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  1. People always underrate the fighters who aren’t the most aesthetically appealing. I think Fury and both Klitschko’s could have competed in any era. Anyone writing them off is overly nostalgic or not giving these guys their due. There’s a reason all those actually involved in the sport rate him as highly as they do.

    Fury is freakishly athletic for a man of that size. Even when he had the weight on there were videos of him hitting pads and his head/hand movement didn’t look real. Between his look and his early fights people have always written him off – he was the underdog for all three of his title fights and was clearly the superior fighter in each of them. 

    He was utterly terrifying on Saturday. People always talk about the fear Wilder evokes but I honestly think it would be worse to just get systematically dismantled like that with no real escape. He did a similar demolition on Derek Chisora in 2014 which was the first sign that he was really putting his skills together. He left Wilder utterly helpless and the corner done him a favour.

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  2. I don't think the immediate rematch makes much sense for either guy, certainly not before Fury-Joshua, a fight that could sell out Wembley 10x over. Too much to lose for Wilder, who'll be a big underdog and nothing really to gain for Fury who honestly has two victories even if he didn't get that first decision. 

    Fury's comeback from being a 400lb+ drug addicted alcoholic is something else. Doesn't feel that long ago when he was talking trash in that state and most people were laughing him off. Now he's reclaimed his spot and more. Amazing he retained all that agility after putting his body through hell. 

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  3. Unbelievable.

    Fury went away from his usual style in big fights. He hasn’t been that aggressive since he was a sloppy kid. He’s cut out the sloppiness and just brought a f*cking storm to Wilder.

    A genuinely great heavyweight. Incredible performance.

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  4. I would have been pretty confident of a Fury win but there’s been some very concerning signs. The split with his coach two months out of the fight, coming in 20lbs heavier than the first fight and there’s been talk of an ankle injury.

    He can still beat Wilder because he’s the far superior boxer but it’s hard to see why he’d come in heavier when the plan is obviously to stay away from the right hand. Suggest something has gone wrong.

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    Delighted for Reid. Seems a great guy and it's been a while coming. 

    Has been a consistent winner through different teams with multiple QB's. Not easy to do in the NFL. Called a great game yesterday and had Mahomes been himself they probably kill that game much earlier. 

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