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  1. Can actually hear the Curb theme playing over Maccagnan's laughter.
  2. As evidenced by all of the winning seasons, playoff appearances and Superbowls he's brought to us.
  3. That movie was unironically a large part of why I became a Jets fan.
  4. Huge game for Cousins. Stepped up when it mattered. Even had they lost it would have been on the coaching going so conservative.
  5. Henry has run them the f*ck home. Incredible performance.
  6. I think we need to invest on offense. This has to be a decisive season for Sam and we need to get him out of this sh*tty situation so we can actually see if he’s the guy.
  7. Was my post deleted? Guy has talked nonsense all season for f*ck sake. No one’s attacking him, just his sh*tty opinions.
  8. Every Texan owes Watson a steak dinner. What a player. What a performance since the half. All time great stuff.
  9. It was stupid. But f*ck Gase.
  10. Watson has to murder these guys after the game. Man is playing his ass off.
  11. This. I’d almost have more faith in Watson on a 4th and 5 where the full playbook is open. They were always gonna play it safe with one yard to gain and Bills have been getting through that line all day. Have faith in Allen to suck. Make them desperate.
  12. Would have been a long FG. I think they should have punted. Make Allen go 90+ without a timeout.

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