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  1. I wish Vick dos eat you moronic fooll. sad itiots like You just make losin eevn worse.
  2. 1) NO, line got killed by theirs. No safeties matter 2) yes, Chad palyed bad at end 3) NO, leon and Rhodes TD'd kept D on field 4) Team 5)team- didnt paly baltimore, played well NE. Sucked in other 2 so did team
  3. Its clemens! stop, nog fair!
  4. Chads fault it is. he played bad butthe rest sucked too. We need running game"
  5. he was OK safeties today were brihtt pointss
  6. your the 1 bein a jerk, stop with the ****e. Hes nos even defendin Penny, hes takin the piss.
  7. Why you all bein jerkks. Chad sucked, admitted it. kellen time, I agree.
  8. chad and kellen shud fight to death, winner satrts. then well see whos fraid!!!
  9. Go drrink yourself to DEATH!!!!!! im deprressed so F U!!!
  10. yup, srew next week. Im sooooooooo deppressed!"!!!
  11. Yourr making the loss even bloody worse, just shut the helll up!!!!
  12. Im worriweda bout Chad kellen, mangini and everyone. ] Wee suck!!!
  13. WEE ned to rebuild the whole whole team, not just QB. we sucks!!!!!
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