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  1. 19 minutes ago, GreenFish said:

    Took a look at some Bell highlights in 2019 versus his highlights in Pitt.

    He lost a step. It’s pretty obvious. I’m sure next gen stats if available will prove what’s clear to the naked eye.

    I don’t think he’s finished though. He got hit behind the line of scrimmage a ton. So I’m expecting him around 4.0 yards a carry this year. Just run behind Mount Becton.

    Wondering if Bell would be better off playing in the 215 range. He looked more muscular this year as well. That could be part of the problem. Pitt ran him to the floor though. 

    He looked disinterested. Especially after week 2 when Darnold went down and then again after the Pats game. Could probably see the writing on the wall. 

    He's gone after next season so I'd expect him to be running hard if he's to get another big contract. Wouldn't shock me if he retired tbh.

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  2. Veteran tackle. For sure.

    As bad as the WR and CB situations looks there are at least players who have played competently in the NFL. At tackle we have an unknown quantity in Becton and guys who were among the worst in the league last year in Fant and Edoga. 

    I’ve said from the start that Beachum will probably be resigned when they get a good look at Fant, unless Edoga takes a huge step forward.

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  3. 14 minutes ago, GreenFish said:

    Some of those plays highlight the poor deep ball accuracy he had last year. On half of those plays, he had time to throw and the receiver had separation. He just missed a lot of deep throws last year. I don’t think it was a play action issue. 

    The most glaring part of those videos are the atrocious footwork. Only one play does he seem to set his feet in any way. 

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  4. Reasonable take all round.

    Gase was trash last season and with Miami before that. If he doesn't improve get him the f*ck out of here.

    The New England game is probably as badly a coached game you're ever likely to see. Beaten by the same f*cking blitz over and over. No preparation. No adjustments. Just falling into the same old traps. Belichick brutally exposed him and Darnold to boot.

    He can be thankful for Greg Williams for saving his job. I suspect he'll be having his job soon enough.

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  5. 1 minute ago, Losmeister said:

    he was out of the pocket...  it was a horrible play...   2nd and goal and your hof qb does THAT?  

    thats bottom 6 qbing right there,....   cost his team pts.

    Are you stupid? I'm saying the guy was on top of him by the time he's out of the pocket - Which he clearly is.

    At that point the play is f*cked and he was going to be hit as he threw it anyway. 

  6. 5 minutes ago, Jetster said:

    I've been a Jet fan for forever & have lived in many places & not once has ANY OTHER FAN of the NFL I know said, man, I love the Jets uniforms, NOT ONE! Rams? Yup, Raiders? Yup, Vikings? Yup. 

    Its only the nostalgia of one moment in time with Namath raising his finger in victory that the NY Jet uniform is recognized, that was a long damn time ago! By the way, the clothing that was sold with that logo SUCKED! 

    You would have the stupid logo just popped in all over the place. Not that the new stuff is much better but it's way better than the 80s crap. The entire point of my post was who effing cares as long as we see those beautiful metallic Green Helmets bobbing up & down in the endzone after another Darnold to Mims TD. They say JETS on the helmet, everyone will know the JETS scored again! 

    Almost like these things are subjective.

    Old Uni's had a classic throwback feel to them - Traditional design with a basic colour scheme. Less is more with uniforms. The new ones look tacky as hell. 

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  7. 2 minutes ago, Losmeister said:

    laughable...     sam ran 10 yards to his left the blitzer had to cover 15 yds to get close to him....


    You can't throw the ball away until you're out of the pocket. There was absolutely nowhere to go with the football. By the time it became possible to throw it away there was a guy on top of him. 

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  8. The improvement in his play last year is what stands out.

    I found his earlier performances in Lamar Jackson's vids and it was pretty rough. He was getting beaten by basic moves and looking lost on some plays (Jackson didn't always help in this regard). The 2019 vids though that @RobR was posting in the draft forum are of a different player. Just an animal who's dominating his opponent from start to finish. You can see the difference in confidence - he's a guy who looks to take the initiative and attack the defence. 

    I do think he'll struggle with the NFL early on and this is why the improvement is encouraging. I still have vivid memories of D'Brick being called a bust after 4 games because he couldn't handle Dwight Freeney right away. I think putting him at right tackle is a nice idea but not sure either Fant or Edoga are up to playing on the left. I wouldn't be shocked if Beachum is brought in the second we get a good look at these guys.


  9. 2 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

    I would be a bit shocked here.  Unless it’s for a legitimate starting corner of Maye’s talent level or a quality starting caliber guard, allowing us to cut Winters.

    makes little sense to trade him otherwise.


    I mean we just drafted a replacement. I think the common consensus was Davis meant either Adams or Maye were on their way out. 

    If it were for a WR or OL around the same level then I think it's a pretty decent trade off. May explain why we didn't double down at WR.

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  10. 33 minutes ago, Losmeister said:

    he should not have shat himself and turned the ball over on 2nd and goal...  dude had to run 15 yds to get near him....

    Blown protection, blown route, terrible design running to the left and hit as he’s thrown. Could even be throwing it away and you wouldn’t know because he was hit so early.  

    Pretty f*cking disastrous play all round, not only from Darnold. Best he was getting was a sack.

  11. 11 hours ago, Prestige Worldwide said:

    Lets not forget that everyones favorite WR got blown up off the line and pushed into crowder and couldnt even break to the corner, not a well executed play all aorund

    What worse is he and Crowder literally run to the same place. Shocking design.

    That happened so often last season it was ridiculous.

  12. Sam is still very flawed. His footwork is all over the place at times and he relies on his arm talent to make plays. He doesn't look like he's been well coached at any level of his career. 

    That said he's 22. Been through two systems in as many seasons and has missed time in both seasons (the time missed in the first season was to his benefit). The horrific situation is well known and he's had to perform in spite of that. The comparisons to Allen and Murray are just nonsensical in this regard. Neither are being asked to absolutely carry the offence in the way Sam is and both have top 10 rushing attacks and a much better line. It's impossible to say how they'd be doing in alternative scenario's so it's a pointless task. 

    I'm not so much looking for a breakout 30 TD season as I am looking for demonstrable improvement. He needs to set his feet more and step into throws. He has excuses and will likely have them again but if he's at least doing the right things you can be encouraged going forward. A lot of the ugly mistakes are his own making - These need to be reduced.

    I'd be hoping for the TD:INT ration to be around 2:1 and to get his YPA to around 7.5 but more than that I just want to see the calamitous sh*t gone from him game. 

  13. We have no idea how tough the schedule will actually be. There's always huge swings in the NFL year to year.

    Looking at that list the only for sure tough games are @ KC, @ Seattle and the 49ers at home, the latter might be winnable depending on where we're at. The rest are pretty unknown entities, as are the Jets. There could be major injuries, suspensions, trades anything between now and then. 

    Just look at our schedule in 2019. Browns, Eagles, Cowboys and Steelers all hugely under-performed. Bills hugely over performed. It will happen again in some capacity. 

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