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  1. Most people saying it’s a steal. Not a need but who really cares at this stage.
  2. We could win the next 4 Superbowls and he still should have been fired for Hackenberg.
  3. Draft a CB with a broken back in the top 10. What could go wrong?
  4. There is no controversy. He can be traded or he can play for his place. This isn’t QB. He can get snaps if he earns them. Rosen never had a chance.
  5. We’ll have a top 3 run defence, which would be cool if it mattered. We basically need Q to be Aaron Donald to hope to have a consistent pass rush from the front - Will be heavily reliant on scheming pressure as we were under Rex. Teams will have to pass to beat us so we’ll be good for a few wins against lesser QB’s. The CB’s are garbage - Not one of them I’d consider capable against a top WR. Serious lack of pedigree at WR and TE. Bell is literally the most accomplished reciever on the roster and by a lot. Enunwa will probably get injured and we’ll need Herndon to keep improving. I worry for both Darnold and Bell behind that line, will take great play for either to excel. Bizarre that we didn’t invest more in getting them help. 8-8 type season if we stay healthy. Can’t see how Darnold plays 16 games behind that line though. If he picks up a serious injury everyone in the organisation needs to be fired. Literally set on fire.
  6. Apparently pass protection specialist. Which is good. May have even been endorsed by Sam.
  7. I doubt it will take too long to evaluate him here. I’d say this time next year he’s either a fan favourite or off the team.
  8. I’m not actually too mad about it. The offensive needs are still so painfully apparent. I’d far rather have concerns about the workout numbers than the on field performances. He genuinely looks impressive on tape. Get his head right and we could have a steal.
  9. Vontaze Burfict comes to mind. He seems a strange guy. I would always prioritise performance on the field over workout warriors but yeah, seems to he attitude issues.
  10. We had an entire free agency and a host of other moves we could have made to protect Sam. The lack of a second rounder was no excuse for not adequately filling the glaring weaknesses on offence, which needed to take priority.
  11. I remember doing the same with Hackenberg when we drafted him and feeling my soul slowly die. Intangibles they said.
  12. We were a garbage defence with all three. 28th in the league. Admittedly Mo was passed caring but still. Garbage. Look I have literally nothing against Q. He actually looks pretty phenomenal, but so did Williams and he’s been good but not a consistent game changer. We haven’t had an edge rusher since Abe and only really attempted to get one via the draft since. Having a dominant interior is a great tool to get an offence to be one dimensional. It used to be valuable too and this line would be elite by any standard. But now it’s not enough - There’s no way to shut down the pass without constant pressure and amazing coverage. We’re unlikely to have either. The real crime is on offence though. In the first round we have drafted one non-QB on offence in 12 years. One. And even that was the 30th pick. That is astounding, literally difficult to do, and people wonder why that unit and it’s revolving door of QB’s have constantly sucked. Darnold’s development should be the priority - Should be doing everything to give him all the help/protection he can get.
  13. Seriously! Fought in Korea and Vietnam. Double recipient of the Air Force Cross... Google may be showing me the wrong guy.

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