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  1. Purge these Darnold fans. This sh*t reads like a parody.
  2. This is an exaggeration young man.
  3. Yes and he was the worst of a terrible bunch of backs. Gore outplayed him at 97 years old.
  4. Hahahaha stop. It's like every pick since Carter I was designed to piss us off.
  5. Take a f*cking shot on Trey Smith here. Nothing to lose.
  6. I like Nasirildeen and I think Sherwood could be useful. Really not a fan of the rest of these defensive picks. Seem a waste, especially with so many other holes.
  7. I'd imagine more were optimistic about Tanny, Rex and Sanchez in 2010 than will care to admit it. I certainly was.
  8. Reading more on him I actually like it a lot more, maybe more the safeties we took before him. High ceiling guy and with the versatility that Salah is clearly prioritising. Pretty obvious we're moving all of these guys around. But damn that PTSD is strong.
  9. He's at least considered pretty good value for where we drafted him but f*ck me this is pretty hilarious.
  10. I've mostly liked it. It's been better than last years. While I'm not a huge fan of the back end of the draft it's essentially a lottery at this point anyways. If these are the guys Salah has identified for his defence then so be it. The top of the draft has been everything I've wanted for the best part of a decade so no complaints. Carter was my second ranked running back and is ridiculous value in the 4th. I'd still prefer we keep Crowder and I think he's going to be cut so pre-emptively that's my most hated move. I'd still have wanted us to push for another interior lineman
  11. Haha seriously. I came here to make the same comparison. They're pretty similar on the field which would be a great thing for the Jets. He's nothing like MJD, who had enough power to lower his shoulder and run through linebackers at times.
  12. Pittsburgh CB's have been good for us.
  13. The Vikings have had an incredible draft. I think both teams won that trade.
  14. So we didn't even gain a pick? Just moved around? What was the point?
  15. I know you're drafting for depth, so unless these guys are playing LB or corner then not sure what we're doing adding even more.
  16. This free agency and draft hasn't been much of an endorsement of how we feel about Perine or Davis. Also makes me worry that they're looking at Joyner as a CB, where he's f*cking awful.
  17. I have been nice to this point, but that is garbage.
  19. There goes Gainwell. Eagles doing a ton to help Hurts.
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