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  1. Our fans are hilarious. Just addicted to shiny new toys.

    Signing Clowney on this kind of money makes no sense for a team who aren’t looking to win now. He’s still a free agent precisely because he’s not an elite pass rusher looking elite pass rusher money. Every team in the league would take him “on the cheap”. He’s a good player but more of a glorified Calvin Pace than a John Abraham. We already have our own defensive player asking for more than he’s worth and people want to go chasing another. If it came down to Clowney or Adams it’s the latter and it’s not really close. And I’m not an Adams fanboy at all.

    What does signing Clowney give us exactly? An elite defence for a year to maybe get us 9 wins? Then what? It would be an irresponsible signing on so many levels. I would lose just about all faith in Douglas if he went and blew our cap space on a guy teams are actively avoiding - well managed teams with more to gain than us.

    Do not want for $20m per or $15m per. Just let him move on elsewhere and stick to the rebuild. 

  2. During the lock down I've been watching every retro Jets clip I can get my hands on.

    What really stood out to me is that Curtis Martin and Kevin Mawae are even better than I remembered. And I remembered them being good. Martin was ridiculous - A complete back who could make guys miss and break tackles with ease. He made a defence work to get him down. Mawae just f*cking mauled guys, had great awareness of what was going on. 

    The game is so different now it's crazy - Different sport altogether. Was so difficult to pass back then. Watching Pennington and Testaverde get their WR's lit up time and again is hard to watch, especially knowing the concussion issues they probably had, but it was happening every game with every team. QB's getting bombarded with hits, bounties being offered on people, safeties trying to get bodies on their record. The good times. 

  3. I mean I'm always a little suspicious about players leaving Pittsburgh. They normally have sound reasons for getting rid of seemingly good players - Santonio with us, Bell with us, Antonio Brown etc. all pretty good decisions for them long term.

    That said on the face of it that trade would be done in a heartbeat. Proven player who's played with Sam and Bell - Elite #2 option and solid #1 guy. Instantly our best WR. You're not likely to get that or anything close with either pick you're giving up. 

    Edit: And then I realise @Jetsfan80 has made the exact same f*cking point fml

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  4. Gase should be under pressure to make the playoffs. Way too many excuses are made for him and a lot of problems the Jets had last season were either of his own making or at least exacerbated by him. 

    Darnold should be under pressure to show improvement. Still don't think we have nearly good enough pieces around him but there's only so long you can make excuses. He doesn't have a win mandate or even TD:INT mandate - Just show significant progress - Cut down the stupid mistakes, improve his downfield accuracy, better pocket awareness etc.

    The former will be replaced if we at least don't compete. Another pathetic start like last season and he wont last until Week 8. Sam wont be replaced barring a total disaster next season but if he doesn't improve I can definitely see us bringing in someone to compete with him and 2021 being a last chance to prove himself. 

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  5. 1 minute ago, Untouchable said:

    Outside of his boxing analysis, Kellerman is garbage.

    Kellerman/Smith and Skip/Shannon are the worst of the worst when it comes to these sports talk shows.

    That's what I mean - He was a great boxing analyst and now he's just joining in this grift. He was saying the other day that Carson Wentz should demand a trade, like ffs no way even he believes that bullsh*t.

    It was Skip who started it all. He got the reactions and people kept tuning in for more. Since then they're all trying to emulate him. 

    They give the game away when there's any sort of serious implications to their position - Suddenly they'll all agree when it's a real issue but when it's a debate about a team or athlete they take opposite positions for the sake of it. Trash. 

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  6. Darnold isn't even close to the most ridiculous selection on that list.

    These ESPN talk-shows are a god damn cancer. The guys don't believe 10% of the sh*t they say. Just a bunch of provocateurs trying to say the most controversial things they can to get people to tune in. Sad to see genuinely knowledgeable dudes like Max Kellerman reduce themselves to this sh*t as well. 


  7. 1 hour ago, Lith said:

    Don't love Quincy Wilson as a player, but for the cost of a 6, it is worth the roll of the dice imo.


    Wilson will be out of the league inside 2 years. Quote me.

    Also that's not always reflective of quality. Teams tend to hold on to the guys they've invested more in. We'd have kicked Gholston, Hackenberg, Milliner etc. even sooner had we not used such high picks. 

  8. 18 hours ago, Long Island Leprechaun said:

    McFarland is rather one-dimensional and, as said before, came out with some terrible attitude reports. Biadesz is obviously flawed and a real project. Tyler Johnson would have been okay, although the reports are that he just doesn't translate well to the NFL (the reason he plummeted) as well as having some personality issues. I don't disagree with the idea of your picks, just not thrilled with the players. I believe Perine will be a more versatile and better back overall than McFarland, but we'll see.

    Probably wouldn't take a running back at all to be honest but trying to keep it somewhat on point with the Jets draft. McFarland certainly has more of a dynamic element to him than Perine, he has some second level speed and that would be a better change of pace to Bell IMO. 

    Biadesz is no more of a project than Clark. A dominant run blocker - Has similar issues he needs to clean up to Becton. Potentially a dominant running game down the line though if you had those two next to each other. Everyone's flawed at this point. 

    Johnson just fell because he's not very athletic but I think his skills will ensure he succeeds. There's something to be said for that level of pedigree and I think he's a safe bet to contribute right away. Guys just consistently finds space and I think Brady will love him. 

  9. 6 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:


    Dalton will probably be a big domino in the "race" to pick up backup QB's.  Once he goes somewhere we might see Cam and Flacco sign and then so on.  

    Or perhaps some of these QB's will wait until the season to see what happens.  Better to get picked up by a team with an injured starter than any other scenario.  Problem is you're betting on being the top option on the market if/when an injury happens.

    Hope that ginger Irish f*ck stays away from the Pats. Turns into Joe Montana when he plays the Jets. Every time. 

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  10. 11 minutes ago, Bronx said:

    The AFC East will be one of the toughest divisions of this decade. 

    The AFC East hasn't been this winnable since Bernard Pollard snapped Brady's knee. 

    The year Pennington put Favre in his place. Absolute scenes.

  11. The only pick I can honestly say I'd do the same if I were picking would be Mims. Even with Becton I'd have probably taken the safer option with Wirfs but I was pretty delighted to get either. Plus we've been taken a lot of safer options in recent years with little success.

    I was happy with Davis, Zuniga, Hall and Mann. I see why we drafted them and there's enough upside there to add depth or significant competition right away. Mann will have an instant impact. 

    The picks I had a real problem with were Perine and Morgan. I didn't see a development QB as a necessary pickup now and definitely would have preferred we double at WR at the very least. Not a fan of a low ceiling back like Perine anywhere in the draft. We could just resign Powell. I didn't mind Clark but would have preferred a more accomplished interior lineman. 

    If I were to repick that fourth round I'd take Anthony McFarland Jr, Tyler Biadesz and Tyler Johnson. I know Johnson fell a bit further but I think he's a safe guy to make a roster and contribute. Will be an interesting guy to watch over the next few years. 


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