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  2. They cheated. They have god on their side.
  3. My immediate thought was maybe a move to LB. Just seems bizarre we'd be going there with Joyner, Maye, Davis on board. No point pretending. Don't like it.
  4. SAFETY LMAO Back in form. I suppose you may well go BAP now.
  5. That's pretty bizarre. I guess we're just going for quantity at this point. Suggests there's nothing out there that we're really high on that may have slipped.
  6. Would be hilarious if we just went offence the rest of the way. I still wouldn't complain lol. Fair play to Douglas for this. Can't say he hasn't tried to do what we've been crying for for so long. I'd be thinking Corner with our next pick, maybe next couple.
  7. Great value for the Cowboys. Him and Parsons revamp that defence.
  8. Putting on a clinic on how to approach a draft when you invest in a young QB. Wilson is in a position to play well. There wont be the same excuses that people still make for Darnold. In a season or two he should be a great situation.
  9. He was the biggest reach in the entire draft last year. Don't worry though, you'll not be rooting for him much longer.
  10. @JiFapono get this guy a paper bag too?
  11. Ty Johnson comfortably outplayed him last year and has a far higher ceiling. The excuses apply to him too. In fact all of our backs outplayed Perine last year. He was terrible. Some of us seen it coming before the season, a back without any attributes is worthless. The sign of a good GM is one that doesn't persist with his own mistakes for the sake of his ego. Carter, Coleman and Johnson will be the backs. Perine can kick rocks. He'll struggle to make another roster.
  12. He was a failure before he ever played. Was saying as much this time last year. Atrocious pick. Not even a JAG. By NFL standards he's talentless. Worst pick since Hackenberg, never stood a chance and it should have been a WR in last years stacked class. Obviously the Jets have since realised this.
  13. I've given Douglas a lot of sh*t but this has been a draft of redemption. This is what I was screaming for Mac to do 3 years ago. Surrounding the QB with assets, stack the depth chart. Prioritise that while Wilson gets comfortable. The defence can wait.
  14. He's a proven failure. Averaged less YPC than Josh Adams, Ty Johnson and the corpse of Frank Gore. Carter is infinitely better and will probably see Perine out the door.
  15. Perine isn't even making the roster lmao
  16. By far my favourite pick of the draft so far. Instantly going to be our best back and so suited to our system. Kid is a gamer.
  17. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS HAHAHAHAHA @JiFapono in utter shambles. We will f*cking see who's better between Carter and that trash Perine. Nowhere for you to hide.
  18. Pick was in immediately. Jesus.
  19. Some literally make the team worse with their presence. The thin air doesn’t drop passes and fumble at will. He’s a disgrace.
  20. Because he’s absolutely atrocious and when he wasn’t dropping balls last year he was fumbling after the catch. At least on the few occasions where he wasn’t invisible. He doesn’t deserve a roster spot.
  21. What? Herbert was the opposite. The fans and media were down on them and they went higher than projected because the NFL teams could see his talent. That pick was met with a ton of ridicule, the exact opposite of the sheep blindly praising Fields. Fields was ridiculously overhyped and the NFL teams seen that. And of course Chicago drafts him, a team with a history of atrocious judgement at QB’s. It also painfully obvious that they were bowing to the fan pressure, the disillusioned fans have been calling for everyone’s head. Fields will be the latest QB disaster class for the Bears.
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