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  1. I think D-rob would be a very good 3-4 DE.
  2. So what we give up on BOTH Clemens and Pennington?? That is ridiculous. I am happy with either of those 2 starting next season and Clemens being the long term guy. Why would you want a great starter and a great backup.You say the more great QB's a team has the better. WTF?? you are aware you cant play 2 QB's at once, what you want is a great starter and a pretty good backup. Anything more would just be stupid. Our Defence is one great NT away from being sorted and I am serious about that.
  3. What is that meant to be an Irish joke?? Seriously dude, grow up.
  4. Andre Woodson would be a stupid choice. WE DONT NEED A BLOODY QUARTERBACK!! We should draft the best NT available, Pick up Alan Faneca as he should be out of Pitt by the end of the year and all of a sudden we have a hell of a team.
  5. Penningtoon will play and the Jets will win. Im guessing a blowout: Jets - 31 Fish - 3
  6. again: :rl: Out of all the positions there is to choose from you chose a bloody TE. Not even the best TE in the league.
  7. He doesnt realise he's left his Dolphins Forum.
  8. Indeed, ive always thought D-Rob would be a great 3-4 end.
  9. You seriously need to let this go. Mangini does play a number of 4-3 fronts and they are no more effective than a 4-3. Truth be told we dont have the personel to run either D properly yet. We havent been able to run a 4-3 properly since Ferguson left and we cant run a 3-4 due to our only decent DT being incredibly undersized. We will be a very good 3-4 D in a few years IMO if we can just sort out the NT position.
  10. For the last time if a certain scheme would help our team to the point where we would be a top 5 defence. Mangini would switch, Im sorry but I'll take his word over yours.
  11. Im sorry but if it was "that simple" Im pretty sure mangini would do it. The guys not an idiot ya know.
  12. Yeah we will, I dont think were going to split just because thats what normally happens. They blow this year and we will beat them not once but twice. BELIEVE IT!!!
  13. Well now if your allowed to do that, it makes it much easier.
  14. Id be a heck of a lot more worried about Pittsburgh's running game.Their O-line will blow up our defence. Im pretty sure our D can find a way past taht guy, whats his name?? ..... ....Pete Kendall.
  15. Agree, the Steelers are my SB pick. They are better than the Pats IMO. Cant see us beating them but we should defo beat the skins.
  16. Yeah Lawrence Taylor would be Good. Seriously though as good as Tomlinson is, he wouldnt help our team as much as others would.
  17. Our main problem in the 3-4 is not Jonathan Vilma, If he had casey hampton or Jamal Williams in front of him, he would be as good as ever. The main problem is D-Rob, he doesnt demand double teams and gets pushed around far far too easy. We need a new NT, one who can play to this system. That will open up holes for the LB's to work with. Changing the scheme wont help now.
  18. We will win. Jets are going to the playoffs this season and this is the game were it begins. LETS GO: J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!!
  19. Try Running on that guy!! If we had hampton, he would instantly improve every aspect of our Defence, he destroys O-lines.
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