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  1. I have already stated that I like Kyle Boller and have for a good while. i think he is better than McNair.

    Also when was the last time Willis McGahee played the Jets and didnt run all over us. I hope somehow we can force Boller into making mistakes, but here how I see it:

    As bad as we can make things for Boller the Ravens can make things twice as bad for Clemens.

    The Ravens will probably generate a running attack, I highly doubt we'll do anything on the ground.

    The one wild card in this game that i hope plays a big factor is special teams. I think Miller returning a kick for a TD and getting us good starting feild position regularly would be huge. On the other side of the corn they I believe have Ed Reed returning kicks which is bad bad news.

    I am relying on Special teams for us to ahve anychance of winning this game. That is a bad bad sign.

  2. Why? Chad Pennington cannot lead an offense capable of beating Baltimore which is an offense that needs to throw the ball down the field, not Chad's greatest strength.

    Kellen Clemens has a better shot at beating the Ravens if the coaching staff does not handcuff him and make him run the offense like they did Bollinger in '05:

    1st down: Run

    2nd down: Run

    3rd down: Dump off

    4th down: Punt

    We'll see how the coaching staff calls plays for Kellen first and foremost. Also, Kellen is more mobile, with or without Chad's ankle injury, and behind this line that will be an added bonus against Baltimore's quick defense.

    But its his first start, This is the kind of circumstance these raven defenders dream about. they can show him packages Kellen never knew existed.#

    If you think the reason I feel the Jets will lose is soley based on Clemens your highly mistaken, Their D will dominate our O-line leading ro no running game. they have McGahee, who to say the least tend to rip us apart every time he touches the football.

    I also think Boller is a pretty decent QB, i have for a while.

  3. Don't watch the game then. I hate people like you, I honestly do. What kind of fan wakes up on a Sunday and says " My favorite team " is going to lose tomorrow. I'm going to stop arguing with you, I'm going to play Madden 2005.



    Why would I wake up on Sunday and say my team is going to lose tommorow?

    Firslty, I hope we win but I think we'll lose.My heart says Jets but unfortunatley my head say Ravens.

    Going by your idiotic logic I guess were going 15-1 this season with a SB win.

    So shut the **** up and quit acting like a totally immature little prick.

  4. Damn dudes. No Chad=No Chance. That's just IMHO. To throw Clemens in against that Ravens defense will rough. I will wish you good luck though because a loss for Baltimore is good for Cincy!

    What he said.

    Ghost you have to get it through your head.

    Clemens hasnt experienced anything close to what hes going to see tommorow, maybe you dont realise just how aggresive and complex that Ravens D is.

    It is the best in the NFL bar none.

    If Clemens has a good game or even decent game tommorow Id be amazed.

    Clemens may be a very good QB in this league for years o come, but to throw him in the deep end vs that D and expect him to produce in his first start is very naive.

  5. please dont include him amongst Chad supporters... he has clearly gone off the deep end today... lol

    Who? Me?

    Because i dont think we can win because we have a QB making his first start vs the best D in the NFL.

    BTW I never really liked our chances with Chad either, we defo had a better chance but I doubt he could have pulled this one out.

  6. He should play... he practiced fine and barely had his ankle wrapped anymore... this is the NFL... you play through injuries...

    E-curb, I agree with you that playing through injuries is normal.

    But with that defence and our O-line, Id fear for Chads health whether hes 100% or not. Same for Clemonade if he plays.

  7. Newcomer Kenyon Coleman appearing to be perfect fit for Jets' defense


    By DENNIS WASZAK Jr., AP Sports Writer

    September 15, 2007

    HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (AP) -- When the New York Jets were considering adding Kenyon Coleman to their defensive line during the offseason, they sought out Bill Parcells. After all, he had coached Coleman for the last four seasons in Dallas and ran a 3-4 defensive scheme similar to that of the Jets' Eric Mangini. The former Cowboys coach apparently gave a glowing recommendation.

    "Oh, I'm thrilled about it," said Coleman, who was signed by the Jets to a five-year contract in March. "The thing about Bill is that if Bill didn't like you, you weren't going to be around very long. I was very fortunate and very blessed. I was in Dallas for four years, so for Bill to do that, I really appreciated it."

    And so did the Jets. Coleman rewarded them with the best game of his NFL career last Sunday against New England, piling up a team-leading 12 tackles -- 10 solo -- while starting at right end.

    "I had 12 tackles, but a lot of times when you make a tackle, it's predicated on someone else doing their job," Coleman said. "That's the thing about the 3-4. If someone else is doing their job, it allows you to come and make the play. It's unique for a defensive end to have 12 tackles in the 3-4, but a lot of times it's just guys doing their job."

    That humble approach has helped the 28-year-old Coleman fit right in with his new teammates.

    "He never had the new-guy label," fellow defensive end Shaun Ellis said. "Once he came here, we accepted him and he was just like one of the guys."

    The Jets are hoping he becomes more than just another player on defense. They think he could be an important part in the team improving on its pass rush and run defense, which will be tested Sunday by Willis McGahee and the Baltimore Ravens.

    "Kenyon had a real good camp and performed well in his first outing here in the opening game," defensive coordinator Bob Sutton said. "Like all of our players in our entire unit defensively, he's got areas he's got to improve. I think he showed signs of what we thought when we acquired him. Hopefully, if he can continue to improve, he'll become a very solid player for us."

    He was a serviceable, if unspectacular, player during his first five NFL seasons. Coleman was drafted by Oakland in the fifth round out of UCLA in 2002 and had one tackle in the only game he played. He was inactive during that postseason, when the Raiders went all the way to the Super Bowl before losing to Tampa Bay.

    "It was still a great experience even though we lost," Coleman said before being asked if that seems like a lifetime ago.

    "Oh yeah," Coleman said with a big smile that revealed two rows of braces. "It goes by fast."

    And so did his stay with the Raiders, who traded him to the Cowboys the following summer. He steadily improved during the next few seasons, playing in 56 games and starting five. Coleman's best year was last season, when he had 35 tackles, including four in the playoffs, and four sacks for Dallas.

    Still, it seemed almost a reach a few months ago to give a player with his credentials -- someone who's previous career high for tackles in a game was five -- the type of contract the Jets awarded him.

    "He was a person that we obviously liked very much in free agency," Mangini said. "He's been a great addition in terms of the locker room and the value he adds there. I was pleased with Kenyon in the game and, really, throughout his time here."

    Coleman, who also considered signing with Cleveland, certainly looks the part of a potentially game-changing defensive end. He's 6-foot-5 and 295 pounds with a thick neck, broad shoulders and massive arms. He's also quick off the snap and, most importantly, seemingly a perfect fit for New York's 3-4 defense.

    "I think that's why they wanted me here," he said. "The one thing I need to continue to do is get better and do the things they ask me to do. If it's pass rush, I'll pass rush."

    Just as long he's on the field to make plays for the Jets. "I'm glad I have an opportunity here," Coleman said. "I'm starting and getting a fair, good amount of plays in games for the first time in my career. So, I'm very pleased. I just want to do my role and do what I can."

    He was decent vs The Pats. held his ground well.

  8. How did Chad do vs the Raiders and Steelers in the playoffs?

    Thought so.

    vs Raiders - First year starter, did great to take us as far as he did.

    vs Steelers - Playing hurt, still helped us get into position to kick 2 game winning FG's

    Last week vs The Pats (SB favourites) - Our best player by a country mile, no help AT ALL!!

    Has proven he can get in done vs top tier teams. Imagine what he could do with the like of Baltimore, Chicago, Pittsburgh etc.

  9. No game is the NFL is a easy one... Thats not what I'm trying to say, as a fan of the Jets... Im just trying to keep some hope.

    1 game at a time... And it all starts with Baltimore in less than 24 hours but if we can find a way to win... Some how, some way... If we can get a win... I feel we are in pretty good shape for a playoff run.

    After Baltimore we play




    I have hope for this season... And it all starts with the game tommorow when we play the Ravens... If we can beat them, one game at a time... But I feel we can get to 4-1, that would be awsome.

    we will go 3-2 IMO after a loss to Baltimore.

  10. why do I have to be an idiot to disagree with you. I like Chad, I just don't think he has what it takes to win a superbowl by himself. Which is what ghost wrote. I liken him to a trent dilfer. If we had a dominate o and d line, with a lt like rb and a good te we would be a contender for the superbowl. chad can manage a game with the best of them, but that alone won't win us a superbowl. He has the heart of any of the best QB's, but that won't win us a superbowl. What we need is someone with all of these qualities plus a good arm and that is mobile. WE had a chance to draft that with Cutler and passed and I'm not whining about what we could of have, because these years draft will have some very good QB's in it. Just my opinion.

    Peyton manning or Tom Brady could not win a SB with the weapons Chad has on this team, no one could.

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