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  1. That’s not a catch but it’s an amazing attempt. Higgins is feasting.
  2. Pathetic coverage from Mosley. Linebackers are trash.
  3. Anyone using the word triggered unironically needs to take a look at themselves.
  4. Are people really still getting upset about PED’s in sports? They’re all at it. Everyone.
  5. Larry Johnson. And trust me when I say that’s the tip of the iceberg lol.
  6. Haha of course is matters, especially if as you say the rebuild is ending - We've seen teams in worse states turn it round quicker than the Jets and coaches and GM's very often get fired in much less time. Neither guy has any more free hits and winning cures everything. Prioritizing "developing/winning" now is a contradiction. It's one or the other. If you are prioritizing winning then you play whoever you think the better QB is right now or at the very least you let that QB play well until he doesn't. Where in the world did I say Flacco is the answer? I probably rate him around the same level you do - When I say "if he's as bad" I just mean when he regresses to his usual standard. Flacco has been pretty bad every year since he left Baltimore - I'm saying you don't make the switch before that shows up - If he's putting up a 4 TD 0 INT 300+ yard game against Cincy you just can't roll Zach out there against Pittsburgh - That does no one any favours, least of all Zach.
  7. Of course he cares. He's 14-37 and under pressure to actually win some games now that this is his team. Losing the players and tanking the season would hardly reflect well on him or his handpicked coach. If the Jets aren't going to prioritise winning then how can you expect the players to? If Flacco is as bad as you say it should be no problem for Zach to get an opportunity and outplay him when he gets the chance. Downplaying an objectively excellent game because the defence sh*t the bed to make your point is just childish. I doubt Flacco will sustain his level of play but if he does and we bench him anyway then there is so much pressure on Zach to match that same level.
  8. The players don't give a sh*t about what the organisation wants going forward. They want to win and produce now and if they feel the coaching staff are compromising that to placate their investment you'll soon have an open revolt among the players. The fans will be no less fickle no matter how reasonable they may think they'll be. Zach should only play once Flacco gives him a reason to. If you make the switch while the team is winning and he's playing well it could be disastrous.
  9. If Flacco keeps up this level of play and Zach comes in and sh*t the bed you risk losing the entire locker room and Saleh will be pretty much done. I don’t think it will take Flacco long to regress to his level but if he keeps playing like he did vs Cleveland and we’re winning games going back to Zach presents a huge risk for the staff.
  10. Davis has been really good and will only get better if Wilson can keep drawing attention away from him. Losing him would be a big hit. The three starting WR’s are the strength of the team.
  11. If the Jets let Trubisky throw all over us heads need to roll. That offence is terrible. I could see Pickett doing a Baker Mayfield and coming in mid game to slice us up, as is tradition. If the Jets defence can step up the next two games are very winnable.
  12. So we have safeties who can't cover and linebackers who can't cover and you're talking about how improved we are? We just made Jacoby Brissett look like a superstar and they still ran all over us. It was a genuinely terrible performance in all phases defensively.
  13. Tbh the Browns were able to torch us with short passing so easily that they didn't even need to test them.
  14. We're really out here comparing a Superbowl MVP to a guy who couldn't cut it in Canada.
  15. If you check my history I'm the opposite, I always complain about the shootouts. It's just too easy and I feel they've lost any kind of novelty. Some of the college scores I regularly see are disgusting. You can normally tell a good defensive game from a sh*tty offensive one. If guys are dropping balls or missing wide open guys then yeah that just sucks. But when guys like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are in full flight you can't but appreciate how good they are. One of my favourite NFL game ever was the Steelers-Dolphins on MNF. It finished 3-0. The pitch was waterlogged. Absolute madness.
  16. Nah that's not really how it works. A lot of fundamental aspects of the game have simply been removed - Big hits namely - These were so popular at the time that ESPN had a dedicated segment to the best of them. My favourite non-Jets games when I was first watching the NFL was always Steelers-Ravens - Just two amazing defences beating the ever loving piss out of each other. The very embodiment of "smash mouth football" - That side of the game isn't really there anymore and in my opinion the game is way worse off for it. More than ever we're seeing pathetic flags deciding games and even though there's always been controversial calls the refs are only getting stricter. Today feels like a watered down version of what the sport was. There's a reason Brady puts up better numbers in his 40's than he did in his 20's and it's not that he just got better. He was playing a different sport.
  17. Joyner has been terrible for four years. I really doubt that he suddenly gets a lot better. Always felt bizarre that we went back in for him.
  18. If anything this shows why people need to stop taking PFF as gospel. They have borderline elite pass rushing grades which just hasn’t happened.
  19. I liked Wilson as the next best QB after Lawrence. He has been trash. Probably will continue to be trash. I don't know how any of that makes Justin Fields better?
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