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  1. On 4/27/2020 at 6:39 PM, JETSALLDAY24X said:

    I'm saying the amount of people on here that want him traded literally makes no sense. This is exactly why players don't come here.


    We'd have signed Peyton Manning and won the Super Bowl years ago had @T0mShane not intimidated him. He ran to Denver like a coward all the while screaming about a culture change.

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  2. They already were already relying on their defence even with Brady. They've lost Collins and Van Noy but Belichick will probably plug and play some scrubs who'll perform at the same level because it's what he does.

    There's as much question marks with Brady as there is with them. He was 42 years old and may have been more limited than we know. Certainly looked that way. He was worse than his stats show and they had to play around him at times. 

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  3. 4 hours ago, RutgersJetFan said:

    This is literally what we say about every new GM's first draft.



    1) NEW YORK JETS: General manager Mike Maccagnan deserves kudos for his astute management of the draft board last weekend. The first-time decision maker showed exceptional discipline and poise while acquiring blue-chip talent throughout the draft. Landing Leonard Williams was certainly an unexpected event, but taking the best player available could help the Jets field a dominant defense for the next five years. With Lorenzo Mauldin also coming on board as a third-round pick, Gang Green fortified its top unit with smart drafting. Second-round selection Devin Smith gives the Jets' aerial attack a vertical stretch receiver. His speed and explosiveness will open up the field for Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker, while giving Geno Smith a big-play option on every play. Bryce Petty will not compete for the starting QB job in 2015, but matching the Baylor standout with a creative play designer (Chan Gailey) could pay off for New York down the road. GRADE: A

    Literally indeed. The exact same phrase lol. 

    Loved the "exceptional discipline" that was required to get Leonard Williams to fall to 6. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, mrcoops said:

    Davis and Perine aren't punt returners. They might have KO return ability (Davis certainly does) but no experience returning punts.

    Berrios is making the team, unless another PR is signed. He was one of the best PRs in the NFL last year, and is also the backup slot WR. That's 2 important positions that no-one else on the roster can fill better than Berrios.

    Davis returned two punts last year according to sports reference, for an impressive 33 yards in total.

    Compared to 70 kick returns so yeah that was his main gig. Obviously they felt he could do it though.

    Crowder can return punts too.

    I'm sure they'll find someone to do it if Berrios isn't showing enough as a WR during camp and another guy or two are impressing. Certainly wouldn't consider him indispensable. He's not Dante Hall or Devin Hester either. A solid guy but not a game changer. More fumbles than TD's.

  5. Rule changes. Some necessary and some ridiculous.

    Hitting unprotected players was standard practice for defensive players. The middle of the field was a dangerous place to run routes. Now a QB can pretty much attack there at will.

    That and DB’s being able to contact the WR less and less. I personally think they should have done away with these rules, maybe get rid of pass interference altogether to compensate the measures that had to be introduced for the players’ health.

    I miss the days before it became all about passing the ball. Made for a more strategic sport.

  6. 2 minutes ago, BurnleyJet said:

    I think he’s done here, why spend that pick on Davis? - They’re not paying Maye.
    He was 24 in his rookie year so he’s an older 2nd contract player.

    They are paying one Safety and that’s Adam’s. Davis is our new Free Safety. 

    Until Adams signs I wouldn’t say he’s done and even then he’s definitely going to have a season to prove himself.

    I really like Maye. Not sure why so many people want to see him gone.

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  7. 3 hours ago, Bowles Movement said:

    Irish- I'm good with betting 50 to 100 bucks on which of the two WRs  has more of 2 of the 3 categories:  yards, completions and TDs.  We can either pay each other or contribute to a charity that the winner picks.  Let me know your thoughts.  

    It’s your idea so you can set the terms but yeah I’d happily bet that Anderson will beat him in yards and TD’s at the very least.

    Significant injuries to either should be a disqualifier. That would be some bullsh*t.

  8. I think is in a better, albeit still bad situation. There’s a lot of unknowns that could flip either way. Last year they (Osemele, Kalil) flipped to the very worst case scenario.

    But even in this better situation can we please stop pretending Breshad Perriman is better than Robby Anderson? There’s literally nothing to suggest as much. Not the stats. Not the money they received. Nothing. It’s delusional. And annoying.

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  9. 1 minute ago, greengeek said:

    I disagree. He chose to burn bridges saying that he would only come back for Denver. I’d rather have a WR shed by another team who has something to prove, instead of one who has something to walk back.



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    How in the world is him saying he wants to retire in Denver “burning bridges”?!? He played 8 years there. He’s allowed to have an emotional connection to them. I wish more former Jets would have the same sort of love.

    He also has said he would consider playing elsewhere, just that he would prefer Denver. How there’s anything wrong with that for someone is beyond me.

  10. 4 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:


    Of course, but kicking the tires can’t hurt.


    The Rams, for instance, are $5M over the cap. Trading Woods now saves them about $6M.


    I think Fuller is the most realistic trade target on here who I’d be interested in. He hits FA after the season, so he’d essentially be on a 1-year prove it deal if acquired on the cheap. JD, as we know, likes those 1-year deals.

    Texans fans may legitimately hunt down BoB if he trades Fuller.

    Even with his injury issues he’s a huge fan favourite and they’ve already lost Hopkins - The blowback to that has been so significant that there’s no way he’s not aware of it. Not to mention Watson might just say f*ck this and demand a trade.

    I doubt there’s any chance you get him without grossly overpaying. They have the same plan to let him prove himself this year.

  11. On 4/24/2020 at 4:44 PM, TeddEY said:

    I wonder what took so long?  If he was considering trading up, obviously there was a plan for who he wanted.  Presumably, that guy didn't disappear between 9 and 10.  So, why did he need 9 minutes?  Are there any reads out there on what went on when the Jets were on the clock?

    Honestly I’m convinced that they’re told by the league to milk every Round One pick for all they’re worth. It was ridiculous how long the early picks were taking. Even Burrows and Young who had been pencilled in months ago.

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