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  1. You are wrong about literally everything.
  2. Washington are killing it too. I think they had the best day 2 of anyone along with Cleveland. Dyami Brown will be a stud.
  3. A slow running back who can't break a tackle or make a guy miss. A guy who can't pass block and is nothing special out of the backfield. Atrocious. You can get players twice as good as Perine on the FA scrap heap any time.
  4. Meh, not sure he's any better than Austin, who we got around the same time. He still has a lot to prove but yeah he was the best late pick by a lot.
  5. LOL Perine is absolutely terrible. It was laughable that he was drafted at all. There's literally nothing he's very good at. Carter and Gainwell can at least make a man miss and have home run ability. Carter averaged 7.9 per carry ffs. There is no comparison between these guys and Perine, who may not even make the roster.
  6. Not really true. Yeah you're not likely to get a pro-bowler but you this is where you can get some very useful depth. This part was a disaster last year so Douglas must improve. Perine is the worst pick we've made since Hackenberg,
  7. Everyone wants Carter or Cox but you just know we'll call some obscure defensive back or some sh*t. Hard to trust Douglas in the 4th round running back department after last year's fiasco.
  8. Carter is the second best back in the draft class IMO. I know there’s some more depth there but I’m still shocked he’s there. He would definitely be an instant impact guy. I know we need defensive help but it’s tempting...
  9. Taking Cox too early can definitely be a problem.
  10. That is pretty atrocious logic from them. Tight ends make tough contested catches but you don’t project them to the outside as a result. Moore has incredible ball skills but hasn’t shown anything to show he can beat press coverage on tbe outside. He’s a good, maybe great slot guy who can provide explosiveness but there’s no need to build him up to be more than what he is.
  11. There is literally no evidence he can do this. His production almost entirely came from the slot.
  12. Not really though. It’s literally gone down in infamy for that rivalry. He’ll always be known for the piss and miss whatever else he does.
  13. It's a pro-day 40 time. 4.45 at best in reality.
  14. Not sure how that excuses it. It wasn't so much the dumb celebration as it was the situation. He cost his team the game. If he did that at the end of the playoff game our fans would want to throw him into the sea.
  15. I actually like the player but I hate the pick. Too many other needs. Prioritising a replacement for Crowder with a rookie QB is just awful. We can find a player like this down the line. I think Moore is pretty low risk but despite his explosiveness the ceiling is limited. He can't play on the outside, he struggles badly with press coverage. He relied heavily on pre snap movement to get free releases. He's great once he gets off the line though and will be a weapon for Wilson down the line but I just don't see it as a pressing need. Knew once we picked a WR early that Crowder was do
  16. I will bet you anything now that Crowder's not on the roster opening day.
  17. As always Jets fans underappreciate their good players. Seen it with Robby, seeing it with Crowder. Awful fan base.
  18. You go from a proven guy to an unknown quantity with a rookie QB. Garbage.
  19. 100%. Does make you wonder if they’ll now invest in the secondary with Sherman/Poole but between this and the Cole pickup this is definitely the end for Crowder. Meh, he deserved better.
  20. He is absolutely not a JAG. Ludicrous notion. He’s consistently productive in some of the worst situations in football. It would be such a disaster to cut him. To take Wilson’s safety net away, his most reliable option while also sending the message that good play isn’t rewarded. Garbage take.
  21. Trading the most proven offensive guy on the team to take a chance on unproven 3rd round guys would be an absolute f*cking disaster with a rookie QB. So yeah, fully expected.
  22. Owusu-Koramoah is exactly that guy you'll be watching for years wondering why we didn't draft him. The other choices are very uninspiring. Especially Campbell who would be a serious reach there IMO.
  23. This really isn't a concern for now. We're making up for literally decades of neglect on the offensive side of the ball, not just a few years, the line especially was just rotting away for so long. It's an offensive league. They dictate and control games and even the best defence can't stop the elite passing attacks. You would have to be as spectacularly bad as the Texans not to be able to compete with an elite offence. The Jets are still pretty far from that - We have some premium pieces on the defensive side of the ball, a strong front 7 in particular. The Jets are making the rig
  24. Imagine saying that to a 21 year old kid at this moment. What a piece of sh*t.
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