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  1. Everyone’s on PED’s. It’s normally the ill disciplined guys who get busted so Gordon was always gonna be a risk.
  2. Edoga, Polite, Cashman and Austin were all high risk, high reward. And it's showed with all of them.
  3. Yeah because everyone would want to work for an organisation that fires it's GM without giving him free agency, a draft or a chance to sign his own head coach.
  4. Palmer had his best season like 10 years later. He wasn't "basically done" or anything close. He just joined the Raiders. The RGIII comparisons are a little lazy though. His injury was pretty freakish too and exacerbated by terrible coaching - Not to mention he has long standing knee issues. He hurt himself running but destroyed himself fumbling a snap. There are concerns about Jackson simply because his style demands he get hit a lot more. He could keep this up 7-8 years and it wouldn't be surprising. As of right now he's a phenomenon. Falling in the draft to the Raves was the best thing that happened him though. He's not doing this at any of the teams that went QB ahead of him.
  5. Darnold deserves another year. Gase does not.
  6. I disagree. The team wasn’t prepared for the season. He’s been objectively bad in nearly every loss and can’t sustain a gameplan beyond a few opening drives, which have suggested there is talent there being wasted. Most of the big injuries are on defence. Williams’ unit which is playing pretty well. Gase’s unit is a bottom dweller, has looked badly prepared and badly coached in most games. Your fascination with him given the standards you’ve held others to is bizarre. What is it exactly?
  7. Seems like the salsa would be unnecessary under the circumstances. My skin would turn to salsa if I got within 100 miles.
  8. Gase can’t be considered for another year. He’s destructive.
  9. The Bengals were bottom of the league and we didn’t even attempt it once. Gase is as incompetent as they come. He needs to go tonight.
  10. Honestly not even mad Hewitt. Done well to be close enough to foul him. The f*ck is that matchup?!!
  11. Same sh*t as last week. Bad enough we’re awful without getting f*cked.
  12. Aikman saying Anderson was open when the linebacker was right in front of him lol
  13. "I don't think we'll get to the bottom of this until we burn all the evidence." -The NFL, probably.
  14. If he were actually lobbying for the job he wouldn't criticise Sam.

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