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  1. Yes, genius I know what LOL means, just why are you using it when talking about Chad taking a big hit??
  2. I think he needs to call God and ask for a friggin miracle.
  3. Right after the 79 yd TD you said its not important and its only pre-season. BTW that was very good.
  4. Funny how when Chad does good, its not important.
  5. Hmmm. Clemens 1 Chad 0 ... OH Wait, thats the INT column.
  6. Barton, for Christ sakes you actually said right after the 79 yrd TD that it doesnt mean anything so stop making a damn fool of yourself and shut up!
  7. By the looks of our line were heading for an Oakland Raider season.
  8. How did Clemens' throws look? Were they perfectly thrown or what?
  9. Yeah, but thats not an excuse for nearly killing your QB. They should be going 100% right now. Any sign of Stuckey tonight?
  10. That Anthony Wright is a horrible backup IMO.
  11. Damn, Barton will prob never shut up about Clemens now.
  12. Wow, even vs 2nd or 3rd stringers that drive seemed impressive. Was it as good as it looks???
  13. Right, Im away. Good look to all, especially Clemens.
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