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  1. Ruckert has a 100% drop rate right now. Some definitely overrated these TE’s we signed but they’re better than they’ve shown in the first two games.
  2. Maybe he just needs Adam Gase?
  3. I love Wilson for the same reason I never really bought into Mims as a rookie. Even when the latter was making plays as a rookie it really looked a struggle for him to separate - It felt like a flash in the pan. Any passes near the side-line would see CB's draped all over him. The plays he did make were often crossing routes or plays where he was schemed into the spaces in a zone. Rarely would he straight up beat his man. Wilson is the opposite - He's putting these DB's on toast. The footwork on that fade was exceptional, just lined his man up and took his soul. He makes the most difficult aspects of the game look easy. Obviously teams will adjust to him as he produces more but he has talent that just can't be taught. Even when it was clear Flacco was zoning in on him he just kept getting open. The mark of a pretty special player. The drop didn't phase him - Came right back and won the game. Whatever "it" is I think this kid has it.
  4. My guy came around! 100% right though. FFS Carter had a 25 yard run called back for a nonsensical call. That would have changed the stats. I think he's also looked the more elusive back while Hall has an extra gear to him. It's a good group. It was always going to be.
  5. @T0mShane @Paradis @Jetsfan80 Thoughts on Justin Fields embarrassing himself on national television once again? 191 passing yards in two games. Baller.
  6. I swear this is a prime time game every f*cking year and the result is always the same.
  7. At throwing when past the line of scrimmage?
  8. Guy ran Curtin Martin’s knees into dust and Larry Johnson’s brain into a pancake, which coincidentally he now believes is the same shape as the earth.
  9. No. You play Flacco until he stops playing like the Elite Dragon he is.
  10. At the half people were trashing him lol. I think he's held up well given the spot he's in but I'm noticing we're shifting a lot of help his way too. Ideally he wouldn't be near the starting lineup yet.
  11. Holy f*ck Renfrow just fumbled the game away after fumbling the play before. Raiders absolutely sh*t the bed. Delighted. Awful franchise. @Raideraholic in shambles.
  12. Eyeing up our fellow playoff competitors. Not impressed.
  13. The Jets haven't been losing because of bad luck but because they've been bad. The points differential speaks for itself - We've been worse than anyone over the last few years. We lose badly regularly. On the rare occasion we win it's always close. We haven't won by more than one score since November 2019. Today is a phenomenal day for morale and hopefully we can build on that but we can't also pretend a lot of the bad sh*t didn't happen. If we're going to win consistently we will have to be a lot better than we were today.
  14. You're just mad you don't have the accent. It's an actual cheat code when abroad.
  15. This was your type the whole time?!?!? I've wasted my life.
  16. I think it improves the 49ers tbh. He's looked pretty bad.
  17. Missed the point entirely.
  18. Waddle looks scary legit. I remember being introduced to him on Jerry Jeudy highlight reels where his insane speed jumped out.
  19. I remember you noting this in the game thread and laughing about how irrelevant it was.
  20. Wilson looks like he could he his best pick. There were lots of options but this guy looks exceptionally good at this stage. Gets open so naturally. Some others still have a long way to go. You’d expect Hall and AVT to be excellent given where they were picked and where they play.
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