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  1. Watson is a phenomenon. Has just put the team on his back.
  2. Plenty of players play that style and do it for years. We often sh*t on guys like Robby for not being physical enough so can’t really hold it against Enunwa for putting himself on the line.
  3. The sh*te just blends into the other to be honest.
  4. He was a pretty good pick. Shame his body couldn’t hold up.
  5. Wasn’t Jachai Polite considered a first rounder this time last year? We have no idea who may be there.
  6. They will get to the AFC title game and lose to the Ravens. Wouldn’t be shocked if they won the whole thing because obviously they would.
  7. I’m Daniel Jones and I’m fumbling this post.
  8. LOL at that non call. Blatant corruption. Everyone in the f*cking world could see that.
  9. As far as Jets news goes less than anyone on this forum. Less than anyone on any NFL forum. Less than anyone on a comic book forum.
  10. And now it turns out he’s another cuddly yes man. Rex without the awesome. Gase fans in shambles.
  11. 1 televised game in the UK. The god damn Cheez-it Bowl. What even...
  12. Wouldn’t even play Sam. Not kidding.
  13. He will easily get that on the market and would easily be worth it with the right team. Not sure if that’s us but I think he’s a player you’ll be watching with regret if we let him go. His ability to get open deep is rare and valuable. His #’s aren’t bad given his situations. He’ll get paid.

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