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  1. Definitely explains a lot and why trading up for AVT may have been the only option for Douglas. I think they were watching Slater and AVT fall and were ready to pull the trigger when one remained.
  2. This would be so underwhelming given what’s left.
  3. He didn't go in the top 10 though. I was right. But yeah the Chicago Bears rich history of QB success is infamous. You can never question their judgement.
  4. You have to think they have a ridiculously high grade on AVT. Douglas said he viewed him as a top 10 talent so I imagine there’s a fair distance between him and the rest. I don’t Slater going the pick before was a coincidence either. I imagine the Jets had eyes on him as well and were looking to secure either him or AVT.
  5. Bears had by far the worst move. They’re done for a decade. Absolute debacle. The Raiders were a disaster too. Best moves were either the Jets being aggressive to build the line or the Pats staying put and getting their guy.
  6. Want Jenkins. Would take Moore. But I think we take the Notre Dame LB at 34.
  7. Hahahaha they f*cking love to screw with Rodgers
  8. Darrisaw is a pure tackle. He’s not expected to shift inside like AVT has been.
  9. Bateman is a hard player to predict. Very boom/bust IMO.
  10. I know. Besides I expect Jenkins to go to the Ravens and become an all pro.
  11. I know we shouldn’t but I sort of want us to go up and get Teven Jenkins.
  12. What in the f*cking world did I just see...
  13. I’ve always thought Toney is legit. The Giants definitely not giving Jones any excuses.
  14. F*CK OFF Did not want this guy in the division. A top 3 talent who’s only issues are injuries which he’ll now probably never have. F*ck.
  15. Mayock always has to act the smartest guy in the room. Reaches every f*cking time.
  16. Would have far rather came up against Fields. The Bears done them such a f*cking favour.
  18. I think trading away both 3rds makes it more likely we’ll go defence at 34 but f*ck I want us to keep putting pieces around Zach.
  19. Alright I cannot complain. A lot to give up but build thay f*cking wall. We have our priorities right. Put him next to Mount Becton and dominate.
  20. Jesus I’m not a fan of giving up that much. That has to be OL.
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