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  1. pat white is such a better baseball prospect than a football prospect. i feel bad for him because i feel its gonna be tragic for him in the nfl.
  2. Mr. Stacks, I'll sign you to my label if you send money to my agency for your flight to Martha's Vineyard.
  3. so wait, i understand that you people here on the board knew more about football than mangini, but now even ryan is a sht chucking chimpanzee when it comes to making a team. And Tannenbaum? Fcking forget it, he doesnt know the difference between a tight end and his bleeding sphincter. CLEMONS IZ TEH KORTABAK 4EVA
  4. What if Clemens fails to win the starting job in camp?
  5. Tate or big Ramses.
  7. mitchell ran a 4.4 at his workout with oak so davis liked the speed.
  8. it has to be gilbert because im surprised somewhat he dropped out of the 2nd.
  9. I cant believe it, but Herm actually doesnt make me want to put a belt sander to my ears. Todd McShay is the biggest tool on earth and rambles, mumbles and bumbles. Discuss your opinions on ESPN reporting.
  10. so are ppl going to be wearing brown ratliff jerseys now. YO BOY IS OUTTA TOWN. Sanchez 09 bay bay
  11. gholston gets a pass because mangina ran the most pussified 34 ive ever seen. the 34 is a blitzing defense that relies on deception and surprise (see: dick lebeau). mangina ran a fcking prevent it seemed. gholston cant cover so just order him to kill.
  12. I guess he just wanted to see how Shamwow cleans up blood.
  13. Hopefully Shattered Schaub will tear his pinky ligament or something so they have to use Dan Orlovsky. At least when Orlovsky choked, he didnt throw tds for the other team, he just stepped out of his own endzone and gave up 2 pts. Texans suck, theyre not gonna be good.
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