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  1. WEE ned to rebuild the whole whole team, not just QB. we sucks!!!!!
  2. im drunk on JD, have oly been drinkin it for like 10 minutes and am already through 3 qurters of a botlle.
  3. Like last week, i am just downing the whiskey in to me. Anyways guys, a link??? I wont believe this until I see it!!!
  4. For the second week in a row it doesnt matter how many are in the damn box. their D-line crushed our O-line. Simple as that!!!!
  5. Its over, anyone wanna bet otherwise???? Didnt think so. its over guys, accept it. our team is a shambles, a joke, an overall f'in disgrace!!!!
  6. i dont know who you are but your incredibly annoying!!!!!
  7. Theres no choice really. I still like you Chad but Clem is the way forward.
  8. I agree, once we have a damn lead Chad shouldnt even be put in the position to throw those damn picks. Great teams can run out the clock, we tried and went backwards. This whole team sucks!!!!!!!!
  9. This cant haen, he genuinely no longer has a choice. Chad is done as our QB, thats the very painful truth. He may spark another team and succeed elsewhere but as a Jet I cant see him playing again. get th oy in, the seasons done. We might as well see what we ahve in this kid, if we leave it too late we could be screwed next season too.
  10. The game would have been totally different. STFU!!! You have no idea what would have happened!!!
  12. Please stop Ecurb, your pretty much pushing me closer to the edge of the cliff!!!
  13. I genuinely just got sick. I may have to end it all guys.
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