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  1. 4 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

    If anyone is following the Michael Thomas/Saints story, Thomas—the unquestioned best WR in football—has been injured all year, then came back to practice and sucker-punched one of his teammates, got suspended for a game by the team and now the team is leaking rumors that Thomas is so out of control that they’re considering trading him. Gosh, Sean Payton must be a terrible coach. 

    I have no idea what your point is even supposed to be here.

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  2. 44 minutes ago, AFJF said:

    "People I've spoken to within the organization say that if Mekhi Becton hadn't played with that bad shoulder, he'd be much further along than he is now".

    How is Gase not getting killed by the media for his handling of the biggest bright spot on the roster this season?

    It's the most unforgivable thing he's done to date and yes I think far more should have been of it. Douglas should have a lot to answer for this as well, f*ck even Chris Johnson. The only asset, literally the only f*cking guy on this team worth protecting and they activate him knowing he's hurt. Self destructive negligence that anyone could have seen coming and that in fact many did see it coming. 

  3. 10 hours ago, Jet Nut said:


    A 2nd round bust isnt even close to being "hands down the worst move in NFL history."]

    Its not even the worst move in Jet history

    "As bad as the rest are with hindsight that pick never stood a chance."

    Did you miss that part?

    There are worse moves with the benefit of hindsight yes. Gholston and Milliner were bigger busts. But Hackenberg was a straight up undraftable player. It was an impossibility that he could ever play in the NFL and we took him in the second round - it would have been a horrible move to get him as an UFA he was that bad.

    As @Jetsfan80 then pointed out our investment in this undraftable, broken mess meant we didn't target a QB the following year. Meaning Watson and Mahomes went right by us. Because we had Christian f*cking Hackenberg. But even that was somewhat excusable, as Mahomes/Watson could have turned into Trubisky. None were a sure thing. Hackenberg was a sure thing.

    Worst pick ever. Ever. Ever. 

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  4. 38 minutes ago, SAR I said:

    It's time to realize what's going on.

    Christopher Johnson is standing by his decision on Adam Gase.  Not only has he doubled-down (comments after Bills game) but he has tripled-down (cutting Bell).  Gase has called every shot since April 2019.  Maccagnan gone.  Trumaine, Osemele, Jamal, Bell, all gone.  Manish gone.  

    Accept Adam Gase as your Jets Savior or move on.  It's going to be unbearable for you until 2023 otherwise.

    SAR I


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  5. 1 minute ago, SAR I said:

    One of the outcomes of the pandemic is that season ticket holders have been given a break at the perfect time.  This is our 'reset' year.  Didn't have to wake up early, pack the car, and fight traffic 8x to watch this.  Didn't need to write a check to the Jets for $5K in April to pay for this.

    This season is our reset.  We start next season with a clean slate and a young locker room that wants to be here, no more conflicts for Gase from players or the media, and begin to take positive steps on gameday.  

    SAR I

    If Gase walks out there on week one 2021 I hope the fans rush him from their seats and throw him in the river. 

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  6. 5 hours ago, Skeptable said:

    I am kind of excited to see where Bell goes... 

    Is it Gase? 

    Is it Bell?

    Combination of Both....

    Bell wasn't used correctly, that is clear. The Jets also want to clear all the garbage contracts off the books. 

    I think there is actually a lot at play here and more then meets the eye.

    As long as Bell was here, Gase would start him.

    Its also clear that despite the public face Bell put on, he wasn't a team player... He felt he was better then them... (Worked out alone, always juked and dodged when he should just hit the hole, didn't believe in the game plan that was given (Justified or not)).

    JD wants his guys to play, and his draft picks to not to develop bad habits... ala Darren Lee, Adams, Bell, Leo... etc. etc... all big video game players. Not to say that this was the issue but it seems to be a common thread... Q Williams is a big gamer too... I think he is next to go. JD wants this to be a business, not club med.

    Bell was bad for Perine... Gore is notoriously one of the hardest workers in the sport... This is all about culture change. 

    Another example is certain players complaining about showing up to required meetings or therapy... getting fined and complaining... they are gone... 

    Sometimes the most talented are not the hardest workers and don't set good examples for the rest...

    Just my theory.. 

    I also think that Gase is also coaching for his job and CJ/Woody will fire him if he doesn't start winning.

    This is pure conjecture. All reports about Bell seemed to indicate the opposite. He was pretty popular in the dressing room. Seems that you're just suggesting we get rid of any players with talent. Q next? WTF? You're acting like these guys are Antonio Brown. They've done nothing wrong. 




    Bell doesn’t see stars. He doesn’t create locker-room cliques. He unites.

    “He’s one of the hardest-working players we have at practice,’’ offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains said. “Those are the type of guys you need when you’re trying to flip something and build something. You need your highest-paid players to be your hardest workers.’’

    On Wednesday, he was doing his usual thing after practice — immersed in a game of chess on his cell phone, bouncing around the locker room bringing teammates into it. The teammate he plays chess against most is fourth-string tight end Trevon Wesco.

    “Le’Veon is someone who helps bring the whole team together,’’ Harrison said.

    “Once I got here, all eyes were kind of on me, seeing what kind of leader I would be,’’ Bell said. “It let people see my personality and see what type of leader I am and kind of opened people’s eyes up to me.”


    Doesn't really strike me as a problematic player. Between Bell's comments, Adams' comments, Robby liking Bell's posts, Mosley opting out - Maybe you should consider that it's not the players who are responsible for this atrocious culture and in fact it's the other way around. Any RB of Bell's pedigree would be rightfully furious at that sh*t on Sunday.

    Do you notice a single non-Jet source praising this move? Agreeing with Gase and Douglas? This move is shambles and I'd trust accomplished professionals like Bell to get it right before a fraudulent clown like Gase. 

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