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  1. That is f*cking ridiculous. What the f*ck is the cop even doing there? Jubilant team messes around shocker. Jesus christ.
  2. Dumping Darnold before even giving him a mediocre group to work with would be insane. We’ve invested way too much in him to give up on him after a shaky second season behind an abysmal line. Invest heavily in the OL, improve that unit and then we can judge. Next season he will have to show signs of progress.
  3. My sleeping routine has been a shambles since Christmas. I’m only half watching the game, half reading a book. Work in 4 hours lol.
  4. How do you take a chance there and not go for it earlier?!!
  5. These WR’s sit for one week and lose all motor functions apparently.
  6. He could have easily ran for the 5 yards there and got the first. Ravens were mentally beaten long ago in this game.
  7. Great response from Jackson - Drive was all him. Game not over yet.
  8. Shows the trenches are everything. I hate Mike Maccagnan so much. Invest everything in the offensive line. F*cking everything.
  9. Jackson has been brutal. Two atrocious playoff outings. Not a good look.
  10. Loved Mangold, probably would have been a HOF'er on another team. He was so consistently great for his first 7-8 years in the league. Legend.
  11. Here? LOL - This happens with literally every sports fanbase everywhere. Seeing your rivals suffer is always fun. Patsfans has like a 3000+ thread that's seemingly always on their front page called "Jets suck". We live in their head as they do ours. Sports, drink it in.
  12. I would agree with this. The owners only priority is his teams and his businesses self interest. The issue is racial stereotyping and bias towards white people, whether conscious or not, with the assumption that he's the more qualified. People are still peddling racial IQ nonsense to this day. This was the issue with QB's and Centre's. Not that they weren't phsyically or technically as good - But the the underlying notion that they weren't mentally up to the task. As notion which has been completely destroyed in recent years by the performances of black QB's. They didn't just suddenly improve. To suggest the predominantly old white billionaires running things in the NFL haven't carried down some of this racial bias is astonishingly ignorant. A lot of them were born into a segregated country.

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