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  1. 5 hours ago, Embrace the Suck said:

    As opposed to saying Robby is twice as good when he started 15 games and had only 100 yards more than a guy who hasn't lived up to his draft position, was cut a couple times and only started 4 games last year? Meanwhile you'll notice the Jets wouldn't pay Robby as he wanted this year. That isn't because they thought Robby was a great receiver or worthy as you put it.  The numbers I posted are what they are and they don't say much about Robby when a guy that has bounced around had stats that were just as good.

    LOL why did you cut out 90% of the post?

    Their careers did not start last season and don't get discounted for your argument's convenience. Until Perriman shows consistency his production is a flash in the pan - Robby has been consistent in bad circumstances.

    Bringing up the contracts is pretty a bad idea given Robby is literally making more than twice as much as Perriman. The NFL seems to have determined that he is indeed worth twice as much. 

    When comparing their previous season you don't think it's significant that Tampa had a league leading 5137 yards passing and the Jets had a fourth from last 3443? You don't think that's a factor in these numbers? You genuinely believe that all things being equal these numbers don't change?

    I notice you've defended Darnold for the circumstances he's playing under, especially his offensive line - Why do these same excuses not apply to Robby? A guy who does his best work down the field with plays that need time to develop. Sam missed him downfield quite a few times this season too, as a lot of his detractors will be quick to remind you. 

    I appreciate at least that you weren't high on Robby before he left and aren't just one of the many bandwagon guys that work to drag down former Jets. But his ability to get open deep is rare. Watching a lot of college WR highlights and I could immediately notice how little separation they get compared to Robby's highlights vs NFL defenders. 

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Embrace the Suck said:

    And Robby was also the teams primary target. Meanwhile Perriman only started 4 games. Robby isn't twice as good not even close.

    Year   Team                               G  GS   Rec Yds   Avg   Lg  TD   20+  40+1st

    2019  New York Jets                 16 15   52  779  15.0   92  5     13    2    35

    2019  Tampa Bay Buccaneers   14 4     36   645  17.9   44  6     15    1   29

    What an awful excuse. This is madness.

    Robby was the primary target because The Jets adjudged Robby to be worthy of being the primary target. No team has ever deemed Perriman worthy of being the primary target. Not for one season let alone three. 

    The Ravens, and Redskins after that, decided to cut Perriman. Not to mention the offence where Perriman put those numbers up in, his only numbers, was one of the most WR friendly in the league. Winston was throwing to anyone on the field, open or not, teammate or not. While Robby was playing for a team that couldn’t run a play longer than 2 seconds. Look beyond the WR’s and look at the total passing yards of both teams. Not comparable.

    Perriman has literally 4 good games to his name. He has been a colossal bust where Robby has hugely overachieved. Robby has been far better throughout their time in the league and to act otherwise is ridiculous. Any objective observer would laugh at the notion.

    Maybe he turned a corner with those last few games, but probably not. Until he shows consistency the outlier is his production and the norm has been his disappointment.

  3. 6 hours ago, Greenseed4 said:

    Robby averaged 50 rec., 750 yards, 5 TDs during his four years here.  I’m sure our newly drafted receiver can “get close” to that. 
    (That’s 3.1 catches per game, for 46 yards.)

    That's higher than Corey Coleman. 13th Overall Pick in 2016. In fact it's higher than all four first round picks in 2016. The same year Robby went undrafted. 

    That's also higher than Corey Davis. 5th Overall Pick in 2017. Higher than Mike Williams. 7th Overall. Higher than John Ross. 9th Overall. Again higher than all three first round picks in 2017

    So no. I wouldn't be sure of that all. Adjusting to the NFL takes more than just raw talent. We'll have to see him do it to be sure. 

    And Robby has become so hilariously underrated on here that it's actually tough to take some people seriously. He was limited but he could get open. Had he played in a more rounded offence he'd comfortably be getting 1000 yards. The line struggles hurt his production as much as anyone.

  4. 5 hours ago, FidelioJet said:

    I think he can, I don’t think he will.

    He needs to learn how to pass block.  He was very far from an elite pass blocker in college. That’s not the kind of guy we really want starting out protecting Sam’s blind side.  I’m sure he would be a mauler in the run game - but if he couldn’t dominate the better rushers in college, what are NFL guys going to do to him.  He’s just not ready.  

    He might have to sit for a few months or a year before you can trust him to not get our QB killed.  He has all the potential in the world, but it really is just that.

    I did NOT like this pick at all. 


    He’s still going to be better than Fant and Edoga. They’re trash.

    He dominated within the system he was being asked to play. He will get a lot more coaching in passing sets now that they’ll actually be a feature of the offence.

    Even if he were just a dominant run blocker he will be on the line somewhere. I’d bet anything he starts if healthy.

  5. 1 hour ago, UnknownJetFan said:

    I know injuries can come into play, but with Perriman, Mims, Crowder, Smith, Doctson, and Berrious(who has to make the team since he is the PR) that are the 6 spots with only Doctson as somebody that can be beaten out. So even in a deep draft after the Mims pick we probably would be looking at any WRs picked making the PS and perhaps have no better of a chance making the roster than UDFAs Cager or Campbell one of which may surprise.  

    I wouldn't say any of the bold would be locks at all. A punt returner can be changed, especially if they find another guy who can offer something in that area too (Ashtyn Davis could probably return punts). None of these guys have proven a thing beyond the odd flash. They should absolutely be fighting for their place. 

  6. I think he'll let Gase take a look at what we have first. May see another Demaryius Thomas situation. May even be Demaryius Thomas again.

    Definitely look short with a lot of unknowns. Perriman looked legit for the last 6 weeks of 2019 but was utter trash before that. Obviously have high hopes for Mims but it's possible he takes time to adapt. They probably want to see what they have in Doctson and Smith too. I do think we'll make a move eventually.

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  7. 7 minutes ago, Drums said:

    Winters is horrible and from what I’ve seen it is far from a wash. Maybe in run game but Roten was solid in pass pro from what I’ve watched. I focused on the Jacksonville game and some others with the free coaching film on game pass. 

    Winters was horrific last season but was genuinely injured as far as I know. Was playing through it. He had been better in previous season. I think having a team veteran on the line might help too with so many new bodies.

    Like I said though he’ll probably be cut for financial reasons.

    I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Beachum is brought back. Especially after they get a good look at Fant, who is not good. At all.

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  8. 8 minutes ago, KRL said:

    With all the personnel packages that teams run I don't think in terms
    of starters I think in terms of "contributors".  And to me the players
    that should get significant reps are:

    Becton - should be "starting" LT
    Mims - should be in multiple WR sets
    Davis - should be in multiple DB sets and every special team unit
    Zuniga - should be in pressure packages
    Perine - could be the #2 RB
    Mann - should be the "starting" punter and KO specialist
    Wilson - could be the #2 CB (since we traded a 6th rounder for him he's

    But Gase better learn from the Kalil fiasco no one should be given
    a job, they have to earn it

    Quincy Wilson is not starting unless something has gone badly wrong.

    Austin showed more last year in his limited time than Wilson ever has. And that was coming in mid season with no preparation or preseason. Can’t see how he isn’t a starter opening day unless there’s an injury.

    Wilson should be far down the depth chart. He’ll be competing with Hall for the #4 spot IMO. And I’d back Hall.

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  9. Probably 3.

    Becton, Mims and Mann are all highly likely. Mims may be listed as #3 but he will see the field a lot. Mann is a certainty.

    Davis, Zuniga, Perine and Hall will probably be rotational guys. 

    Clark and Morgan will be backups who shouldn't see the field if all goes to plan. Morgan will probably be #3. He's a ways away from playing.

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  10. 6 minutes ago, slats said:

    Most mocks I saw had him going much higher, and I was surprised at a number of the guys who went before him. I don't know if I'd say those other guys were, "better," or just personal preferences. Aiyuk going in the first round really surprised me - and to a really good front office in the 49ers. Did not see Pittman, Claypool, or Van Jefferson going before him, either. 

    Really glad he fell, though, he was my guy. Love his size and top shelf athleticism. He should be a Day One starter. I mean, he'd be replacing Robbie Anderson, who wasn't exactly known as a route tree savant. I don't think they'll have a tough time getting him on the field. 

    That said, I'd've taken another one in the next few picks, and definitely at least one more time in the draft. I guess they like Perriman, Doctson, and Vyncint Smith. 

    49ers apparently had Aiyuk as their #2 WR behind Lamb. They just loved him. I can see that happening with a few WR's in this class. There's a special appeal to a lot of them. 

    I wouldn't be quite sure he can instantly replace Robby, may take some time. It will probably be a straight competition with him an Perriman but he'll definitely see the field a lot. I do think Robby's ability to separate is incredibly underrated and difficult to replace like for like. Mims should be a much more aggressive in getting the ball from the air though. 

    Stunned we didn't take another too. I can see them liking Perriman but the others have shown nothing.

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