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  1. 1 hour ago, greenwichjetfan said:

    It was suppressed by the Chinese leaders and media. There are outlets dating back to the last week of January stating that China’s reported numbers were wholly disingenuous. YANG and XFP were good buys at the time.


    China may have understated it but even going by their figures it was obvious this was extremely contagious. Keep in mind a lot of our media outlets were saying their quarantining methods were over the top and authoritarian while these same methods were being employed a few weeks later. 

    The extreme hostility and inability for all sides to act with any solidarity was disgraceful. There are NHS officials over here who knew this was coming months ago while our world leaders were saying to relax. People knew, they just didn't act. Still haven't in some cases.

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  2. Such a f*cking shambles over here. For all the sh*t people give Trump the Tories have been even worse. They have no idea what they're doing. 

    Schools still open because f*ck the teachers. Plan at one point seemed to be pushing for herd immunity but he's walked that back and now we're not doing one thing or the other.  Advising people to "stay away from pubs, cinemas, offices etc" - but NOT making them close so they can't be held responsible for the inevitable downturn and provide the compensation needed. 

    I think it's pretty telling of the leadership that in the US and UK it took the cancelling of major sports for people to realise this was serious. The NBA leading the way. 

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  3. The best approach to take is the assumption that you're already infected. Particularly with the lack of tests. The amount of ignorance on show is sadly not even surprising. A quick look at the world can tell you that "common sense" is in short supply.

    I feel the extreme measures that are being introduced in France and Spain are inevitable here and elsewhere and it's difficult to understand the delay. If it's going to happen just do it now before things get worse. 

    Health care services are going to be completely overrun. There's going to be a lot of indirect deaths from cancers or other conditions being missed in the chaos. Hard times ahead for us all. 

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  4. No idea what is going on over here. 

    Boris keeping sh*t going as normal on this side of the border while Varadkar is shutting everything down in the south. Entirely different approaches on the same damn island both following the "scientific advise".

    Hilariously they were going to let Premier League games be played as normal and still are as of now. Up to 75,000 people attend these games and are only now calling an emergency meeting because the f*cking Arsenal manager tested positive a few hours ago. Madness.

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  5. 8 minutes ago, Matt39 said:

    Green wave has been a solid poster for quite a bit and seems like a relatively level headed guy. You sound like a total buffoon and a jackass. Sit this out.

    And yet that post made him sound like a prick.

    Some old people are dying and now I can’t go to Disneyworld. Woe is me.

  6. 9 hours ago, Dcat said:

    assuming the reduced numbers are true.  I don't know.  Have the #'s from China been validated or corroborated?

    I don't think the numbers can be trusted from anywhere. I think people overstate the malevolence of political enemies at times like this - Be it China, Iran or the other political parties. It's in China's interest to deal with it. It's in Trump interest to deal with it effectively.

    There will be PR spin like everywhere else but they're clearly doing everything to stem the spread and face more challenges than most in doing so given the dense population and the fact that they were ground zero. Other countries are struggling as much if not more with months of information. 

    They were getting hammered for a lot of the problems that have emerged in every affected region. They were accused over understating and overstating it. Any idea of solidarity with the people suffering didn't emerge until it started affecting us or people like us, pretty disgusting. 

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  7. 5 minutes ago, Biggs said:

    Angela Merkel addressed the German people today.  She calmly told the country that up to 60 percent of the country will be infected.  

    Sadly, I’ve always thought of her being level headed, smart and honest.  


    Being an island is underrated.

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  8. 16 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

    My brother was citing home-brew YouTube crackpots to me today as evidence that this was a conspiracy that would disappear after the election. There’s no saving these people. Not should anyone try.

    All global pandemics are subservient to the US election cycle. Anyone saying otherwise is an agent of Soros. 

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  9. 31 minutes ago, munchmemory said:

    Wow, did not know this.  They are really going to suspend Serie A?  And Juve plays Champion's League against Lyon next Tuesday, right?  My father has been a Juventus fan since the 1930s.  

    It's already suspended indefinitely and the Lyon game postponed. It's been crazy to see the progression. Games were played as normal a few weeks ago, then Inter Milan refused to play a game with fans (their Chinese owner knew the risk better than most) so the games were played in empty stadiums and now they've been suspended.

    The Rugani case has only been reported tonight so no idea what the fallout will be but I assume this will be the end of the season. Juventus squad now has to enter quarantine for 14 days as they've been exposed. Sarri their manager is a huge smoker and is up there in age, he could be seriously at risk if infected. 

    sh*t is real. 


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  10. European Soccer season about to end prematurely.

    Daniele Rugani a Juventus player has tested positive. He's Cristiano Ronaldo's teammate and holy  sh*t the reactions if he has it will be something else. 

    Italian season had already been postponed indefinitely but with this case there's no way they'll risk finishing off the Champions League and it's a matter of time before the other leagues follow. The Olympics and the Euros will be cancelled too. Khabib vs Tony is never happening god damn it.

    Liverpool not mathematically winning the league would be glorious though. 

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  11. 21 minutes ago, CTM said:

    Right, but holding it up makes it seem like he has a vested interest in people being panic'd. Buy the book! Even too, (and I only saw 15 minutes), not once did he concede that there is a decent chance transmission slows considerably as humidity rises.

    Re: the other side, its the example I cited earlier. Plenty of that coming out right now as well as people saying it's all BS and just a cold

    I only watched it briefly earlier. I mean he could be a hack but he seems pretty qualified and educated on the issue. Certainly more than most. It's the cynical take to assume he's just there for a cheap plug when in reality if you've been vested in this field for such a long time I think it's fair to share your research at the most relevant time.

    If there's another side claiming it's just a cold it's evidently wrong. Unless there's a global conspiracy fixing death statistics in China, Iran and Italy. Italy's rate is especially terrifying - It went from business as usual a few weeks ago to a total stop now. It's the second highest total of recorded cases in the world behind China. No way it's the last country that will have such an outbreak.  

    Every case in Ireland has came from that sh*thole. F*cking ski trips. 

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  12. 15 minutes ago, CTM said:

    I have to be honest, i winced when he held up the book he's selling.

    fwiw, I'm in the middle. I think it's a lot more than nothing, but I also don't think we're going to be at 4M cases in 6 weeks. But what do I know

    The book was written 3 years ago. He had predicted a lot of what had already happened so it's not like it was written in reaction to this. 

    Obviously the rate will slow when the state eventually acts and enforces containment measures - The example you cited earlier was flawed because the "and so on" assumes people carry on as normal which they obviously wont when the severity is evident. The rate slowed so dramatically in China because they shut everything down and got people quarantined. Their reaction is actually starting to look relatively impressive which is ironic because the early days of the virus were used almost exclusively to take shots at their government to score political points. F*cking priorities am I right.

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  13. 53 minutes ago, JiF said:

    I listened.  He's sounds like a lunatic.  Ive heard/read stuff that would fly in the face of his take.  Like anything, there are cases for both sides but I personally think this dude is insane if he actually believes those numbers.  Just listen to the guy, he didnt even answer Joe's question, just went on some tin foil hat rant.  I personally think paranoia is the wrong mindset which is what that man is creating.  Awareness is good.  But we're past that, compounding the situation with eye popping numbers off "the limited data" is just adding to the mass hysteria. 

    Good thing is, I'm not influencing anyone's response, so if my mindset is wrong, all good in the hood.  I'm clearly not an expert so my position could be totally off but I dont see this playing out like this man thinks it will and think his type of position based on "limited data" does more bad than good.  


    196 people died in 24 hours in Italy. That’s with the country in almost complete lockdown. 

    I don’t really know what “both sides” you refer to, unless you think there’s another side to this being serious. The powers that be haven’t came together to crash the global economy, shut down businesses, sports and entertainment across the world just for the sake of it.

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  14. On 2/27/2020 at 6:34 PM, RutgersJetFan said:

    Some did. The Gracies used to come back with bags of cash from a lot of those old events. Others not so much. There are stories about Rickson flying back with suitcases filled to the brim with stacks of money after the first few Prides. Others never saw a dime.

    Guys still run off to Japan for extra pay btw. There is an organization called Rizin that uses old Pride rules and is Yakuza'd the **** up. Fighters head out there all the time.

    There are some great stories about how the Pride officials would literally give guys phone numbers to get hooked up with "supplements". They would have it in the contract that they wouldn't be drug tested. Wanderlei Silva would actually grease himself up before fights so he couldn't get taken down. Hilarious stuff. Chael Sonnen makes some good points about the dominant guys on the Japanese circuit suddenly looking human in the US. Hard to know just how legit their wins were.




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