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  1. He passed for 120 yards the week before. He has passed for 190 yards on the season. Are you serious right now?
  2. I'm shocked at how many people would put Zach back in no matter what. Was listening to the Let's Talk Jets guys and they were outraged at the idea of Flacco staying on at QB. We're so starved of competitive football that I'd be happy to stick with him until he gives you a reason not to. Not like Zach couldn't benefit from some more time to sit and watch the offence in the mean time. Joe Flacco wouldn't be where he is if he was a top level QB so I imagine he'll soon provide some more Baltimore like games and give good cause for Zach to come in but if he maintains that Browns game level then you can't justify taking him out. The players would f*cking revolt if Zach comes in and doesn't instantly produce.
  3. The queen got me the Monday off so I got to enjoy the game even more. Nice to have some sporting events to watch given society all but shut down here north of the border
  4. Whitehead was as bad as Joyner. There was a play where Brissett was flushed to his left and being chased down by several guys. He'd have been sacked if Whitehead didn't inexplicably leave his man to go after Brissett - Became an easy dump off for a 30 yard gain and put them in field goal range. Just a garbage play.
  5. I'm watching the coaches film replay of this game and some of these grades are just laughable. Quinnen and Lawson getting amazing pass rushing grades when they're not even coming close to getting home. Lawson was lining up way outside and other than one play Wills was handling him easily. Where are they getting this sh*t? A few more things that stood out to me: I felt Solomon Thomas was one of the better D-lineman. Guy never stopped hustling and found him all over the field. Elijah Moore was open a lot. He's getting separation which put me at ease as I was kind of concerned about the lack of targets. On the play where Flacco failed to squeeze it into Wilson over the middle Moore was wide open in the corner of the endzone. Our line backers and safeties are terrible. The quick passes to tight ends and running backs were just automatic. So easy to get these guys on the back foot. Quincy Williams is probably the worst offender. I'm not sure if our downfield coverage was all that good because they never had to be tested. Too easy for them. Tyler Conklin cannot block. At all. At times he was providing support for Fant vs Garrett and I swear he was just getting in Fant's way. We really struggle to pickup blitzes inside. Seems to always be a guy getting through untouched and I'm shocked teams don't do it more. That's been an issue for years.
  6. Yeah no way Belichick doesn't have at least 5 lip readers in his employ.
  7. To be fair Allen's improvement as a passer is almost unprecedented in the modern NFL. He basically broke Football Outsiders' whole system lol.
  8. I watched the end of the game. By the point Adams was jogging around and clearly not even trying.
  9. No. It's a watered down version of what the game was. It would be one thing if the passing had just gotten better but there's clearly just been more limitations placed on the defences. Also made the whole sport less interesting as it's basically just become a scramble to get an elite QB so you can put up crazy amounts of points - You can't really build a team around a running game or defence quite like you used to.
  10. He's been forced to - The team's only saving grace has been it's draft capital over the last two years. It's a roster filled with young players we've invested in as a result. Also gave him an easy out in that first year and helped lower expectations. But no - He has not gone out of his way to make this team younger. Quite the opposite - Genuine trash like Nathan Shepherd, Lamarcus Joyner and Vinny Curry made the roster while less established players missed out. Hell Garrett Wilson may be the best rookie in the NFL this season and Braxton Berrios was starting ahead of him until Wilson made himself impossible to ignore. The better players on this roster are young but it's not that young of a roster - It's one of the top ten oldest in the league. Largely due to Saleh/Douglas siding with the vets when it came time to cut players loose.
  11. Shame our linebackers couldn't cover a traffic cone. We need to make some adjustments defensively. It was just was too easy for Brissett to find short easy yardage. The line rotation is frustratingly ineffective as well.
  12. Allen looks completely unplayable right now. His rate of improvement from 2019 onward is just terrifying. Feels like he's gonna reach Mahomes levels if he hasn't already. We finally get rid of Brady and now we have this f*cking guy.
  13. I’ve seen more ineligible player downfield penalties in the last two nights than I have in years.
  14. The officials just destroy this sport. Absolute garbage.
  15. Hurts becoming a legit NFL QB was a twist I was not expecting but damn he’s looked good so far. Lot of great offensive weapons in this game.
  16. Saleh 100% wants to stick with Flacco. Guy loves his vets.
  17. Not like he could be much worse than Joyner.
  18. Why the **** are we paying Lawson and JFM so much money if we barely play them for half the snaps? The constant rotation is awful.
  19. A lot of three and outs will do that. He’s attempted a lot more. Been sacked 5 times and turns a lot of them into running plays. He’s quick to pull the ball down and holds onto it way too long. He also had one crossed out yesterday for passing well beyond the line of scrimmage. He just looks out of his depth. No less than Zach has. The media have seriously protected him for reasons I can’t quite understand.
  20. It’s got better and better imo. Paddy Considine bas absolutely killed it as Viserys. Just a master actor who steals every scene he’s in. The young actresses for Alicent and Rhaenyra were great as well, I think that’s their last episode. They’ve done so well adapting a story which wasn’t nearly as easy to adapt as ASOIAF. They’ve made the characters even more compelling than their book counterparts. All they could really do in these early episodes was set up the conflict and get me caring about those involved and they’ve done that. I do think the violence has seemed forced in at times but that may just be a HBO thing.
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