough catches in traffic. The Pats offense is predicated on the receivers running tight, quick routes with alot of timing passes. That's not Randy's game at all. I also don't see the Pats completely changing their gameplan to suit Randy and I CERTAINLY don't see them employing a "Randy ratio". Not to mention Randy has never had good success against us. I'm just not buying all this.

    I take it you didnt watch Moss either

    A)when he was in College

    B)early in his NFL career

    The Guy could do everything

  2. His life has been ruined? He's had a very successful life to say the least.

    He loves football and his career was taken away from him. I know what you mean by saying that though, for example I would give all I could for a life as succesful as that. But read his interviews were it describes how his life has been like an itch he is unable to scratch. it must be torture knowing how great a career he could have had in the NFL only to have injuries take it all away.

    i understand your point though.

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